Implantation Cramps vs PMS Cramps – All You Need To Know

The journey during pregnancy comes with many surprises, all the days wouldn’t be same at all some days you would have bouts of lot of energy and other days you would have to drag yourself from the bed. Some days you would cry your eyes out and the other days you would feel fresh as a just bloomed flower. No women’s body is same as the other but everyone goes through certain kinds of paranoia and fear during pregnancy. Few of which are related to blood spotting or feeling is cramps. Especially during the initial phases when you aren’t certain whether you are pregnant or expecting a period such kinds of cramps can be misleading and confusing. Let’s deal with this problem today, take a drive through the lane of early pregnancy symptoms. We’ll be discussing on:

What are the early pregnancy signs that you would notice at home?

If you are trying to conceive the waiting period takes quite a toll out of you, you can’t wait to see the two pink lines on your tester. But here are few signs which can take you down the roads of waiting with ease and help you get close to determining pregnancy. But one must always remember all these signs can be mimicking the signs of period onset too. So calm your nerves till you get a positive pregnancy test. And also all the women are different and have a quite a lot of difference in their symptoms. Here are a few of them –

  • Missed periods – If have missed your period for over a week or ten days now you might want to think on the roads of pregnancy. But if you have been having delayed periods and have kept a track on the cycle you could wait a few days if you are sure it’s just a delay. But of you have delay along with a few other symptoms that you never had before that could be pregnancy early symptoms.
  • Nausea – Morning sickness can start as early as the conception day. You cannot stand even the slightest of the smell and head to the toilet quite often. This could be a very important sign of hormonal fluctuations happening in your body.
  • Breast tenderness and soreness – This is a feeling that you might not have had ever before. The slightest of the touch would make you cranky because the breast are too sore. Periods also have such symptoms but the pregnancy ones a bit on the severe side.
  • Fatigue – We might start to have fatigue while we are on the periods but during pregnancy early days fatigue might start even when there is not bleeding or work that has got you all tired. It’s just your body adapting to o new changes.

What is a cramp ?

Just imagine you sitting for an south Indian style meal on the floor with banana leaf and everything, and all the delicacy of the south. You quite enjoy the whole thing but when you try to get back on your feet you aren’t quite able to do it if you are person who isn’t much habitual to sitting on the floor. Your calf muscles feel they have no power and something is pinching or pulling on them. This feeling is called a cramp. As the blood flow to the area restores it takes away the pain causing  agents and you are back to normal.

Implantation Cramps vs PMS Cramps

What is difference between Implantation cramp vs PMS cramps?

Implantation cramp – Implantation is a process in which the fertilised egg travels through the uterine wall deep into the lining of the uterus for the further maturity of embryo. This process can cause slight irritation to the wall and can lead to mild spotting and cramps related to it. But according to many researchers implantation cramping vs PMS cramps are slightly different. Implantation cramps are low in intensity and take place way lower in the abdomen and the back area. If you usually get period cramps you might be able to differentiate them. Also implantation is followed by slight spotting which is nothing like the gushing first day flow that you would get during periods. Implantation occur on tenth to twelfth day after conception which you might be able to calculate and the cramps last a little longer. Whereas, PMS cramps last for a couple of days and then you get your periods. The best way to deal with all these confusions is to keep a record of your every cycle. And also add data about intercourse, protective, non protective to it which would make your assumption of periods and pregnancy a little bit easier. You have a lot of apps available on the Play Store to choose from. But do remember implantation cramps occur only in 25% of women all over the world and it might even go unnoticed. So best way to confirm is a pregnancy test after the missed period to rule out implantation cramps vs PMS cramps.

When is the right time to take a pregnancy test ?

Some of you might feel this very unreal but of you are pregnant your body and your mind knows about it. You would have a strong gut feeling about it which would urge you to take a pregnancy test. But if your gut isn’t speaking to you these are the ways to know whether to take a pregnancy test or not –

  • Missed periods – If you do not have a history of irregular periods and this is the first it’s time thing in that path.
  • If the days matches with the time you have had conception then this could be the reason for the delay in periods.
  • If you feel the cramps that you get aren’t the same as usual this must be the reason to get tested.
  • Excessive weakness, sore breasts, nausea all have come crawling together in your day you might want to get tested.

So people this the simplest way to understand the difference between implantation cramps vs PMS cramps. I hope you were able to get in board with me on this. If you found this information interesting do share it with your loved ones and impart your knowledge upon them too.

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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