Just a few days ago, I got an update about a friend of mine who recently had baby. I was happy for her. Being a mother of 2 already, I knew what motherhood feels like but just on the second thought, my mind was stuck to all those new mom […]

During our childhood days, pencil grip was not an option. I am talking about 80’s-90’s time when we times were different, when our parent’s would not allow us to go for convenient options. So, this might be the major reason why many parents won’t allow their kids to start using […]

Raising a child is no joke. One has to undergo various challenges to make things work. In order to bring a best human being out of your child, parents must become nurturing parents. Nurturing parents are a true support to their kids, which helps them go a long way. Here […]

Kids are God’s biggest gift in anyone’s life. It is thus important that as a parent a person devotes time for the child and cares for them so that they can truly be called as Nurturing Parents. Show your love and warmth to your kids  Children accept and appreciate emotions […]

Though hard to admit but the fact is that permissive parenting is not the best way of grooming the children and if a parent is doing so, they will end up harming children rather than leading to some benefit for the child. Children dictate the rules If no limits are […]

New moms are an excited lot to deal with their babies. However, it would be better to have some orientation on baby care tips for new moms rather than jumping the gun, as the well being of the newborn would be at stake. Below are listed some effective baby care […]