List Of Best Shower Cap For Baby Under Rs. 400 Available In India

Nap time and bath time are the two things that all the babies and toddlers enjoy. If nap time is combined with some music or lullaby they love it more. Similarly, if bath time is combined with water play time with a tub and water sprinkling like a fountain it’s the most blissful and enjoyable time for them. But as parents we worry about water getting on their face which will make them cranky or while sitting in the tub if the water comes on their face they lose their balance while trying to rub the water of the face. All these hazards can be avoided by using a simple baby shower cap, it will not allow the water to come to their face while they have their merry time in the tub with their squeaky toys. Today, I am compiling a list of such wonderful shower caps for baby that you can opt for under Rs. 400.

Ear Protection Shower Caps

Baby shower cap fits perfectly on baby’s head and makes an airtight seal around head so that water does not flow on the face. The shower cap for baby protects eyes as well as ears from shampoo and water. It also lets  baby breathe normally while water flows down their heads. Moreover, the cap has side flaps which prevent water getting into their ears. The cap can be adjusted with closure buttons that are provided on the back. This shower cap for baby is made of soft material, which is absolutely skin friendly and thus this cap is perfectly safe for your baby’s skin. This baby shower cap is very multi functional, one may use it during showers, normal daily bathing, as a sun protector or during outing. Price of these hats are above

Skin friendly shampoo hat

Bath time is very much fun until water starts flowing on the face and ears. Mothers have to be extremely careful with each drop of water, it becomes difficult if it enters the baby’s ears or if accidentally the baby breaths in a drop of water. This breathing in of water will start a spout of continuous coughing and would make it difficult for the mother to calm the baby down. This,  nightmare can be avoided with the use of this shower shield or baby shower cap. This shampoo hat comes with a design that perfectly fits your baby’s head and prevents water from dripping through the sides into the ear also from the front to the face. It makes bath time fun for the baby as well as the parent. Skin friendly and pocket friendly this shower cap for baby is a boon.

Adjustable Shower Cap For Baby

Comes with baby shower cap and rinser in a package deal which is very pocket friendly for the consumer, the collection of shower caps are quite unique in design which would definitely attract your baby. It comes with different animal characters with googly eyes and funky ears which makes the child to want this shower cap and take a pleasant bath. It has ear flaps that prevents water from entering the ear. The baby would be discomforted at all with the umbrella like shield in front which will prevent the water from flowing on the face. This shower cap for baby is absolutely skin friendly and make of soft material which will not cause any irritation to the baby’s skin.

Cartoon print shower cap

This is a very simple shower cap, with beautiful cartoon prints and bright radiant colours. This shower cap can be used for elder kids who don’t like water on their head. Its like a regular shower cap that we use, it prevents water getting on the hair and head. It doesn’t provide protection to the eyes and ears though. It’s a very sturdy material, can be used over a longer duration of time, user friendly and easy to use.

Reusable shower cap- baby & adults

Shampooing your baby’s hair can be task sometimes, no mater how careful one is sometimes the foam reaches the eyes and causes discomfort to the baby. The baby who was just enjoying shower will now become cranky and constantly start rubbing its face and leave the parent in dilemma. This shower cap for baby is very handy and cute with its adorable design. It can be adjusted to fit the baby’s head, around the neck while feeding the baby, same can be used as a shield when you are trimming your baby’s hair and so on and so forth. Key features include soft yet sturdy material, easily available online, easy to put on and remove. Comes in packages of two or more so is very pocket friendly too.

What to keep in mind while bathing your baby?

  • The  baby’s skin is far more sensitive than yours so be very careful while choosing the temperature of water for your baby’s bath
  • Use skin friendly shampoo or soap, to prevent tears and discomfort
  • Its beneficial to co shower with your baby, read on to know the benefits
  • Always keep an eye on your toddler even if they can sit in the tub by themselves, its in the water that they learn several mischievous stuff that you would know of, you might turn around for a sec and they will immerse their head in the water trying to sip it.

Is co-showering with baby a good idea?

  • The bond that is created between the mother and the baby during co shower is amazing.
  • The let down reflex happens and it enhances the breast milk flow in the mother, nursing during showers can help the mother who is new to breastfeeding, they would have a faster latch
  • The akin to skin contact will help baby feel safe and enjoy bath time
  • This is very good way to sooth a cranky baby.
  • This mind be little weird and awkward to some, but ones you get used to it there is no pleasant feeling than this.
  • Holding your baby in your arms or your shoulder while showering will help both of you too calm down way faster than any other methods

Folks, the above list of shower caps and tips while showering your little one would definitely come in handy for your loved ones.

Happy parenting folks!!!