Nan Pro Vs Lactogen – Which Of The Two Is Best For Your Child?

Lot of parents are found researching for the best baby milk as there are plenty of options available. Earlier we did comparison between Lactogen VS Similac, click on the link if you wish to read. Now let’s throw some light on other best options available in the market, which are Nan pro vs Lactogen.

Nan pro vs Lactogen

Lactogen Milk Powder

Lactogen Milk Power is a baby food substitute that comes from a brand that is trusted by mothers since ages.  Nestle brings to us this brilliant drink which is certified as being appropriate from birth. It contains a whey dominant base and the whey casein ratio in Nestle Lactogen milk powder is 60:40 which is very closer to breast milk. The company  has recently improvised their formula and has been enhanced to support the digestive comfort of our little one. It contains L. reuteri which is a known and very significant probiotic, which helps in supporting the digestive system of your little one. It is formulated keeping in mind better convenience and hygiene. However, there are some parents who have a negative feedback towards it and they are the ones who disagree with their preference towards Lactogen. Their main claim is that this formula is heavy and often results in indigestion in their babies. But the recent changes by the company in the Lactogen powder has changed the perspective of many parents.

Nan Pro Milk Powder

There is yet another baby food product from Nestle, NanPro milk powder which is globally reputed and a recognised organisation from South Africa. This baby food supplement is the most talked about and also doctor recommended product. It shows good results in babies with regards to baby weight increase and can be given without any fear of indigestion. It is high in nutritive value and low on risks. Moms who are unable to feed their babies with breast milk nan pro milk powder food supplement is like a god send to them. NanPro milk powder is an advance version by the same Nestle company.

Nan Pro 1 vs Lactogen 1

Nan Pro 1 Milk Powder

Nan Pro 1 milk powder is a scientifically developed baby food. This instant formula milk comes with essential fatty acids required by the baby’s body for development. These are referred as DHA ARA. Now let’s first understand what are DHA ARA?

DHA, a short form of Docosahexaenoic acid and ARA, short form of arachidonic acid are key fatty acids available in breast milk. These are also found in eggs and fishes. ARA & DHA both are a type of polyunsaturated fatty acids which have important roles to play in our bodies. The key role is of these fatty acids is to support in effective eyes and brain’s development of your child. Since breast milk contains both these nutrients, if the lactating mom consumes more fish in her diet during the last trimester of her pregnancy, her breast milk will have good enough amount of DHA & ARA. However, these are also required during the first 2 years of the child’s brain development.

Nan Pro 1 also comes with Whey Protein and other essential nutrients like Vitamin A, C, D, Iron and Zinc required for overall growth of your baby.

Nan pro 1

Nan Pro Lo Lac

Nestle Nan Pro also comes in low lactos content for the first 6 months period when the lacto diet not recommended for the baby. This food supplement is hypoallergenic. It is a baby milk formula has been scientifically developed for infants who have allergies. Allergies that include allergic reactions to lactose that is present in cow’s milk or wheat or gluten allergy. Families that report a high incidence of asthma can safely choose NanPro lo lack for their babies. This milk powder is the most sort for use as a formula that contains added probiotics which can prevent the incidence of allergies.

Nan Pro Lo Lac

Lactogen 1 Milk Powder

LACTOGEN 1 is a spray dried infant formula brought to you by Nestle which contains Probiotic (L.reuteri) for babies from birth when they cannot be breastfed or (exclusively top-fed). It is one of the most used brand of baby milk powders but please consult your healthcare professional for guidance. Nestle LACTOGEN 1 Infant Formula Powder contains Whey Protein which must be taken on the advice of your paediatrician.


We hope our analysis between Nan pro vs Lactogen or Nan pro 1 vs Lactogen 1 listed above helped you in finding all the answers you were looking for. If not, then please do let us know too so we can improvise our research and give the best answers that parents around the world are looking for.

Also, it’s always better to discuss with your doctor and finalise the perfect baby milk for your child accordingly. The doctor would be knowing your child’s history and their body’s reaction to various products so, it’s always better that way.

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