Which Is The Best Baby Cradle In India & Why You Should Buy?

Baby’s comfort is always a parent’s top priority. This comfort is always tagged along with safety as well. As an infant the little one spends most of their time sleeping while growing. So, a comfortable baby bed or baby cradle is where they spend most of their time. But, when it comes to baby cradles, we parents have lots of doubts and questions like if the baby will feel safe alone? Will the baby cot be comfortable and supportive enough? Is the idea of putting the baby alone for sleeping in the baby cradle a good one? So on and so forth. Today, we will debunk such all such doubts and queries on how to pick the right baby bed and also try listing the best baby cradles in India.

Why choose a baby cradle or baby bed?

  • Babies learn to adapt quickly to the environment and set up. If the baby is not put in cradles or baby bed, they tend to associate the sleep or nap time with their parents being next to them on the bed which will make things difficult eventually as the parent cannot always accompany any the baby.
  • Adult bedding can be hazardous for the baby due to its soft spring mattresses and memory foams. Babies can tend to get strangulated in the bedding sheets if they are awake at night and are not noticed by the parent.
  • The beds with railing or high head rest and foot rest can come in the way of the moving baby and they could get stuck in one of those things. So a very close watch has to be kept on them which is not possible if the parent is in deep sleep at night.
  • Also, bed sharing with the baby can result in sleepless nights for both the parents if the baby has the habit of waking up frequently so one of the parent has to make separate sleeping arrangement.

Is the baby cot with storage helpful?

Yes, baby cots with storage helps to store all the essential needs of the baby in one place. When all the things are accommodated in a baby cot with storage, it simplifies the life of the mother by minimising panic situations at a larger level. Moms or dads no longer have to search for things, they can simply use them as they need.

What are the types of baby cot or baby bed?

Here are the 4 different types of baby bed online that you can pick from:

#1. Baby Crib

Also called as cradle, a baby crib is one the oldest, most trusted and the most safest form of baby bed. It can be placed in your own room itself, its design suits all ages of babies of course till the time they learn to climb out of the cradle. Baby bedding on the cot can be chosen according to your needs. Available in different designs and material to suit your interest.

baby Crib

Aadvik Crafts Wooden Baby Crib Price: ₹ 4,565.00 – ₹ 11,565.00

Cons of crib: This baby bed is way heavier than it looks, takes up a lot of space if your place it in your bedroom. This baby cot is in the pricey side of the baby bed range of products.

#2. Co – Sleeper For Baby

This type of cradle is like a half crib with the advantage that it can be placed right next to your bed, actually it can be kept attached to your bed. So this gives the baby its own personal space while you get your space. The cradle is specially designed keeping in mind the comfort of the baby and the mother. Mothers can have a peaceful sleep as their babies are right next to them.

Co sleeper for baby

Co sleeper for baby

PINK PARI Co Sleeper For Baby Price: ₹ 1,565.00 – ₹ 3,565.00

See more options of co sleeper for baby

Cons of co sleeper: It is not suitable for older kids beyond the age of one,  the confined space of it tends to make the kids cranky. Also, during mid night feed mothers might find it difficult to grab the baby owing to the awkward position of it with the bed.

#3. Basinet

A very cute and attractive cradle to hold a baby. Comes in various gorgeous designs and would make the mama go gaga over them.

SUNVENO Baby Bassinet

Baby bassinet

Cons: It is not suitable for older babies and is also not very transferrable.

#4. Baby Hammock

One of the most traditional and oldest method of putting an infant to sleep especially followed by us Indian mothers since centuries. This baby cradle not only soothes a cranky baby but also tends to make them sleep for a longer period of time. The cosy structure of the cradle makes the baby very comfortable as it reminds them of their mother’s womb.

Baby Hammock

Kidzy King Baby Hammock Price: ₹ 2,890.00 – ₹ 6,890.00

Cons: It require quite a lot of space and settings to hang the hammock safely and securely.

Best Baby Cradles In India

LuvLap Baby Cradle

This is a very sturdy baby cradle known for its brand name. This is one among the best cradles in India, it’s a complete wooden finished baby cot which makes it elegant and beautiful. It is extremely user friendly and the bedding is allergy tested which makes it suitable for the baby’s skin.

This baby cot with storage comes with storage makers it handy to store all the baby goods too.

LuvLap Baby Cradle

Price range: ₹ 7,501.00 – ₹ 11,501.00

Graco Baby Cradle – Pack & Play

This baby cot is the perfect solution for your baby when you have less space at home. This baby cradle is safe for babies and very much user friendly. Here are few of its features.

  • The cradle has a very durable frame, it makes this play yard ideal for travel.
  • Its key feature is automatically folding feet and wheels that allow for a more compact fold.
  • The signature Graco push button fold makes closing your play yard quick and hassle free.
  • Also, it comes with handy wheels for added convenience.
  • It’s uniquely designed to have an airy mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation.
Graco Baby Cradle

Price range: ₹ 5,501.00 – ₹ 8,501.00

Infanto Cocoon Baby Cradle

This cradle cum rocker is made with a design keeping in mind the perfect comfortable sleep and utmost safety needs of the baby. The key features of this baby cradle are:

  • Ultimately user friendly and portable.
  • Comprises of portable mosquito net for total protection and care of the baby.
  • This baby cot is very much pocket friendly and hence is affordable for all making it one the best baby cradle in India.
Infanto Cocoon Baby Cradle

Price range: ₹ 2,001.00 – ₹ 3,501.00

Mastela Baby Bassinet Cum Baby Cot

This baby cot is one stop shop for all your baby need, it’s a rocker, which is also a baby bassinet which can be also used as a baby carrier. Its elegant design makes it quite attractive, and this cradle comes from a very experienced brand of baby bassinet developers so can be trusted completely for baby safety.

Key features of this baby bassinet:

  1. Premium quality material which makes it sturdy.
  2. Allergy free.
  3. High safety standards.
  4. Soft and comfortable.
Mastela 5 in 1 Baby Bassinet

Price range: ₹ 3,001.00 – ₹ 9,501.00

So folks I hope you enjoyed reading about baby cots, baby cots with storage, baby cradle and bassinets. These are a few cradles which were listed by the consumers as best cradles in India. Do browse through the options on amazon.in today