Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy & How To Handle Them!

From day one that a woman conceive, the vagina and the cervix are the ones that show symptoms from the beginning. It forms the protective shield between the outer world and the inner atmosphere. Along the course of nine months you will face a lot of changes in your body which includes different sorts of vaginal change during pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant for the first time these signs and symptoms might make you feel weird and confusing. But don’t worry you are not alone in this. We shall discuss today in this segment what surprises your vagina has for you:

Colour of your vagina may seem a bit too intense

One of the most common changes is the vaginal change during pregnancy. Due to the increased blood flow to the vagina it tends to shift the colour to a more darker side, it may seem to be dark red or even purplish in certain instances. It may seem a bit bluish too but don’t worry it’s all a part of physiological changes occurring during pregnancy. This one’s called Chadwick’s sign. It doesn’t cause you any discomfort and disappears after giving birth. So do not worry about it.

Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy

Long varying veins – Varicose veins!!!

Off all the body parts that one can get varicose veins at your vagina getting this might be a bit astonishing. Many women tend to develop varicose veins over their legs during pregnancy, but the vulvar region too is a common site for this. This too is also because of the increased blood pressure and increased blood flow. Also, it doesn’t cause any disconnected and disappears after birth. While it’s harmless one might follow these simple precautions to avoid discomfort, avoid standing and sitting for too long. If you feel discomfort use cold compression. Also try to use loose under garments to avoid increased pressure.

Your lady part may tend to become itchy

Increased blood flow and hormone changes brings in pH imbalance to your private area and so brings in with it increased discharge. All these things might lead to increased scratchy feeling causing irritation to the sensitive skin. If you are feeling such changes feel free to talk to your doctor. They would help you find the right product to keep you comfortable during this phase.

Ohh that stinky odour!!

Pregnancy is directly proportional to increased hormonal changes. These hormones cause changes in every part of the woman’s body. Vagina is also not spared. These hormones causes increased pH levels in the vagina increasing the discharges too. This helps with protection from infections and helps maintain the cervix health. This discharge is called leucorrhoea. But if this discharge takes yellowish colour and foul odour you might have contracted an infection and you might need treatment for it. But do not worry this too is also very common during pregnancy.

Itchy , scratchy, and infectious too!

The irritation to the sensitive skin along with the changed pH and discharge, your vagina also becomes more prone to yeast and urinal infections.  Changed oestrogen levels is also one of the causes for it. It might be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable, so you need to consult your doctor immediately.

 Ohh la la !!

The increased blood flow to the vagina makes it sensitive, there is 50% more increase in blood flow during pregnancy. Tagging along is the increased levels of oxytocin, estrogen and progesterone causing increased arousal which is very common and normal. So always feel to communicate every change with your partner. Even if these changes are making you uncomfortable share it with him.

Now that you are aware about these vaginal change during pregnancy, let’s talk about solutions as well. Here are some are of help.

How to tackle vaginal changes during pregnancy?

  • Remember these changes to the vagina are faced by almost all the pregnant ladies so do not feel left out share your experience with your doctor
  • Best way to tackle infections of urine or yeast infection is to keep yourself hydrated. Water is the key. Consume as much water as possible. In any forms like juices, coconut water or plain tap water, whatever you prefer.
  • Do not wear tight under garments, it would add up to your discomfort. Loose clothing might feel awkward but it would give you plenty of relaxation.
  • Do not sit, stand or maintain a position for too long, keep active move around and feel free.
  • Sometimes you might get a feeling of something stabbing or hurting your vagina too hard. Thus might be a result of you being in a certain position for too long and your baby pressing on your nerve. So do not forget to change positions.

These are some common changes caused to the vagina during pregnancy, these are faced by all but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share it with your doctor. Always keep your doctor updated about every change that you see in your body. Stay safe and healthy. Do not forget to rest often.

Happy pregnancy ladies!

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