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What To Eat After Abortion For Fast Recovery? Look At This Indian Diet After Abortion!

Calcium rich food

Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey. From the moment that one now’s for herself she is pregnant to the moment the little one arrives its all a miracle. But sometimes these moments don’t begin well or end well. It’s all in the natural cycle. No matter how ever we strive or do all the things right may be the nature has some other plans. It might be much painful but sometimes abortions do happen and we have nothing much of a say in such situations. Or in some circumstances one is forced to take a decision of abortion because it is sometimes the only option one possesses. What ever the reason might be abortions are very tiring and nerve recking. Not only to the body, but the mind the spirit everything is shattered. It becomes very much important to come out of this situation only then will there be complete healing. So today, we are going to have an insight about this grave but crucial topic, abortion. What to eat after abortion? Do’s and don’t after abortion?

What are the major factors that lead to miscarriage or abortion?

  • Miscarriages are often associated with certain health issues of the mother. If she is suffering from disorders like hypo or hyperthyroidism, diabetes there are chances of miscarriage.
  • Hormonal imbalances can also be the reason for abortions. Hormonal changes can cause miscarriage if the uterine lining is not formed properly for implantation and proper development of the fetus. The prolactin light interfere with the development of the uterine line.
  • Conditions like uterine fibroids can also be a major reason for abortions.
  • Above all life style choices are leading cause of abortion. Lot of junk food consumption, alcohol, cigarette smoking can be the major culprits among them.
factors leading to miscarriage

What helps you heal faster after an abortion?

  • There basically few points that we need to remember about post abortion recovery, it’s very much different for every woman. As everyone is unique in their own way. So post abortion of you are waiting for your periods and wondering why it hasn’t returned yet, please relax and Don not worry. It might take time but as soon as the body recovers the damages of abortion it will return back. It takes about a few days to 6 weeks in some conditions for the bleeding to stop. So clear your mind stay calm and let your body do its job because stress can also prolong the process.
  • Secondly, check the cause for the previous abortion. If it is something related to your uterus or thyroid get it checked again. Consult your gynaecologist before you try to conceive again.
  • Proper rest, of body and mind both is the key to faster recovery. Along with it consumption of essential nutrients and healthy diet will help you recover even at a greater pace. 

Do and don’ts after abortion?

  • As discussed earlier, everyone woman and her body is unique. So the time taken by them to heal is also different. Before you try to conceive again do consult with your doctor first about your recovery.
  • Do not use tampons for the post abortion bleeding as it might cause further discomfort.
  • It would be advisable to avoid strenuous exercises for a few weeks. It might causes further increase in bleeding. One might continue with mild breathing exercises and meditation to calm oneself.
  • It is very common to get a fever after the procedure but one must keep a very vigilant eye. As fever can be because of some kind of infections too. So do not miss the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
  • One can use mild to gentle massage for abdomen and back to relieve the pain and the cramps. A hot water bag or heating pad will also work just fine to relieve pain.
  • Do not hurry to go back to work as rest during this period will determine a healthy pregnancy the next time.

What to eat after abortion for fast recovery?

  • Calcium – Pregnancy takes a toll of the calcium levels in the woman’s body. So it is important that one must include calcium rich food in the diet as now the pregnancy might be over but the fluctuated calcium levels still persists. Include plenty of fruits and salads in your diet which contain banana, oranges, pineapple, leafy veggies. Citrus rich food are also very important.
  • Iron and folate rich food – Post abortion blood loss many women tend to feel anaemic and weak. It is essential to include iron and folic acid rich food in order to maintain the haemoglobin levels and reduce the anaemic symptoms. Include fishes like salmon, sardines in your diet. Broccoli, parsley, mint, spinach are high in iron properties.
  • Magnesium – It has been reported that many women post abortion have a phase of depression due to the recent loss of the pregnancy. In such cases it has been found that magnesium could be the reason behind it. Reduced magnesium levels are seen in these women who suffer from depression. Again green leafy veggies are the key also include lentils, pulses, whole wheat, brown rice in the list.
Calcium rich food
Image courtesy: https://www.julienutrition.com/

Indian diet after abortion?

Indian diet post pregnancy or post abortion is focused on strengthening the bones and improving the overall health of the woman. First up in the list is the age old that many grannies prefer:

  • Whole urad dal or black gram kanji – Very important for the bone strengthening. It makes retention of calcium easier and helps recovery. Can be made sweet or salted as per the palate. Check price of whole urad dal
  • Chana or chole, Bengal gram – Rich in protein and iron, this favourite Indian dish can also be tasty and healthy at the same time. Check price of Bengal gram | Check price of chana
  • Milk with dry fruits powder and turmeric – Turmeric is the age old miracle worker in all our Indian houses from small bruises to huge internal injuries, turmeric can take care of all. Plus the dry fruits powder or nut powder which can include almonds, cashews, pista, hazel but etc are good for calcium, iron and folic acid.

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How many days it will take to recover after abortion?

It takes anywhere around a couple of days to almost 6 weeks for the complete recovery from an abortion.


The body might heal faster but the mental trauma that a woman goes through all this procedure might take longer to heal. So if anyone of your near and dear are going through it be there for them. Because you never know what anyone is going through until you lend them a listening ear. Natural or unnatural whatever the cause of abortion might be keep a positive heart and everything will fall into the right spaces.

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan
Dr. Krutika Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric Neuro therapist.I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl. She is the most precious thing to have happened to me. Motherhood in the eyes of a medical professional is completely different. Very often I find myself in a dilemma when she is sick I become frozen and panicked. As a first time mother it is sometimes overwhelming and full of surprises. Yes being in medical professional helps me tackle a few things here and there but what I have learnt through the journey so far is it’s okay to not know or being not able to decide for yourself. It’s okay if you seek somebody’s help. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or don’t have enough knowledge it just means you are new at this and trying to do your best. It takes great courage to accept your short comings and learn about it in the process. As a mother and as a medical professional I have just one advice and tip to all the parents out there do not ever try and compare your little one to other children. Every child is unique and is a blessing enjoy their childhood and let them be.