21 Baby Names That Mean Rebirth – Pick The One That Suits You!

Rebirth denotes new beginnings, a dawn of a new phase. When a child steps in to our lives it changes our lives for better, giving us a new understanding and new perspective completely. The process of delivery and pregnancy is like a new birth for the mother. It completely changes her from inside and this is one of the major reason why parents, especially mothers are looking for baby names that mean rebirth. For them, it is best way to celebrate this new life by dedicating it to their baby and naming them after rebirth.

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What factors parents should keep in mind while picking baby names that mean rebirth?

Well, rebirth is your pick for your child but before finalising the name, there are certain factors you must keep in mind:

  1. Latest trends: You might be emotion while picking up a name but you cannot just forget the ongoing changes in trends. Give the name that is not too old and not too young. It should go with the current trends.
  2. Society: You are well about the kind of people your kid will be around, it’s important that you must pick the name accordingly so your child should not feel inferior about his/her name.

Now, keeping these above factors, we have prepared a list of baby names that mean rebirth that are trendy and would be socially accepted as well. Take a look:


This baby name means dawn. As beautiful and elegant as it sounds its very interesting and exotic too. It has its origin in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.


This baby name means reborn. It’s been of popularity after the Hollywood actress. This makes the name popular and meaningfully beautiful.


It’s the most popular and trending name today. This baby girl name means new beginnings. This name is closer to the name that means rebirth.


This old English name has its appearances in the old English peoms. This beautiful and exotic name that means rebirth and dawn.


It’s a herbew name which means new beginnings. It’s sounds so sweet and is a very refreshing name. Very unique name that means rebirth.

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Samsara is a Sanskrit word referring to the endless cycle of rebirth. It’s one of the oldest names that means rebirth. It has a pretty sound to it, but has a less than positive connotation in Buddhist cultures.


Amara (for a girl) in Sanskrit names meaning is immortal/everlasting. There are many spelling variants too; Ammara, Amarah, etc.


Chava as a girl’s name is of Hebrew origin, and means “life”and rebirth.

Chava has 9 variant forms: Ava, Chabah, Chaya, Chayka, Eva, Eve, Hava, Haya and Kaija. It’s a pretty name but you have to pronounce the “Ch” as a slight gutteral. In “Fiddler on the Roof,” Chava was Tevya’s middlet daughter


Another name from the Sanskrit Language, which means “beginning of a new era or dawn.”This is a popular baby boy name


With Arabic roots, this means “dawn again. This is a very sweet and beautiful name that means rebirth.


This Hindi name has the meaning “dawn”. This name means new life or new day. Which can also mean rebirth.


This name suitable for your sweet daughter. This name means dawn. Will suit her radiating persona.


The name is of Latin origin, and named after the Roman Goddess of sunrise. Make your little girl feel like a princess by naming her Aurora as it is also the Disney’s name of Sleeping Beauty. This sweet name would be perfect for your little girl and means “dawn”


An Indian name that means “new beginning” and would be ideal for your girl baby


This beautiful name of Slavic origin may be just perfect for your little girl and has the meaning “golden dawn


Avil is a name that means renewal and is an unusual, modern name for a baby girl.


Neoma, meaning ‘new moon’, is a rare variant of Noami, which has experienced a flurry of usage in the last four decades. There haven’t been many takers of Neoma until now, and it has only featured in Barbara Cartland’s book “Light of the Moon”. It’s an indirect way of naming your baby with a name that means rebirth.


Very unique and beautiful name, Wahuj, an exotic and feminine Arabic name, increasingly popular with the parents in UAE, is beginning to rank well in other countries as well. The meaning of Wahuj is ‘dawn, a new beginning or the first day of light’.


Another name from the Sanskrit Language, which means “beginning of a new era or dawn.”This is a popular baby boy name.


A lovely name from the Sanskrit language for your baby boy that has the meaning “beginning”


An Arabic name that means beginning or first, and it is heard in African and Middle Eastern countries. It sounds very traditional in nature but is very modern too.

So these are the few names that intrigued me and got my attention. Being very meaningful and beautiful are these names features. These baby names that mean rebirth would make your search for an impactful and meaningful name easier. I hope this helps with your tedious search. When it comes to rebirth it’s always a lucky event to be born again. So this powerful word when used as name will definitely be strength for your baby.

I personally feel, giving a perfect name to the child has everything to surround them with positive vibes and good feelings. Some people use astrology and numerology kind of techniques while picking up names for their babies. So, if you wish, you too can go for it but only if you are a strong believer of these techniques. If not, then pick a perfect name that means rebirth, keep god in your thoughts and just go for it and trust it will all fall in place. Definitely it will got in the perfect direction. All the very best parents.

Happy parenting!!!

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