How To Make Peri Peri Masala At Home?

Spices play the most vital role in food, it adds up extra taste to the food and also makes the colour of the food look exquisite. And one of the spice which is famous and acts as a taste-maker to give that extra seasoning to your food is peri peri masala. Piri Piri or Peri Peri means Pepper Pepper in Swahili language.

History Of Peri Peri Masala

In Spain and Portugal traditionally referred to spicy sauces. This spice was invented in 1964 where Joes Carlos came up with this spicy recipe along with his secret ingredient’s including garlic and chilli. The masala was found in Mozambique. Season your food with this flavourful peri peri spice mix. It gives fierce kind of taste to the food. This sprinkler is also popularly known as the modern day chat masala. Moreover the garlic and chilli adds up to a winning combination. This masala is not only used for the best taste of the food but also has various health benefits because of the herbs and vitamins in it which holds the metabolism with its curing properties. The peri peri masala is not only used in the fast foods but also can be used in Indian cuisine. Yes you read it right. It can be used in our normal everyday curries and you can also add the peri peri mix to roasted makhanas and carry it to office when cravings kick in. With time passing by the masala has got globally famous as it satisfies your taste buds. This spicy and yummy tastemaker can be made at home too. You can add it up in your favourite foods and even popcorns and you are good to go. So let’s get started with the making of this super delicious and mouthwatering peri peri masala recipe.

Peri peri masala recipe shared below is easy to make at home and can be used especially during festive season. It is a delicious combo of pungent and savoury spices, so moving on to the recipe let’s start with the peri peri masala ingredient’s to make the flavourful instant peri peri masala.

Peri Peri Masala
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Peri Peri Masala Ingredients

  • Red chilli powder
  • Chilli flakes
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Cardamon powder
  • Powdered sugar
  • Salt
  • Dried ginger powder
  • Rock salt
  • Oregano

These peri peri masala ingredients are easily available at home, as they are the basic spices used in our daily Indian meals like roti and sabzi. Use of Piri piri masala is very common in food made in hotels as well.

How To Make Peri Peri Masala At Home?

Let’s begin with recipe of this instant peri peri masala that can end up making your food spicy and completely restaurant style.

Peri Peri Masala Recipe

We won’t need any mixer grinder for the preparation. You can simply mix it with hands or use a spatula.

  • Step 1: Now we will first start mixing the peri peri masala ingredients in a bowl starting with:2 tsp red chilli powder followed by 1 tsp chili flakes, 2 tsp garlic powder , ½ tsp cinnamon powder , ½ tsp Cardamon powder, ½ tsp powdered sugar , ½ tsp salt , ½ tsp dried ginger powder , ½ tsp rock salt and ½ tsp oregano. You can take the quantities of ingredients according to your wish .
  • Step 2: Now mix everything well and make sure there are no lumps left.
  • Step 3: Now shift the mix in another bowl according to your wish. And your delicious restaurant style peri peri masala is ready!

I make mine at home and it turns out epic. And remember to Store the masala in an air tight container. You can also add this homemade masala in fries, potato tornado and many more. Moreover you can use this peri peri masala recipe for the chicken marination.

Piri piri masala

Ready made Peri Peri masala

You can make the peri peri masala at home as well as purchase it online. Some of the best peri peri masala which are top rated are as follows:

Smith and jones peri peri spice mix masala from amazon which comes with 20 packs in it is worth 200 Indian rupees                               

This masala is rated 5 stars. The quality and quantity of the masala is also very good

This masala can also be purchased with the combo of smith and jones peri peri masala and smith and jones pasta masala which is worth 260 Indian rupees.

  • The smith and jones peri peri masala is a combination of flavor’s like-spicy and tangy.
  • Multipurpose sprinkler can be used to give a spice to the food and make the food to get to it’s best taste.
  • Available in easy to use a pack
  • You can make your pizzas , chicken , bbq , salad , dals etc. more exciting.
  • This masala is mainly kids and adults everyone’s favorite.

So lovely readers, without having any hesitation you should try this readymade instant peri peri masala. I also got my hands on this very yummy smith and jones peri peri masala.  And this made my food even more spicier and tastier. And moreover guys spruce it up with all-time favorite french fries. Just like how we do in MacDonald’s right?

Along with smith and jones you can also go for Keya piri piri masala instant which has rich aroma. It’s rated with 4.5 stars.

Buy from Amazon.in

Buy from Amazon.in

Foodies, we hope that above mentioned smith and jones peri peri masala and Keya piri piri masala instant helps you to make your food delicious and tastier. This masala will help your food become more tangier and spicy in taste especially loved by children. And we also hope that you found out the above mentioned simple and delicious recipe of peri peri masala helpful.

So, if you ever tried the homemade recipe or the smith and jones peri peri masala do let us know we will be very glad to hear that our suggestions were useful and this would motivate us to bring up more such simple masala recipes and reviews and to move in right direction.


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