Best Mosambi Juicer – Citrus Juicer To Pick From!

There are many healthy options that one would have during pregnancy. Starting from protein supplement to iron and calcium tablets but nothing beats the healthy habit of having a bite of a fresh fruit or fruit juice. Whilst at the topic of fruit juices mosambi (मौसंबी) is considered to be a wonderful miracle fruit. Thus goes well for all the ailments and disease. They can be consumed by any person with any find of body disorders. And definitely used by pregnant ladies too without any fear. Thus fruit comes with the goodness of vitamin C. It tops the list of citrus fruits. With near to less side effects this fruit is recommended to everyone. Including patients who suffer from diabetes. But only problem arises with the consumption of this fruit is the extraction of its juices without wasting any fruit or the pulp. Today we are going to look at the products available in the market for the extraction of mosambi juice and also discuss about the best citrus juicer or (मौसंबी) mosambi juicer. Let’s take a look the option available.

Types of citrus juicer / Mosambi Juicer

There are 2 types of citrus juicers available:

  • Electric citrus juicer
  • Manual citrus juicer

Many top brands deal in both variety of citrus juicers and we’ll be discussing them in details to give you a better understanding on what is best for you.

Best Mosambi juicer Or Citrus Juicer

Citrus Juicer/ 
Mosambi juicer




Philips Citrus Juicer


Prestige citrus juicer


Havells citrus juicer


BTC India hand juicer


Top Rated Manual Citrus Juicer


Solimo Mosambi Juicer


Expresso stainless steel juicer


Crystal citrus juicer


#1. Philips Citrus Juicer

Philips Citrus Juicer which is very likely known as the best mosambi juicer comes from the one of the most trusted electrical product kings in the market. If you are tired of extracting juice everyday in the morning for your whole family and have ended having a sore wrist this is the right choice for you. It comes with a very sturdy design and has an easy to hold handle bar which make extractions easier. Just place the fruit on top of the cone and hold the handle while the machine does its job beautifully. Comes with a non spill design which makes the juice extraction less messier. Also doesn’t consume much power while doing the job. Unlike the manual juicers Philips Citrus Juicer doesn’t require any efforts from our side. Also it can extract 100% juice from the fruit no wastage.

Philip citrus juicer electric

In our very own Philips citrus juicer electric, there are 2 options available. Let’s now discuss them:

FeaturesPhilip citrus juicer electric – Basic Philips citrus juicer electric – Advance
Motor capacity750 watt700 watt
Squeezing capacity It can continue squeezing 1000kgs of fruits in multiple rounds.It can squeeze upto 2 litres fruits in a single round.
CuttingPre cutting requiredPre cutting not required
CleaningRequires multiple rounds for cleaningDeveloped with 1 Minute cleaning technology

Philips electric citrus juicer- Basic

Citrus juicer

Philips electric citrus juicer- Advance

Philips juicer

One more option of Philip citrus juicer press is also available. This product is also electric but comes in a small size. Its size makes is look similar to manual juicers as its shape is in form of a jug.

Philip citrus juicer press

It’s distinguishing features are:

Motor capacity25 watts
Squeezing capacity1 Litre
Philips citrus juicer

If you are looking for an even smaller option, Philips Citrus Press is also an option. The only point of differentiation in this one is the 0.5-Litre. Rest all of the features are similar to the above listed Philips Citrus Press.

Philips citrus juicer

#2. Prestige citrus juicer – Electric

Prestige needs no introduction. When it comes to any home equipments, Prestige is a renowned name. Therefore, Prestige citrus juicer is another most preferred option. It’s actually one of the best citrus juicer there could ever be as it can squeeze most of fruit juices. It has a lot of interesting features like:

FeaturesPrestige citrus juicer
Motor capacity800 watt 
SqueezingIt comes with a Pulp collector and separate juice collector.
Ideal forNot just Mausambi. It can easily squeeze, Carrot, Pineapple, Bitter Gourd, Apple, Watermelon, Grapes, Tomato or White Pumpkin
SpeedIt contains a speed button to adjust speed levels.
Weight3940 Grams
Prestige citrus juicer

Prestige citrus juicer press

Even this one is an Electric citrus juicer by Prestige with low capacity.

It’s distinguishing features are:

Motor capacity25 watts
Squeezing capacity0.5 Litre
Prestige citrus juicer

#3. Havells citrus juicer

Havells citrus juicer is becoming a favourite product for many people. It has a lot of interesting features. Here’s what you get if you buy this citrus juicer:

FeaturesHavells citrus juicer
Motor capacity200 watt 
SqueezingIt comes with a Pulp controller.
IncludesIt comes with main unit, bowl, strainer, pusher, pulp container, juice container, strainer bracket, cleaning brush and fruit tray. 
SpeedSlow juicer
Havels citrus juicer

Havells Citrus Press

This product received a lot of positive comments and recommendations on the amazon site. It comes with 30 w power motor which makes the job of juice extraction quite easier and effortless. They have provided the users with to extraction cones which would fit rightly to bigger and smaller sized fruits too. It has a dust cover which protects the juice from getting contaminated. Juice collector is of a capacity which is half a litre thus making juice collection for a number of people very much easier. Easy to clean and store this product reduces all the efforts that one would have to take while the extraction of the juices and gives you results of having hundred percent juice being extracted from the fruit.

It’s distinguishing features are:

Motor capacity30 watts
Squeezing capacity0.5 Litre
Citrus juicer

#4. Manual citrus juicer

BTC India hand juicer

If you are looking for a heavy duty mosambi juicer this would be the option that you go for. This is the best mosambi juicer which is made with industrial grade aluminium and thus is made to last longer. Plus the design is so sleek and elegant that you could keep it anywhere in the kitchen. It is very easy to assemble and easy to detach. Unlike other juicers you do not have to squeeze the juice out using this juicer, you just need to pull on the lever which will automatically pull out the juice in it. Thus extraction of juice from a number of fruits becomes a piece of cake job.

When it comes to manual options, this one is the best citrus juicer available in India. It’s simple and convenient to use.

Citrus Juicer

Top Rated Manual Citrus Juicer

This one is one of the best citrus juicer available in India. It’s rated top by experienced customers.

Manual citrus juicer

#5. Solimo Mosambi Juicer – Manual Citrus Juicer

If you are looking for a good quality hand press mosambi juicer you should go for it. One needs to just use the force of squeezing and out will pour all the juices. It is one of the most positive reviewed product on amazon and  comes with quality and usage safety assurance. Made with 100% food grade plastic this juicer has many positive aspects as mentioned by the users. It’s very handy to use and comes with a large juice collector which can collect almost a glass full of juice. The pulp collector which is the major problem of many juice makers as the pulp would just skip out and fall down making the area even more messier. But this juicer has a large pulp holder and thus is very easy to clean and make mosambi juice instantly.

Solimo by Amazon is becoming everyones favourite and as it’s specially designed, this one is the best mosambi juicer these days.

Solimo Mosambi Juicer

Solimo Fruit Juicer

This below one is also a great option by Solimo. This is not just a mousambi juicer but a complete one. Solimo is being picked by a variety of people these days.

Solimo Fruit Juicer

#6. Expresso stainless steel juicer

This is a very traditional design of mosambi juicer which comes in a round shape with the juice collector in the bottom. You would have seen this kind of juicers in the hospitals besides the patients beds. The plus to this product is that it can be easily carried along and is just the size of a small box and also very light weight. The cons of this product is that it cannot be used to make juice in a larger quantity and requires a lot of our strength to pull the juice out and if all the pressure isn’t applied we would be able to get all of the juice out. Another plus is that it can be cleaned very easily. It is also made of stainless steel material so would last for quite some time. It doesn’t require any part adjustment or electricity. Thus making it a very valuable product in the list.

Expresso citrus juicer

#7. Crystal Manual citrus juicer

Crystal company brings to us a wide range of products that are very user friendly and handy to use. This is yet another variant of manual juicer with a very good design to extract as much as juice possible with manual efforts. Pulp collector is big enough to give you less messy experience. The plastic is completely BPA free making it very safe to use. Comes with very attractive and beautiful colour and the kids just love to watch the extraction process and have a glass of fresh juice being made right in front of their eyes. Very healthy way to extract juice and offer it our children.

Manual citrus juicer

So folks this was a short and sweet version of mosambi juices available in the market. Pick and choose the right one for you and give a healthy treat to your loved ones. Because citrus fruit is a very important aspect to increase immunity in this corona stricken phase.

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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