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Karuveppilai During Pregnancy – Benefits & Side Effects!


Including a variety of flavours and spices to the diet of a pregnant lady is not quite feasible as that can lead to an upset tummy. But what if I tell you there ia one such spice or herb that can be added to any of your dishes it not only enhances the taste of the food but also takes care of your tummy. Our grand mothers would always suggest us the use of karuveppilai in our diet. Why exactly was it so important. What wonders would adding a bunch of leaves to our dish do. Is it really that great. Now you might wonder what is this karuveppilai? What are the benefits of karuveppilai during pregnancy? How to use this karuveppilai during pregnancy? Lets dive into the details of the same

What is Karuveppilai?

Karuveppilai or also know as kadi patta has been used as an additive in almost every house hold of india to give those taste buds a tingle. It changes the aroma and taste of almost any food dish that we add it to. But recently it has been found out that karuveppilai is not only good to develop the taste of a dish but also is very much beneficial for health of the consumer. It has a numerous amount of health benefits that is one of reason why karuveppilai is safe during pregnancy.


What are the health benefits of Karuveppilai during pregnancy?

Kadi patta or karuveppilai is an age old mantra for curing as well as a precautionary ingredient for many ailments. It has benefits like –

Prevents Nausea

Morning sickness is one of the most tiring and exhaustive part of pregnancy that one cannot avoid. But this magic leaves can sure ensure that you have a morning without this sensation and lead a normal day without any vomits. All you need to do is consume this karuveppilai podi during breakfast or include the leaves during your breakfast in the dish that you prepare and wait for it work its magic.

Good for digestion

Almost in every south Indian household kadi patta is used as an adjunct in every single dish. It helps the proper bowel movement and prevents harmful inflammation of the gut which can lead to digestion failures. So for a proper and healthy gut life one must consume karuveppilai.

Loads of vitamins

This miracle leaf is packed up with lots of vitamins like vitmains A, C, and B12. All these vitamins hold a vital place during the process of pregnancy. Thus one must include at least a little amount of karuveppilai into their diet.

Rich in iron and calcium

Calcium is needed in a far greater value during pregnancy. To maintain your bone strength as well as aid in the bone development of your growing baby. Similarly, iron too plays an important role in the process of the baby’s growth. Both these essential nutrients is found in abundant in this tiny miracle leaf.

What are side effects of Karuveppilai during pregnancy?

As we have seen till now that karuveppilai is a magic leaf with loads of essential nutrients that can help you maintain a healthy digestion and good gut. But along with it the leaf has a high cholesterol value. Thus, if you are suffering or at a risk of having gestational diabetes you must be very careful while consuming it. This leaf if over consumed can cause increase in sugar levels which might become hard to balance in the body. Otherwise these leaves are very safe and can be used on a daily basis too.

How to consume Karuveppilai during pregnancy?

The magic of this herb is that it can added with any and all kinds of curries and dishes. Just add a fist full of curry leaves to the hot oil in the pan after the mustard splatters and you are good to go. This little amount is good enough to give your food a brilliant aroma and a taste that no other herb can match. There is also another method that you can use the leave is by making karuveppilai podi or powder which can be consumed with idlis, dosa, chapati or rice.

Karuveppilai Podi –

  • It’s a very simple receive and can be made with the stuff available at home. So would require chana dal 2 tablespoon, tur dal 2 tablespoon, urad dal 2 tablespoon. Pinch of pepper and jeera with red chillies according to your taste.
  • Wash the curry leaves thoroughly and dry it with a towel. Spread the leaves on a clean cloth and let it dry for 5 to 6 hours. There should be no moisture left.
  • Roast the dals tur, urad, chana dal till its completely roast but do not let it then brown. In another pan roast pepper and jeera together till they give the fragrance out but do not let them burn. Also roast the red chillies till they then brown. Roast the dried curry leaves till they lose the moisture. Grind all the ingredients together. Your podi is ready. Store it in a air tight container and consume moderately during pregnancy.

So folks you might have enjoyed the take on karuveppilai. It an essential part of every south Indian household in India. There is no dish that you can think of which wouldn’t include it. So do try the recipe for the podi and let us know how it u turned out for you. If you have any such brilliant and lip smacking recipe do share it with us. You might also be surprised to know that karuveppilai is important to maintain hair health too. Many women suffer from hair fall during and after pregnancy, so this magic herb helps prevent that too. The leaf of added in the coconut oil and applied to get a black and volumous, lustrous hair. Many beauty products have been adding it ad their key ingredient too. So try including it to your diet and tell us how it worked fir your hair and skin.

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan
Dr. Krutika Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric Neuro therapist.I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. She is the most precious thing to have happened to me. Motherhood in the eyes of a medical professional is completely different. Very often I find myself in a dilemma when she is sick I become frozen and panicked. As a first time mother it is sometimes overwhelming and full of surprises. Yes being in medical professional helps me tackle a few things here and there but what I have learnt through the journey so far is it’s okay to not know or being not able to decide for yourself. It’s okay if you seek somebody’s help. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or don’t have enough knowledge it just means you are new at this and trying to do your best. It takes great courage to accept your short comings and learn about it in the process. As a mother and as a medical professional I have just one advice and tip to all the parents out there do not ever try and compare your little one to other children. Every child is unique and is a blessing enjoy their childhood and let them be.                                                                                                                

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