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Best Peanut Butter In India

Best peanut butter in India

Kids love it when we mix and match the flavours of their snacks and add them with something healthy. What I am getting to is, hand over a normal chapati or a bread toast to a toddler or a small kid, they wouldn’t even look at it. Versus if you have a peanut butter spread over the bread or the chapati, oh my! They would just love it so much and might even wait for the next chapati time. But the thing with peanut butter is that it is new in the Indian market, many of us wonder what it tastes like but haven’t tried it yet. So today we are going to debunk a few question lying around peanut butter, try to make a list of best peanut butter in India, also solves some queries that a few parents might have about it. So let’s get to work.

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Best Peanut Butter In India

Here’s the list of best peanut butter in India that are easily available online and in many offline stores too. Check it out:

1. Pintola high protein peanut butter

This product marketed under the name of pintola high protein peanut butter comes with two variants of crunchy and smooth. Its an excellent product for gym goers,joggers and fitness enthusiastic. Also suitable for kids as it serves their dietary need of protein while being hundred percent natural. The unique combination of flavours with natural jaggery makes this product one of the beat peanut butter in India.


  • Hundred percent organic protein making it completely vegetarian
  • Sweetness with organic jaggery, no added salts or sugars or any kind preservatives
  • Can be used as an adjunct to make excellent peanut butter sandwiches and banana peanut butter smoothies.


  • Completely organic product so doesn’t harm any animal while the manufacture of the product.
  • Its completely gluten free and GMO free makes it an excellent choice for all.
  • Loved by all the age groups.
  • Whey proteins imported from New Zealand
  • USA FDA approved product.
  • Comes with two choices
  • One of the high rated and loved product on Amazon.in with loads of positive reviews.
  • The customers love the sweet taste of the peanut butter ands it all naturally sweetened with the use of organic jaggery


  • Price range of this one is little bit on higher side.  

Checkout the cool packing and the amazing features of the product:

Best Peanut Butter In India

2. Alpino all natural peanut butter

The product is an all natural product made from plant based protein. It’s made to satisfy the protein needs of both adults and children. The flavour and taste of the product is loved by its customer and is recommended by many of them. It’s a completely vegetarian product. The features of the product makes it one of the best peanut butter of India.


  • Made of 30℅ protein and satisfy the needs of protein as well as dietary fibre needs
  • Its completely vegan product with no added salts or sugar or artificial flavour.
  • Its completely GMO free and comes with no added sweeteners
  • Comes in a trendy jar pack which is easily delivered to you by amazon.


  • Its gluten free product with all plant bases protein additives
  • Doesn’t contain any hydrogenated oils or MSGs
  • Made of hundred percent roasted peanuts.
  • Taste and flavour lock pack straight to your door steps gives you a unique flavour experience
  • No trans fats or cholesterol.
  • Comes with added nutrients like vitamins and minerals


  • Consistency of the product is a concern for many customers. Might be a little bit on the thinner side than other products in the market.

Do checkout the product and acquaint yourself with so many good reviews about it:

Best Peanut Butter In India

3. Myfitness chocolate peanut butter smooth

Product description – the company brings to the Indian market an excellent export quality american style product with a twist of desi flavour to it.  Its an all natural organic hundred percent vegetarian product. A choice of many celebrities like Kriti Sanon, Hardik Pandya. Cool packaging and amazing flavour makes it a must have product for your kitchen. The flavor of the product makes it one of the best peanut butter in India.


  • Made with hundred percent roasted peanuts and Belgium dark chocolate which makes it an amazing choice of snack.
  • If you are craving for a bite of chocolate and are also conscious about your calorie intake this is a healthy choice that you can turn to.
  • Natural flavour like brown sugar, Himalayan pink salt, Belgium chocolate and peanuts makes an awesome combo of flavours and will leave your taste buds with a treat.


  • Product is an all natural one with added flavours which too are all naturak
  • High protein value
  • Rich in carbs and minerals
  • Is also suited for diabetic patients
  • Good for weight management in people who are aiming at losing weigjy
  • Zero cholesterol and trans fats value.
  • In short its healthy without any compromise on the taste


  • The flavor of the product is bit sweet and bit salty. Some people might like the taste of the product while others might not. People who love the flavour of peanuts and chocolates together its a must have for them.

Checkout the product using the link below and place the order using the same:

Best Peanut Butter In India

4. Muscleblaze high protein peanut butter

It comes from a renowned brand in the fitness industry. This product is all natural peanut butter with extra crunchy flavour to suit the buyers. With no added sugar and salts and all natural flavour makes it a healthy buy for all the fitness enthusiasts. So a best peanut butter in India from one of the best brands in India.


  • Comprises of 80% natural protein and 20% whey protein
  • The whole product comprises of 37 % protein
  • No added salts and sugar with no added preservatives
  • Good quality and highly recommended by many fitness freaks


  • No added hydrogenated oils.
  • No added trans fats and no.cholesterol.
  • No added sugar or salts
  • Made extra crunchy with extra roasted peanuts.
  • Very much recommended by many users.


  • A little bit on the pricey range of products.

Checkout the product using the link below:

Best Peanut Butter In India


  • Are peanut butter completely vegetarian product?

Some peanut butters are definitely plant based and hundred percent natural product. You can have a look of their features given at the back of the jar.

  • Are peanut butters suitable for children?

Children at their growing ages have a higher need for protein. And peanut butter is a healthy choice to fulfill their dietary protein need. They come with amazing flavour and taste too, so children will love to have them.

  • Are peanut butter very pricey?

Its all about being value for money. When you get amazing taste and good health at the same time with just a little bit of extra money why not opt for it. It’s a much healthier choice than any other muchy snack that one would crave for.


So folks I hope you might have had a peanut butter snack in your head while reading this piece of literature. Now go and grab an actual snack and order the amazing and cool peanut butter range from Amazon.in. This feels so tempting that even I am going to order one for myself. Being a diet conscious person myself, I am going to order the healthier option for myself. While my daughter is a core peanut lover and she ofcouse will pick the other option. Looks like there are going to be two peanut butter bottles at my place. Now go grab one or two for your home now. Do let us know which one you picked and how amazing these products turned out to be.

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