Muskmelon during Pregnancy – Is It Safe To Include In Pregnancy Diet?

Including muskmelon during pregnancy diet is a great to enrich yourself with various nutrients and vitamins required to stay healthy during pregnancy. Pregnancy period is a highly important period for every mom as well as dad. This is the time when your only task is to provide healthy foods that can increase maximum nutrition in your child, required for their natural growth in your belly. You would always notice women going by specially made pregnancy diet plans for the same reason. Now let’s tell you why muskmelon during pregnancy is a great option.

Can we eat muskmelon during pregnancy?

Muskmelon in Hindi is known as kharbooja. Ayurveda name of muskmelon is “Madhuphala” which is a highly nutritious fruit. It is rich in potassium that keeps your blood pressure managed by relaxing the blood vessels and in turn improving the flow of blood. One of the most beneficial thing about muskmelon during pregnancy and even otherwise is that it acts as a cooling agent during summers by eliminating toxins from your body and keeping it hydrated. It is also rich in folic acid very much required during pregnancy.  One major factor of muskmelon is that it’s high in fibre but low in calories therefore it won’t lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Muskmelon during pregnancy

Muskmelon benefits in pregnancy

  • It improves your immunity: Muskmelon is highly rich in Vitamin c, which is a great immunity booster. Eating muskmelon seeds during pregnancy improves your immune systems and helps your body fight against common cold and flu like diseases.
  • It is highly digestive & helps in preventing constipation: Being rich in fibre as well as water content, it helps you get rid of acidity related problems. It also prevents formation of gas in the body as pregnancy often triggers this issue in many cases. Therefore eating muskmelon reduces risk of constipation too.
  • It’s an essential source of strength: A pregnant woman’s body drains a lot of energy in carrying the baby in her womb and including muskmelon in your diet helps you regain the lost strength. Since muskmelon is rich in minerals and vitamins, it’s a good source of energy for you as well as your baby to be.
  • It won’t lead to excessive weight gain: Of course your body will gain weight as it’s going to hold your little one in the belly but eating muskmelon during pregnancy won’t lead to excessive weight gain as it’s comparatively low on calories.
  • It’ll keel your blood pressure in appropriate level: Increased blood pressure is a common problem among pregnant women. As mentioned above too, this naturally rich fruit will keep a check on your blood pressure due to its potassium richness preventing any negative impact on your baby’s health.
  • It helps you fight anaemia: Anaemia is a condition in which your blood is deficit in red blood cells which leads to excessive weakness and tiredness especially in women. It’s a common condition pregnancy. Being rich in vitamin C, muskmelon or actually muskmelon seeds in pregnancy helps in regeneration of red blood cells by properly distributing the iron in your body.
  • It helps in proper growth of foetus: Richness of folic acid, zinc, vitamin B9 and potassium in muskmelon helps in avoiding abnormalities of any kind. It strengthens the tissues of your baby and improves overall foetus development.
  • Effective development of bones and teeth: Food products rich in calcium are recommended in pregnancy diets and the reason is calcium helps in development of teeth and bones and here comes muskmelon in the picture. Muskmelon’s richness of calcium is beneficial for your child’s growth. It is also supportive in development of your child’s nervous system.

Is it safe to eat muskmelon during pregnancy?

Yes, it is but you need to be sure that the muskmelon you are eating is free from harmful pesticides that are a threat for increasing toxins. In fact, for pregnant women, having muskmelon seeds would be the safest way of getting all the required nutrients and avoiding risk of harmful substances. 


Now you know that eating muskmelon seeds during pregnancy is absolutely safe for you and your baby. Just try and pick organic muskmelons if possible as they are the safest option over other pesticide used products generally available in the markets.