The baby’s skin is the most delicate and unique textured. Parents might have noticed a film of white substance on the baby’s skin when he or she is born. This protective film on the skin protects the baby’s skin even while in the mother’s tummy. But once the baby takes […]

Pregnancy is a boon for the woman as it gives her the ability to create and nurture life. Let us understand the developments and changes that take place in the body during different trimesters of pregnancy. First Trimester Of Pregnancy The first trimester of pregnancy is important for the fact […]

Over the past 100 years, modern medicine has experienced the most radical, mind-blowing and breath-taking evolutions, which only 100 years ago, would likely not have been even vaguely imaginable, let alone yearned for. Remember, it was only World War II, in the 1940s, which finally escalated the urgent global need […]