All You Need To Know About Mundan Ceremony In India

India is full of cultural diversity and celebrations. Every occasion is celebrated in a different way in different parts of the country. For example, the first Mundan ceremony of the baby, it has a vivid variety of customs and procedures in different states. All of them are quite interesting and unique. Let’s take a peek into the Mundan ceremony ideas and also get to know when is Mundan ceremony done?

When Is Mundan Ceremony Done?

Mundan Ceremony is the act of shaving the hair on the head of the baby, in some customs its done as soon as twelve days after birth while in others it’s done anywhere from eight month to three years of their age. Here are few reasons behind the Mundan Ceremony idea.

Why Is Mundan Ceremony Celebrated?

The religious background to the Mundan ceremony idea:

The religious background to the Mundan ceremony procedure is based on the theory of re birth.
After some extensive research it has been found in some religious texts and scriptures that a soul gets a human body after experiencing 84 lakh lives in different forms so it is said every birth or life has its influence on human birth. The ceremony in which the shaving off hair from a child’s head is done is considered a gesture of purification from the previous yonis and freedom from the past.

The scientific background behind the Mundan ceremony celebration:

All customs that are practised in our country have a scientific reason and science background to it. So according to many research texts and data it has been found that Vitamin D is made faster and in more quantity in an infants body when exposed to sunlight without clothes and hair. When the head which is free of hair is exposed to sunlight it absorbs the sunlight in good quantity and better manner.

The following are believed to be reasons for mundan ceremony celebration too:

The hairline is a very important feature of the face, it is believed that the growth of hair on a baby’s head is not very even. So it is suggested that during mundan ceremony the shaving off the hair from the baby’s head helps in growth of hair which are even stronger than before and are proper and lustrous.

It is also believed that the mundan ceremony is performed to give the children immunity and safety from diseases, give them strength, health and keep them prosperous. It dates back to such olden times and so there are evidence in some ancient scriptures that says that it helps in stimulating proper growth of the central nervous system along with the peripheral nervous system. Also in many cultures people have come to believe that Mundan ceremony helps get rid of past life’s negativity and brings a long life along with a good fortune.

Along with these benefits,  It helps to keep the baby’s head cool during the hot summer, that is why many people prefer Mundan done during summer time.

Mundan ceremony

Which Mundan Ceremony Ideas Can Be Used?

Mundan ceremony ideas and Mundan ceremony tips:

While social gathering and events are a big no no at this point of time but we all wish to celebrate the ceremonies for our babies. Here are few lockdown Mundan ceremony ideas :

Top Mundan Ceremony Ideas:

Themed ceremony: Themes are a go to choice for many parents when it comes to.celebrating their children. If the kid is of above three years of age or three years they will definitely understand themes it would be a good way to keep them distracted to. Decorations on the basis of cartoon characters and costumes can be worn.

Traditional way: You can follow your own traditional attire or if want to mix and match you can follow completely different version of the ceremony, south Indian, maharashtrian, Gujrati or any culture that you favour.

Theme for charity: During Mundan ceremony some cultures follow a custom of weighing the baby on a scale with clothes or food or grains. This is then donated to charity for good health of the baby

The short and sweet version of the ceremony:

The main components to consider are the location and considering the present scenario our house is the beat option for us. You just need a priest who is available to bless the occasion it can be done even on the video call. Next comes the professional barber who would be able to do a fine job. Avoid gathering more people for the Mundan ceremony celebration, just the people at home are best. Other well wishers can bless the baby on the call. It all lies the feeling that we have that the occasion should be lush with people and they must bless our child for his or her prosperous being, but remember its not worth risking the little ones life for it. And no matter where ever they are the blessings of our dear ones is always there. In some customs the initial whisks of hair is shaved by the father and then its continued by the barber. So in a homey background conduct the ceremony. This is best way to perform the safe and elegant ceremony.

These are Mundan ceremony tips

Many parents fear whether their babies would be fine during and after the ceremony. Just remember that your baby will be just fine during the mundan ceremony, given the fact that there are experienced people around you. If not do not panic, just be ready with measures to soothe your baby, snacks, drinks etc. However, chances are that you might need to bear these in mind before and after the ceremony:

Always remember to keep your baby rested properly and enough feed to last for at least a couple of hours before the ceremony. It may become way difficult for you to handle a cranky and crying  baby.

Do not forget to check the barber’s equipment and make sure he comes with a sterilised set of razors. 

Always make sure you wash your baby’s head properly before the ceremony. After the mundan ceremony is over , you must wash his head and apply antiseptic lotion to ensure that any bruises and cuts are not left sanitized and without treatment . Also with these precautions chances are your baby’s mundan will go just fine. It is considered as a very crucial step in the child’s life and it would remain as one of those moments that you will cherish forever and become a sweet memory of your baby

Happy parenting folks!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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