16 Simple Tips For Normal Delivery In 9th Month

After the journey of nine months comes the time to meet our little munchkin face to face. Going into labor one might have all kinds of thoughts and anxiety as to how would the process go and how would we come out the whole thing successful. Normal delivery is the miracle of nature. Every living being goes through it. Unless an emergency or as suggested but the doctor one must opt for having the baby delivered through the normal process as the recovery process post the delivery too is then natural and faster. In this article, we will tell you the most important tips for normal delivery to prepare better.

In depth we will dig a little deeper on:

  1. What are the stages of normal delivery?
  2. What are best tips for normal delivery?

What are the stages of normal delivery?

The whole process of labor take place in four stages and one must be well aware and prepared for the same:

Stage 1 – Effacement and dilation

This is the stage when you might experience mild levels of contraction that begin after you lose your water bag. Water bag is the amniotic sac that baby had grown in for these nine months. This is the first step that shows that you are entering into labor. Slowly the cervix starts the process of dilation. During this this stage it would be best to get ready with your delivery plan. If you have decided to give birth in the hospital just grab your bag and rush towards the hospital. If it’s going to be a natural birth or water birth with the help of midwife it’s time to contact them.

normal delviery

Stage 2 – Maximum contraction

In this stage you would see the maximum level of contraction of the uterus and the cervix would be dilated to its maximum level. You would start having the urge to push and start delivering your baby.

Women in labour

Stage 3 – Delivery stage

This stage is the delivery of your baby. The pregnancy sac and the mucus plugs attached to it gets pushed out and this marks the end of contraction and the process of labor.

Normal delivery baby
A newborn baby

Stage 4 – Recovery stage

This is the last stage as we call it the stage of recovery where the mother contracted muscles are left to heal and come back to normal.

15 most important tips have normal delivery

#1. Be sure of your health condition

The first step to have a normal delivery is to know your body well. Do attend all the sonography sessions on time as prescribed by the doctor. Thus will help you the progress of your baby and development. It would help you to chart out the birth plan. Discuss with you doctor about your health and whether you could have a normal delivery. Women who face pregnancy issues such as Diabetes due to pregnancy, blood pressure due to pregnancy, position of the placenta, history of abortion of miscarriage all these factors would determine your type of delivery.

#2. Prepare a birth plan

Once you know your progress with the pregnancy start charting out a birth plan. Choose a doctor wisely who is focused on natural birthing techniques. Choose the hospital which could be reached within a few minutes time.

#3. Attend pre natal classes

With all the work load and house hold chores woman generally find themselves trapped in all the work. But the woman must take time out and attend the birthing classes to know about the process and try to share the experiences with the other fellow pregnant ladies. It makes a lot of difference on your delivery period too.

#4. Schedule yourself for some basic exercises

As long as the body is flexible and healthy it can definitely lead to a healthy normal delivery. Exercise releases endorphins in the body which gives you a feeling of calmness and energy. This would lead to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

#5. Walking is the key

Walking keeps all the illness away. It’s the key to keep all the illness like blood pressure. It keeps the thigh muscles strong and active which makes the process of delivery easier. During walking we also practice Kegels exercise which makes the pelvic floor muscles stronger.

#6. Keep away from stress

Stress is the major reason why one would end up at the emergency room. It might work stress or anything at home paint a way out of it. Calmly try to solve the issue and try not to stress yourself.

#7. Always keep yourself hydrated

Maintaining the body water levels is very important. It indirectly maintains the levels of fluids in the amniotic sac too. The amniotic sac is the house of the baby for nine months its good health will determine the growth of the baby. So if the water level is maintained it will ensure timely development of the baby.

#8. Eat healthy

Consume healthy food. Fruit and veggies are a good options to opt for. Make a chart for the weak and consume vegetable and fruits in different varieties. But please be informed about which fruits to avoid before you make the chart. Non veg should be had only after properly cooking the meat.

#9. Educate yourself

Read all the pregnancy related books and keep yourself aware about the process of pregnancy and labor. Try to understand the whole process. It helps to keep your mind aware about everything and avoids panics and anxiety at the time of delivery.

#10. Do not miss your medication

The tablets prescribed by the doctors like iron, b complex, calcium are essential for the development of the baby. The growing fetus requires all the calcium and essential nutrients for the growth.

#11. Eat spicy food

When it’s time to deliver and you are waiting for the delivery date but hasn’t started with the process yet start having some spicy food which will hasten the process of labor

#12. Keep healthy sexual relations with your partner

In the last stage as well, keep sexual relations with your partner this will ensure a smooth and natural normal delivery. Discuss the frequency with your doctor.

#13. Do not focus on negative thoughts

Negativity will cause unwanted stress and anxiety. Can lead to unnecessary decision which could lead to.

#15. Be aware of the signs the body gives

Note the signs of labor and when your body is in the process know the signs.

#16. Talk about team work

Talk to your partner about the process. Discuss your birth plan with him after all both of you are in this together.

Folks I hope you had a good ride through the path of pregnancy, now it’s time to welcome your bundle of joy. So buckle up and get ready to start your new journey. All the best for your delivery and may yoi be blessed with all the good health and peace.

Please note: This article is entirely based on the writer’s personal experience and her deep knowledge about the delivery process.