10 Back To School Supplies For Their Safety In School As They Return Back During Covid!

Is your school too ready to welcome back to school? Right after a lot of schools announced that they will be reopening schools in the coming sessions, a huge buzz is going on with popular hashtags like #backtoschool, #happytobebacktoschool and alike. These are significantly announcing the roar about how parents and kids need to get ready to finally join school after this whole 2020 pandemic thing. Some kids and parents are excited while some are totally against this decision taken by many state govt. in India.

Understanding that it’s been a while your kids went to school, some mom bloggers at Messy Mothers decided to help other parents and their kids get back on track. “This routine break must have taken a toll on them all so lets help them reach where they were”, says our mom blogger Manjula. And using each other’s inputs, we have prepared this list of Back To School Supplies that parents must be ready with:

Back To School Supplies To Survive Post Covid

#1. New School Bag to make them get excited to go back to school

Just like the world, your child too has suffered enough so it’s time for you to give them a brand new school bag that they’ll love to carry when they are back to school. You may pick from various options available online. If your child is some famous cartoon character fan then get them their favourite one.

#2. Favourite pen/ pencil box because they can’t go back without them

If they have an existing one, don’t forget to send it. If you can get a brand new one, nothing like it. Even these are available in different designs and colour so you can pick the one your child loves.

#3. Water bottle & lunch box

Aluminium or steel that can be cleaned easily in case their friends touch them

This corona pandemic is not over yet and both water bottle and lunch box are the two most important things that your kids are going to go near your child’s nose. I’ll recommend you to use steel or aluminium water bottle and lunch box only because cleaning them would be simpler in comparison to plastic. You may what you like. Still I’ve shared some options here too.

#4. Handy hand sanitiser – Alcohol free safe to use for kids

While this is not needed in case of younger kids but kids above the age of 10 – 12 would understand the importance of this. Yet it scares me while I write this, these sanitisers are not so good for them otherwise because of their alcohol contents. So, be very careful with your guidance while giving this. However, I found this very exclusive alcohol free hand sanitiser for kids that help you:

#5. Soap or little soap dispenser so keep washing their hands again and again

Good quality soap is definitely a better option over a sanitiser. Anyways kids are taught to wash their hands again and again, so this might be a safe option for them, which is easy to use as well. Despite its teacher’s responsibility, it’s your duty too. Explain them why they need to keep washing their hands again and again.

#6. Hand towels, so they can keep cleaning their hands

A must have during this situation as these are most importantly required by kids right now. Not having one might lead them to borrow these from their friends. Keeping clean hand towels will reduce chances of disease transmission.

#7. Wet tissues, if they wish to quickly clean themselves

Although not the best but a very good alternative to hand towels. Wet tissues would save your child from getting connected to any infections in school. All you have to do is that you must guide them how and when to use them properly.

#8. Cute Fur notebook, a good reason to get excited for school

This one is an exclusive option for girls, however not so essential one but good enough reason to get excited for school again. These fun little notebooks are the cutest things possible for child. I bet you’r kids would love to carry these to school.

#9. Latest Stationary kit

This is obviously another most needed items for your kids while they are back to school. Pick any of these below mentioned ones or give the once they already have.

#10. Gift For Their Best Friend:

Last but not the least, a post pandemic back to school gift for their friend is a must. These will double their excitement to return back to their school. As soon as they’ll learn that their friends are there to welcome back to school, I bet they’ll be happy to reconnect. And while doing so a small gesture of giving a gift to their best friend would double their happiness. Here are some options I’ve picked up for you:

Is it too soon for your kid to go back to school after pandemic?

The decision of sending their kids to school should be at parents discretion and must not be forced. It totally depends on the choice for parents as many might have got comfortable in this case with all the vaccination news around but there would be thousands of other parents who still are scared about sending their kids to school.  

Things to keep in mind while sending your kids back to school:

  1. Be extra careful about everything.
  2. Train your kids on all possible areas of how they can save themselves from Covid.
  3. Give them all possible Back To School Supplies that can keep them safe.

We hope our research of Back To School Supplies will help you parents pick the most necessary items your kids could need during their return to school.

One more interesting item that I found are welcome back to school posters. These are the cutest options available online. Consider giving one of these to your kids if you want.