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Best Pregnancy Pillow in India 2022 | All Types & Shapes

Pregnancy Pillow India

If you have landed here, we assume you are either looking for a Pregnancy pillow in India 2022 or are willing to know more about it. Understanding both these needs, we have come up with this detailed article below that will talk about the advantages of pregnancy pillows, various shapes of pregnancy pillows that are available.

Also the best options available in each of its shapes so you can take an informed decision as per your body’s need.  The provider’s job is to provide options, it’s your call to understand your body first and then pick the best pregnancy pillow in India so you can have all the comfort you need.

How does a Pregnancy Pillow work on your body?

Pregnancy pillows are developed to provide additional support to the affected areas in the pregnant mommy’s body. Growing a baby inside your belly leads to discomfort in areas like the back, legs, and pelvis muscles. This leads to severe pains, which in turn leads to restlessness and sleepless nights.

Best pregnancy pillow India is designed to help you get rid of these pains and any kind of stiffness occurring anywhere in your body. 

Advantages of pregnancy pillow

Body parts that are most affected during pregnancy are your lower back, the area below your belly, and the area between your legs. Getting additional support from a pregnancy pillow gives you the comfort you need.

  • Keeps your body parts aligned in a proper posture while you sleep
  • Helps you get aligned to your new sleeping posture
  • Stops you from rolling over to your belly accidently during sleep 
  • Provides better blood circulation
  • Keeps you safe from ligament issues, joint problems, spine issues, leg cramps, nasal congestions and heartburn like common pregnancy problems

Disadvantage of pregnancy pillow

  • It would be difficult for you to change position during night, as you’ll need to rearrange your bed set up in order to go in the other direction.
  • Non-portable: It’s almost as huge as a human being so you can’t just keep taking it along where you go. It’s a hassle to carry while traveling.

In order to help you pick the right product, we have categorized pregnancy pillow options on the basis of the different shapes available. This list contains all the best options in every category.

Types/Shapes of Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows come in 4 different shapes. These are again designed as per the issues areas in your body, therefore; you can pick the one as per the issues you are facing.

  • C Shaped Pregnancy pillow
  • U Shaped Pregnancy pillow
  • Wedge pregnancy pillow
  • Side sleeper pillow

1. C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow India

C-shaped pregnancy pillow keeps you aligned to one side. It gives required support to your spine as well as your belly. This is a good position to stay away from back pains, as you are able to posit it between your legs that keep them in position to your hips. It provides support to your neck that prevents chances of cervical pain.

Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow


C Shape Pregnany Pillow


Mothersyard Pregnancy Pillow

Coozly C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

INSEN C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Quilt Comfort C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Snoozy C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Option 1. Mothersyard C Shape Pregnancy pillow

Best pregnancy pillow India

Rated 5 out of 5, this is the best pregnancy pillow c shaped. It is available in 27 different colour options. Rest of all the features of a c shaped pregnancy pillow can be found in this one. It comes with a removable cover that is washable.

Option 2. Coozly C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Best c shaped pregnancy pillow

Another one rated 5 out of 5. This is another best c shaped pregnancy pillow India.

Option 3. INSEN C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Best c shape pregnancy pillow

This pregnancy pillow has been rated 4.6 out of 5 which makes it another best pregnancy pillow India available on various online portals.

Option 4. Quilt Comfort C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Best pregnancy pillow

As the name suggests this c shape pregnancy pillow provides quilt like soft comfort to your body. Rest of all the features come along.

Option 5. Snoozy C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

This c shaped pregnancy pillow is super soft and comfortable to use.

2. U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow in India

It positions your body in the middle giving support to both sides equally. All your body parts will be aligned with each other. It keeps your hip aligned to your legs and your neck aligned to your back leaving no chances of lower back or cervical pain.

Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow


C Shape Pregnany Pillow



Coozly U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

BATTOP U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Dream U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Mom's Moon U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Option 1: Coozly U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Best u shape pregnancy pillow

Coozly is becoming really known in providing best pregnancy pillow India. Its quality is super fine and the cotton fabric is absolutely comfortable. The shape of this U shape pregnancy pillow fits you perfectly well giving you a comfortable sleep all night long.

Option 2: Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

U shape pregnancy pillow

This U shape pregnancy pillow is made with velvet fabric that is super soft for skin. Some people think that velvet is used only during winter but if you are using it in AC room, it won’t disappoint you.

Option 3: BATTOP U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Best u shape pregnancy pillow

Another cotton made option is this U shape pregnancy pillow that gives complete comfort to your body.

Option 4: Dream U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

U shape pregnancy pillow

White cotton ultra soft U shape pregnancy pillow by Dreams brand is also a great option. But since it’s white coloured, it’ll require more washing than other colours.

Option 5: Mom’s Moon U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Best pregnancy pillow

Another perfect pregnancy pillow India is this one. Its again made with cotton and is supper comfortable just the way a U shape pregnancy pillow should be.

3. Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Wedge pregnancy pillow is designed to give all the due support the pregnant woman’s belly. That’s the area that gets heavier during pregnancy, which makes your back bend a little without you even noticing.

This bend is basically a pull in your spine and the leg. Positioning a wedge pregnancy pillow underneath reduces pressure in your back as well as legs aligning the two with each other. In addition a wedge pregnancy pillow prevents you from rolling over to your belly during sleep.

Best Wedge Pregnancy Pillow


Wedge Pregnancy Pillow


EKLO Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Baybee Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

The Hue Cottage  Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

METRON Wedge Pregnancy Pillow 

Option 1: Elko Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Best Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Toping the list of our suggested best wedge pregnancy pillow is this one by Elko. It’s made of velvet fabric which is super soft in touch and gives an extra cushion to your baby bump. It reduces all your body related discomfort during pregnancy by providing complete support.

Option 2: Baybee Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Wedge pregnancy pillow

Baybee has recently launched this wedge pregnancy pillow. This one has all the features mentioned above that must be there in a comfortable wedge pregnancy pillow.

Option 3: The Hue Cottage Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Along with being one of the best wedge pregnancy pillow India, this one is better than rest of the options. The fabric of this pillow is super comfortable and the cushion is highly supportive and great in use.

Option 4: METRON Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

This is a very new wedge pregnancy pillow in India. It’s not much used by people so customer rating is 0 for now. However the brand claims it to be the best wedge pregnancy pillow in India till date.

4. Side Sleeper Pillow

A side sleeper pregnancy pillow is small in size as compared to c shaped pregnancy pillow. Its size makes it even more comfortable to use and manage at night. It can be positioned anywhere easily. It’s soft and smooth to fit. Side sleeper pregnancy pillow is convenient but obviously being not a big size one makes it little less comfortable in comparison to C or U shaped pregnancy pillow.

Best Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow


Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Metron Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow
Tishnagi Designer Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Option 1: Metron Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Best side sleeper pillow

According to us, this is the best side sleeper pregnancy pillow India because of its appropriate height and complete support. Its height is not too big and is not to small too. It’s perfect length ensures complete comfort for your body. The cushiony touch can be adjusted to where you need most support. It relieves back and neck pains and reduces stress completely.

Option 2: Tishnagi Designer Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Side sleeper pillow

This cotton made side sleeper pregnancy pillow is kind of okay in size. This is not a big human size pillow but is reasonably long enough to get adjusted to your desired position. It comes in 7 different colour options to choose from. It is designed to give complete support to your body during pregnancy. This Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow can reused in your post delivery period as well.

Now comes the real questions.

Do you Really need a Pregnancy Pillow?

It’s not like you can’t survive a pregnancy without a pillow, you definitely can. And it’s not even like a pregnancy pillow is a luxury. But if there is something that can keep you more energetic and flexible during pregnancy which otherwise takes toll on your body, every penny spent is worth it.

Many women complain of sciatic and ligament pain due to the extreme pressure and a pregnancy pillow can help you get rid of it.


You might think of going for a regular cushion in place of a specially designed pregnancy pillow India but you know what, while making a call, do consider all of the characteristic and benefits of the best pregnancy pillow India listed above. In addition keep a check on your body issues and the comfort this specially designed pillow can provide and your inclination will help you decide.

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