Types of Birthmark Shape and Their Meanings – Myths, Beliefs & Facts!

Birthmark shape meanings

Today we are going to dig deep into the various birthmark shape meanings according to their location in the body that have been circulating around us for ages. Those who believe it often say that these Birthmark Shape Meanings have a direct relation to things that happen in your life and bring various effects both … Read more

Lactonic Granules Review – Uses & Side Effects

Lactonic Granules

Pregnancy period brings different set of challenges for every mom. Some face them during the 9 months while some face them later and then there are many pregnant moms out there who have to bear every stage of challenges. One such challenge is breastfeeding. Almost ever woman who starts to feed their kids get the … Read more

Philips Avent Baby Feeding Bottle Review: The Best Choice For Your Baby

Philips Avent Bottle

Hello, Mommies! We hope your days of baby caring is going quite great. Taking care of a baby and providing them with all that they want is really hectic. And the troubles boost when you have to deal with the everyday colic pain that irritates and pain your baby a lot. In such a situation, … Read more

5 Best Nipple Butter In India, Know Which One To Pick!

Best nipple butter

Soreness of nipples is a common problem in women, especially during the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sometimes the issue occurs before and after as well therefore soothing the nipples becomes necessary. This is when the need of nipple butter comes to picture. Nipple butter also recognised as nipple cream is a perfect way to … Read more

Best Baby Rompers Online India in 2021- All Types

Baby rompers online India

Kids’ fashion is one of the most talked-about topics by most parents. But the problem lies in the confusion around various names of dresses and costumes. We are constantly trying to adapt to the western culture and western attire which is a good thing pertaining to the fact that we get to learn a lot … Read more

Feeding Pillow Vs Pregnancy Pillow India? – 2021

Feeding Pillow & Pregnancy Pillow

Various confusions have been going around in terms of using a baby feeding pillow vs pregnancy pillow India. Very recently we realised that even new age pregnant women are unaware about the utility of these two types of pillows. So, we are going to discuss on the differentiation between the two by discussing each of … Read more

7 Best Ruskin Bond Short Stories For Kids – Great Learning For Life!

Ruskin bond short stories

Childhood is filled with games adventures and of course stories and fairy tales. A walk down the memory lane is when we used to rent out Ruskin bond books from our library and would dive into the world of amusement with various amazing Ruskin bond short stories. Today let’s ride through the same road with … Read more

Top Tips On Homeschooling In India – Pros & Cons Of Homeschooling

Homeschooling in India

Culture of home schooling is an age old practice by many parents who never believed in conventional methods of schooling. However the trend of homeschooling in India is picking up now after realising certain shortcomings and mis-happenings that have occurred within the school premises in past. Various incidents have triggered issues at school leading to … Read more

Auto-Rocking Bassinets – Evil Or Godsends? Maternity Guru Explains In Detail!

SNOO auto bassinets

Interview with Maternity Guru Kathy Fray Parenting experts say that the auto rocking bassinets disrupts the bonding process during early stages and the development parental instincts (learning your baby’s needs/sleeping habits). Do Auto Rocking Bassinets Disrupt parent – child bonding? With the inventor of SNOO (a renowned auto rocking basinet brand) Dr Harvey Karp, being … Read more

21 Baby Names That Mean Rebirth – Pick The One That Suits You!

Names That Mean Rebirth

Rebirth denotes new beginnings, a dawn of a new phase. When a child steps in to our lives it changes our lives for better, giving us a new understanding and new perspective completely. The process of delivery and pregnancy is like a new birth for the mother. It completely changes her from inside and this … Read more

Badass Girl Names With Meanings For Your Naughty Little One!

Badass Girl Names

Name is the essence of a person’s first impression that he or she can pose over the opposite party. A strong and determinant name will give much strength and self confidence to the individual to face others. While it was a trend to name your child with the names of some strong willed spirits like … Read more

11 Best Pacifiers For Baby Available In India 2020 & Why To Pick Them!

Pacifiers in India

Pacifier for baby have been used as aid, sometimes to develop sucking reflex in some babies or sometimes to wean the baby from the habits of thumb sucking. Whatever the reason might be pacifiers come with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s list down the best pacifiers in India available in the market … Read more

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) During Pregnancy & Tips To Deal With It

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Excerpt from book “OH BABY… Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I don’t believe most of the risk factors individually would tip so many women over the edge. But add them up: the low status we assign to mothering; the high value Western cultures place on a girlish figure; the isolation … Read more

Moringa During Breast Feeding: Benefits & Side-Effects


One of the most disturbing and panicky question that many mother have are whether she fulfils the needs of breastmilk of her baby? Whether her milk supply is adequate or not? While many mothers are forced to take the help of tablets for increasing their milk supply, there are many other ways to increase the … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of Parachute Reflex In New Born Babies & How To Get Rid Of It?

Parachute Reflex in new born

Dealing with new borns is not easy and there are certain things you are absolutely required to be aware of. One of it is parachute reflex. However, reflexes are also of different types. Let’s first begin by understanding what is reflex and parachute reflex in new borns. What is a reflex? Reflexes as the name … Read more

Lactogen VS Similac: Which Baby Milk Powder Is Better?

When it comes to baby nutrition none of the parents want to compromise. They want all their baby products to be natural and not to cause any kind of harm to their babies. But when it comes to choosing milk powders or formula milk for babies some parents frown upon. They feel why not try … Read more