9 Imported Top Quality Baby Stroller/ Pram That You Can Get In India

Gearing up to welcome a little one in your family, you’ve got to be ready with certain things of high priority. Baby stroller is among those most wanted item that you need as soon as your baby crosses the age of 6months. And getting the best baby strollers in India is very much possible now with so many vendors already sourcing imported products here. But before we jump on to putting down the list of perfect products for you, let’s first discuss on it’s need and the high priority areas you need to look at before buying.

Why do you need a baby stroller?

A pram or baby stroller is needed to take your baby along with you wherever you go. It is one of the most convenient products of all times and is preferred by all parents. However one major reason behind why you must have a baby pram is that babies tend to get tired more in the hands of the parents. It is a known fact especially in India where grand moms would always suggest you to make your baby lie on the bed rather than caring them all the time. It is directed related to the comfort your child’s body needs. Therefore you definitely need it especially during your times of movement.

Importance of baby pram

  1. Comfort – For the baby. It helps in keeping kids body in peace.
  2. Convenience – Both for kids as well as parents as carrying kids in hands can be problematic for the parents since their weight might affect their back.
  3. Safety – It keeps your baby safe.

Factors to check in a baby stroller before buying

Most of the good brands are providing high quality strollers nowadays but some factors you, as parents must keep in mind before buying:

  1. Strong straps: Be sure if the stroller has high quality straps. This will keep your baby safe and secure.
  2. Sturdy: The baby stroller must be strong and sturdy and you’ll be able to understand this by the look of it only or by reading its specifications.
  3. Size: Most baby strollers come in standard size because you need the fit your baby from the age of 5-6 months upto 3 years of age. Still we’ll recommend you to be cautious about this.

Now, to help you take the right call in finding the best baby strollers in India, we have done our research in preparing this list below. We’ve tried to include every little parameter so you can purchase the best baby trolley for your baby.

Please note: The list contains most of the high rated products only. The rating is given by customers who’ve used these before.

Option 1: Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller comes with 5 point safety facility with a 3 position seat for the baby. The seat comes with a reclining feature which gives complete comfort to the baby having a holding capacity of around 15kgs. You get washable cushions along with a detachable mosquito net in this Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller. This is among the most bought products from Luvlap and is becoming extremely popular because of it’s unique feature of 360° Front Wheel Swivel with lock.

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller

Luvlap Baby stroller price range (Last checked) : ₹ 3,000.00 – ₹ 4,000.00

Option 2: Luvlap Baby Stroller (Joy)

Luvlap stroller is ideal for newborn and kids upto the age 3. It’s easily foldable and compact which makes it simply storable. This one again comes with 5 point safety harness to keep your baby safe.

Luvlap Baby Stroller

Luvlap Baby stroller price range (last checked): ₹ 4,000.00 – ₹ 5,000.00

How is Luvlap baby stroller (Sunshine) different from Luvlap stroller (Joy)?

Here are some distinguishing features that’ll help you decide between the two similar kind of Luvlap stroller available in India:

FeaturesLuvlap Baby Stroller (Sunshine)Luvlap Baby Stroller (Joy)
5 point safety harnessYesYes
360° Front Wheel Swivel with lockYesYes
Detachable Soft
Reversible handlebarYesYes
3 position Seat recline
Footrest for babyYesYes
Detachable Mosquito NetYesNo
Extra padded cushionsNoYes
Canopy Type : FoldableNoYes
Double layered canopy with Looking windowNoYes
Extremely ComfortableNoYes Yes

Option 3: Chicco Stroller

Chicco Stroller is among the most popular stroller for kids available in India. It’s the one and only baby pram that comes with a button on its handle. This button allows the stroller to be opened and closed with a single click. It also has rear brakes for safety and a harness that ensures the complete safety of the child. Chicco Stroller is best suited for newborn babies and is very much available in India.

It’s ideal for smart moms who are looking for comfort as well as are highly protective about the safety of their kid. Modernised design of Chicco stroller is styled which shoulder pads and reclining backrest. It weights very light. Looking at complete safety of the baby, Chicco stroller is designed with a bumper bar right infront which comes with a saliva tested fabric.

chicco stroller

Chicco Baby stroller price range (last checked): ₹ 9,000.00 – ₹ 10,000.00

Option 4: Little Olive Tweety Baby Pram

This is one of the best baby strollers in India that you can get for your baby. It comes with an extra protective cover which you can use while going out of your house. It comes with a break to control the wheels along with an adjustable foot rest. It has complete safety harness facility with a comfortable back pocket and cushioned seat. It also has a manual safety lock that can halt the walker, as and when required.

baby pram

Baby Stroller Price (last checked): ₹ 2,299.00

Option 5: Cortina by Chicco (Highly Recommended)

This baby pram is one of the most amazing and premium collections in Chicco baby strollers. If you are looking for the best baby strollers in India, nothing can be as perfect as this one is. All other baby strollers fail in front of this one as this comes with high padded cushions that gives high level comfort to your baby. It’s travel friendly and has 8 positions of the backrest recliner which you cannot get in any other baby prams available in India. It’s an imported product which is rated as no. 1 infant car seat in America.

Baby stroller

Current discounted Price for baby stroller: ₹ 16,000.00 – ₹ 18,000.00

Option 6: Chicco StrollerNew Echo

If you are looking for a best stroller for kids, Chicco offers some of the best baby strollers in India. Its backrest can be adjusted to four different positions. This baby stroller comes with a bumper bar and is easy to carry and maneuver around. This one is easily available in India and could be bought from any online platform.

best baby strollers in India

Baby stroller price range (last checked): ₹ 9,000.00 – ₹ 10,000.00

Option 7: Light Weight Stroller

This is a light weight stroller that ensures that the baby rests in the best posture. This stroller is ideal for children from 0 to 3 years of age. It has a fabric lining that is padded so as to offer comfort to the baby. This fabric lining can be removed and washed. You can get this product on Amazon.

best baby strollers in India

Baby stroller price range (last checked): ₹ 9,000.00 – ₹ 10,000.00

Option 8: BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller

This is a light weight baby pram and is available in India which can be used for mothers who commute some distance for work and wish to take babies along. This one comes with a baby bag and a mosquito net which you need for your baby’s safety. This baby stroller has a canopy that has ventilation and footrest which is adjustable. It comes with a 3 seat reclining feature which gives complete comfortable to your baby.

Baby stroller price range (last checked): ₹ 3,000.00 – ₹ 4,000.00

Option 9: R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Portable stroller for Kids

This baby trolley is available in India. It is made from Aluminum frame which makes it stronger as well as lighter for use. It has a unique portable design which makes it possible to be carried easily through any mode of transport. It is made of high -quality cotton material which makes it safe for the baby usage too.

A key unique feature for this baby trolley is that it is “EN 1888 Certified”. In India, no one talks about certification for your baby’s safety but this particular baby pram is the only one to be recognised by this certification which is most stringent certification defined by European standards. The certification itself is defined for Safety of Toddler and Babies.

Baby stroller price range (last checked): ₹ 5,000.00 – ₹ 6,000.00

We hope we have helped you reach your the product you were looking for. Selecting the right products for your child is always difficult and therefore we at messymothers are always looking for best maternity and baby products so that our readers can save their time and just focus on having a leisure time with their little ones.

Happy Parenting People 🙂

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