5 Best Atta Maker Or Dough Makers For Healthiest Meals At Home!

Having flat breads of wheat flour or any other flour like bajra or jowar is the staple diet of many parts of our country. It is included in our daily meals and helps us gain or essential calories. The process of getting the dough and rolling the rotis is a long one but the most important aspect is to get the perfect dough or else the rotis would turn up to be a disaster. The right amount of pressure to be applied while kneading the dough along with right amount of water brings out the right dough. Once you have the dough rolling out flat breads would be an easy job. But kneading part of the job takes a hand of expertise. One would have to be constantly in the process to ace it. Or one can use the super easy and trendy atta maker machine to do the job for you. Electrical appliances have made our lives very much easier.

Let’s discuss few questions before moving on:

  • Why use atta maker?
  • Which is the Best Atta Maker Brand In India?
  • Is Kent atta maker and bread maker any good?
  • Which brand provides the best atta maker machine?

Why use atta maker?

Getting soft rollable dough for your rotis can always posed to be a challenge. Different kinds of flours require different amount of water and pressure to be applied for kneading them. What is best that having a machine do all the tough jobs for you. Ultimate results of having the rotis should be the primary goal and these electrical gadgets are best at their jobs. Let’s browse through a few of them.

Best Atta Maker Brand In India


Best Atta Maker



Kent Atta Maker & Bread Maker
Lifelong Atta & Bread Maker
Clearline atta maker

Preethi atta maker

Home Plus atta maker

Kent atta maker

Kent brings to you the most innovative and sturdy equipment to fulfil your day to day needs, Kent atta maker. This one is the best atta maker India these days. From vegetables and fruit washer to this Kent atta and bread maker has been always on top to think outside the box and get a perfect solution for all the household needs. It is fully automated and comes with over 19 settings to choose from. So one can enjoy their own personalised and customised recipe without any hassle. From French breads to Indian flat breads you name it and it would be done. Very price friendly and consumer friendly the machine is very easy to use and is very handy. Kent atta maker and bread maker takes you a step ahead in innovation while maintaining the traditional staple diet.

Advantages of Kent Atta Maker:

  • It’s automatic.
  • It comes with an LCD display.
  • It’s usage is simple and hassle free.
  • It makes great textured dough in minutes.
  • It makes atta and bread in this single equipment.

Note: Current Kent atta maker is available in various offers like with electric kettle, toaster, vacuum cleaner etc. The price of Kent atta maker goes low when bought in combination.

Kent atta maker & bread maker

Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker

The most difficult part of kneading the dough with your hand is that it gets too messy and we cannot deal with the mess and the atta kneading at the same time. So this atta maker machine gives to you a solution to your problem. It is an electric machine that comes with an LCD display and so you can make necessary adjustments whenever needed. It doesn’t require you hands to get dirty at all. The atta maker machine is very easy to use that any one can do it with ease. Once you get used to Lifelong Atta maker, kneading dough would be a piece of cake for you. The atta maker has good quality food grade material which is sturdy and efficient.

Best atta maker

Clearline atta maker

Clearline atta maker has been designed keeping in mind the softness of the dough that you get when you knead it with your hand. They have provided this atta maker with strong blades which are break free even if one drops or bangs the blade on the flour the blade wouldn’t crack. Along with the blade the clearline atta maker has a non stick bowl to it which makes removal of the atta from the machine easier. Very good product in the price range offered by Amazon.

Note: Clearline atta maker comes with a Non Stick Bowl

Atta maker

Preethi atta maker

Preeti is a very famous and durable brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. They have very unique designs of mixer grinders to offer. One of the options that they offer along with their mixer grinders is the kneading jar and blade. The jar in preethi atta maker is huge to hold upto two litres of product and the blade is designed specifically for kneading of the dough. This atta maker machine has been very handy for lots of people in the kitchen making their life easier. And the best part about Preethi atta maker is it being an additional attachment to the actual grinder you do not have to invest for an additional atta maker machine.

Best atta maker

Home Plus atta maker

The powerful the machinery the best of the results that one gets is our experience. When it comes to atta kneading different flours require different speeds and pressure. Home Plus atta maker machine makes your life easier with the different modes that are available and can be used to knead doughs out of different flour. The design is very unique and sleek and storing it becomes very easy. Also the transfer of the atta from the jar becomes easy with the unique user friendly design of the atta maker.

Advantages of Home plus atta maker:

  • It simple to store.
  • It works like a normal grinder so you don’t need to learn more techniques.
Best atta maker

Author’s Opinion

So folks I hope this list of best atta maker brand in India would help you pick and choose the best machine for you. Do not forget to browse through these atta maker machines online. From Kent atta maker to Preeti atta kneader, most online portals like Amazon.in brings to you great deals with great gadgets do check out the huge options they provide and gift this useful machine to your loved ones today. Atta maker makes your life easier and gives to you extra time to spend with your family which other wise you would spent kneading dough in the kitchen. With the growing disease and disorder diet is the only medicine that one should follow to prevent all the ailments. To go on a multi grain diet and let this atta makers do the job of kneading the dough for you hassle free. Rotis and chapatis are the healthiest choice of food that one can make without being worried about the calories they consume.

In my opinion, this is also a perfect gift in todays time. Most people do not buy it despite knowing all the benefits. To me it feels like, they don’t find it worth it. Even I used be belong to the same school of thought until one of my friends gifted this to me on Diwali last year. Since then, I have been crazy about it. It has made my life so simpler that I don’t feel the need of going back to the old habits of kneading the dough. Anyways I never liked that process and with this machine, I am never going back to the traditional method. So, I recommend you to gift this to your closed ones and help them easing out their life.