Phoebe’s Triplets From Friends Are Not Kids Any More, See How They Look Like Now!

Of course they are not babies any more!

Phoebe’s triplets in Friends were quite a talk of the town during the time Friends’ season aired. No wonder Friends was ahead of its time and the way it grabbed everyone’s attention is commendable. Phoebe’s triplets were from her brother and that added lots of emotional moments to the entire season. From when Phoebe decided to have the kids to the time when she had to give them to her brother, the entire period was full of emotions.

Supporting the surrogate mother concept during the early 20’s, Phoebe got all eyes on herself and the triplets. It was the 100th episode when she gave birth to them and you won’t realize the time that it’s been 20 years since Friends happen to us, haha.

Now, this is when the elder Chandler broke the reality of their birth to the kids, see:

And now wonder how the years pass by.

Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie Jr. and Chandler are no longer kids and all of them have turned into good looking grown ups. See how they look now:

Dante Pastula as Frank Jr. Jr.

Since the time he was seen on Friends as Frank Jr. Jr., Dante Pastula hasn’t been appeared on screen. No TV shows and no movies too. It was in 2004 only when he voiced a child in The Polar Express only to play the role of Moshe in Ablution that aired in 2007. He was playing the role next to his onscreen sister (i.e. Sierra Marcoux).

Frank Jr. Jr. or Dante Pastula

Sierra Marcoux as Baby Chandler 

Sierra Marcoux, the cute little girl who played baby Chandler too has not been seen later than Friends aired. She seems to have kept such low profile that most recent picture of her available online is of a kid, not above the age of ten. Back in 2006 she appeared to voice Sally Brown in He’s A Bully, Charlie Brown and later appeared in Ablution and The Poughkeepsie Tapes almost a year later.

Chandler or sierra marcoux

Allisyn Ashley Arm as Leslie Buffay

Allisyn Ashley Arm is the second actor from Friends who continued the acting path. First being Jennifer Aniston who played Rachel. In 2009, Allisyn got her main role on Sonny With a Chance, original series by Disney Channel. Later she appeared on one of the episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and I Didn’t Do It. Between 2014 & 2015, she also got recurring role in AwesomenessTV.

Allisyn Ashley Arm as Leslie Buffay

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Friends merchandise

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