Basic Baby Skills You’ll Master the First Month

It’s quite a marvellous journey that one goes through during the nine months of pregnancy. We spend our days anticipating about the day we would have our little angel in our hands. We try our bests to prepare ourselves for that day. But no matter what we been doing nothing can prepare us for the actual day. The skills whose knowledge we acquire from the books will be put to test once the baby is out. One might wonder how hard would it be to manage a new born, trust me the answer is very difficult. But experience makes a man perfect. So do not panic if you have done something wrong or not able to figure out what went wrong. Just keep following your gut instinct. You might be wondering what basic skills am I referring to, let’s take a look at the basic baby skills you will have to master in the first month.


Of all the baby skills this one of the most important one and you need to master it as soon as possible. Babies once out start missing their mother’s womb which was there comfy house for the past nine months. This could mess with their sleep cycle and make them cranky. So as to avoid it, it is very much important to swaddle your baby. As swaddling gives them the comfort  that they have during the stay in the womb. Pick and choose a perfect  swaddle cloth and drape your baby in it and voila you have a happy baby.

Swaddling your baby


As a parent, now that you have a new born in your house you must remember that diaper is the integral part of your wardrobe now. So you better learn the technique to change diapers without creating much mess. Keep the changing sheet and wet wipes ready at all times you may never now the intensity or the frequency in which you might need the changes to be done. The most tricky part is getting the change done with a kicking and pumping leg. Its all in the experience.


You might be amused with how cute the teeny tiny legs toes arms and hands looked. But ever imagined the horror you have to go through when they are wet. So basically its like giving bath to an extremely slippery baby in an extremely slippery environment.  I hope you are getting the gravity of the situation here. So all you need to do is keep everything ready before you bring your baby to the bath tub. Everything from the drape towel, to warm water, soaps and shampoo, changing cloth. Here speed and agility is the key. Be very careful at every step that you perform.



As vital is the fact that the baby must be fed every three to four hours so is burping of vital importance. We want a happy satisfied and healthy baby. What is the enemy that would destroy this, gases! With every feed babies tend to swallow in little drops of air. This leads to formation of gases in their body. Even when the baby cries they tend to take in the gases and that later gets trapped in their gut. So after every feed it becomes very much important to let these gases out. But handling a new born baby who hasn’t yet held its neck erect and burping him at the same time can be quite tricky. So be very perfect with the steps that you follow. Easiest way is by placing a burping cloth over your shoulder and the placing your baby over it. Gently tap the baby as you move around making the gentle baby moves on the go.


This includes getting rid of the teeny finger nails which might appear to be invisible but they can cause serious injuries if they are being used to attack someone. Also , cleaning the tiny nose and ear hole can also be tricky as one can imagine. But thank fully the newborn baby kit comes with all the equipment that one would require for such situations, but the next step again is getting your job done with finesse without hurting your baby.


Ever tried to feed a hungry tiger, yes feeding your baby the most tasteless vitamin drops can be compared to a situation of feeding a tiger. Most tough job is get their mouth open and then perfectly pour in the desired amount of medicine without spilling it on their face or they would snort it through their nose. There are very high chances that the medicine would be rejected and then projectile spit would land on your face. So be prepared for it too.

Feeding the baby


This task is one of the toughest of all the tasks given in the list. But once you become a pro at this no one can beat you. For some kids swaying really helps them to calm down, for others dim lights with rocking on the chair helps quite a lot. The trick here is learn the signals that your baby constantly gives you. Whether your baby likes rocking, swaying, music, or just dim light would all depend on the observations that you have of your baby. A well slept baby is a happy baby so you might want to learn the ways to put your baby to sleep as soon as possible.

So folks, here was an interesting take on what skills you might need to master before you become a pro at taking care of your new born! It might come as a shock to you that these tasks sound so simple but they are very much difficult when you actually try doing them. But no worries with time everyone learns them and they also become the champion at them too. So give it some time and keep practicing the skills and you would do just fine. Do not forget to enjoy this amazing journey that you are having with your new born.  ALL THE VERY BEST WITH ALL YOUR VENTURES!