Gift A GPS Smart Watch To Your Child This Year – Ease Your Worries Of Wondering Where They Are!

In this era of smart everything like smart tv, smart phones, smart home, a smart watch is yet another feather on the cap of humans. What if we could know the whereabouts of our kids at all times.? Wouldn’t it make our lives easier and happier? Instead of giving them a mobile and putting on an app that would track them what if we can just give them a GPS smart watch to keep them on our track. Now questions arise like what exactly is a smart watch for kids? What is it different from a normal watch for kids? Is it just another kids watch? How exactly does GPS watch for kids work? Is it really worth the money that we spend?

The latest smart gadget of the year has to be the kid’s smart watch. Some might say that more smart watch for kids is a bad thing. Well, that’s down to our own personal choice. The benefits of smart watch for kids cross over into benefits for parents too, and that’s why when you are thinking of what to buy your son or daughter for a birthday gift, a kid’s smartwatch should be top of the list.

We love smart technology and want to share how great it is with everyone. We want you, the reader, to know all about the tech available so that you can make informed choices when it comes to buying a very useful product for your child.

Features Of GPS Smart Watch For Kids

Two-way calls:
In these newest Smart Watch for kids, up to 10 contacts are supported and call block can be set from the APP, kids will no longer receive any calls from unknown numbers (Numbers that are not part of phone book).

SOS Emergency Call:
The GPS Watch for kids, you can set 3 SOS numbers in app. Then press SOS key on the side of the watch for 3 seconds, the watch will call the numbers in SOS list. If the first SOS number isn’t answered, the watch will call the second and the third SOS number automatically. Pressing of SOS key will cycled call the three SOS numbers one by one twice until the call is answered.

Let’s see how a GPS smart watch works

LBS (Base station positioning), three modes positioning achieves all day real-time location tracing and check the position at anytime anywhere. Parents can trace the location of kids by app provided by the particular smart watch company on smartphones..
Option to View Historical Route, giving us a clear memory of where and when that the kid has been. Choose the probable time period and find the places he or she had been.

Voice Chat on App:
Missing your loved one when your at work now u can not only make a phone call, you can also send text or voice messages to your child. It works like a typical SMS chatting tool, easy to use.

GPS watch for kids
Having trouble waking your kids for school? Let the smart watch do the job for you.The watch can wake up kids every morning by setting the time in app. If your kid was lazy in bed, set 3 clock alarms one after another by every 5 minutes, your kid would get up finally.

Best GPS Watch For Kids

Lets have a look at the best GPS watch for kids in the market today:

Option 1: Kids Smartwatch with GPS Locator – Advance

This is one of the most cute looking watch which is one of the most bought ones in India. It comes with a lot of features that you need as parents to ensure your kids safety.


  • It comes with 2 way communication system embedded.
  • It has a camera which can get parents the view of their kids surroundings.
  • It has real time tracking system.
  • Geo fencing – Parents can set up specific areas for their kids and they’ll get notification if the kid leaves the surrounding area.
  • Panic button: Panic button or SOS button enable emergency calling system for your child.
  • It comes in 8 different colour options to choose from.

Brand: Turet

Customer Rating: 4 out of 5

Option 2: Smart Watch for Kids – Basic

This watch for kids is packed with all the features that are a must have in a GPS watch for kids. Also this kids watch is very user friendly and also pocket friendly for the parents to opt for them.


  • GPS Tracker
  • Smart Phone Control (Android, iOS)
  • Micro Sim Card Support
  • Two Way Calling,
  • SOS Call
  • GPS Position – Camouflage

Brand: SeTracker

Customer Rating: 3.6 out of 5

Option 3: Kids GPS Tracker – Normal

Yet another amazing smartwatch for kids that comes GPS tracker. It is one of the most sophisticated and most positively reviewed product on Amazon.in. Ranks at the top of smart watch for kids. Very stylish and sleek design with a touch screen as one among the other cool features of the watch.


  1. SOS emergency calling system.
  2. Two way communication.
  3. Real time tracking system with is very useful for parents trying to ensure safety of their kids.
  4. Geo fencing control – To define an area for your child and get an alarm if they cross it.

Brand: TrailO ™

Customer Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Option 4: Smart GPS Watch – Advance V2

India’s Smartest Wearable GPS Tracker Watch & Activity Tracker with 2 Way Calling, Voice Messages. It comes in two colours black and pink. This kids watch has an additional mode that other GPS watch for kids don’t have which is a do not disturb in the class mode. This kids watch is a very trendy and stylish looking smart watch for kids which is second most voted product in amazon.in.


  • It has 2 way calling system embedded.
  • You can set at-least 10 phone numbers and only those numbers can call the watch.
  • It comes with SOS emergency calling.
  • Additional feature: Do not disturb in the class mode.

Brand: Global Trak

Customer Rating: 2.6 out of 5

Option 5: Kids smart watch – Basic V2

This watch for kids is quite beautiful and trendy comes in various pretty shades which can be used for kids of all ages. This kids watch has an added benefit of being light weight, user friendly and pocket friendly. It comes with all the features parents need:


  • Ideal for kids from the age 5 to 12 years.
  • It comes with GPS and LBS location tracker.
  • It has 2 way calling system embedded.
  • You can set at-least 10 phone numbers and only those numbers can call the watch.
  • It comes with Geo fencing system using which you can set up safety movement area.
  • This one also has voice message system along with intelligent power savings.
  • It comes with Remote Monitor and SOS emergency calling.

Brand: Trackme

Customer Rating: 2.5 out of 5


Technology can be a boon as well as a curse. It depends on how we put it to use. In this era of fast pacing cars and top speeded life we rarely keep track of the whereabouts of our loved ones. Especially children who love going out to play, they are at school, or they at their friends birthday party etc. We as parents are always panic stricken when our kids are out on their own. What’s the best way to give them the freedom they want plus have our peace of mind too? Give them these trendy looking smart watch for kids that they would love to wear and flaunt as well as it serves our purpose too. So what are you waiting for just browse through the option in amazon.in today and surprise your kids with these unique, stylish yet very much useful watches.

Happy parenting folks!!!