What Is Cervix Position During Early Pregnancy?

Every woman is excited to know about her pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant, you would be expecting to observe few reactions in your body which means before taking a pregnancy test at home women can notice certain symptoms. Changes in cervix position during early pregnancy is one of the ways to find out the same. But before jumping into any further lets clear some basic queries first:

What is Cervix?

Cervix is the lower most part of the uterus and is made up of strong muscles. The function of the cervix is to allow flow of menstrual blood from the uterus into the vagina, and direct the sperms into the uterus during intercourse. The opening of the cervical canal is normally very narrow.

Position of cervix in a woman’s body:

Cervix meaning
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Function Of Cervix & It’s Importance:

The cervix has a lot of responsibility, it keeps unwanted bacteria and viruses out of your uterus, it opens and closes to let sperm in and pregnant blood out, it produces its own lubrication and even grows its own plug if you become pregnant. As the vagina and clitoris functions, the cervix also contains nerve pathways involved in the sexual response. The health and wellness of the cervix is not only important during periods or pregnancy but also in general to keep in check the growing rate of cervical cancer. Every woman must undergo cervical testing once every year at least to be safe.

General Cervix Position & Its Changes During Periods & Pregnancy?

The cervix is in different positions throughout the cycle:

  • Cervix Before Period: During ovulation it is higher in the abdomen and may feel soft at the opening.
  • Cervix During Period: During the menstrual cycle it is positioned lower in the abdomen and may feel firmer, and is tightly closed.
  • Cervix Position Early Pregnancy: During early pregnancy the cervix is positioned higher in the abdomen which is one of the signs of pregnancy.

Cervical position and how to test it for yourself?

For women who are trying to conceive, ovulation tracker and cervix position and the way the cervix feels can help them conceive faster. As stated above during ovulation the cervix is higher in the abdomen and feels softer. But, for noticing the changes in cervix you must be acquainted with the method to palpate it. It’s always preferable to track your cervix during periods (that is earlier menstrual cycles), you would know how it feels like and how low the position could be. Once you are confident about it then you would notice the changes during ovulation.

Cervix Position Early Pregnancy:

During early stages of pregnancy the Cervix will remain in the higher position post ovulation and it will remain softer. It is possible to check for the cervix at home by inserting your finger in the vagina, you could use which ever finger you feel is the easiest. Always use clean and dry hands to avoid infection. Some women master the method by repetitive practice, do not jump to conclusions before you know for sure.

Important points to remember :

  • This isn’t a reliable test for pregnancy, there may be early changes in the cervix position and feel during early pregnancy but it’s not very easy to detect them just by the feel.
  • If you are using this method to track your ovulation keep a record every day about the feel and the position.
  • Do not check you cervix by yourself during vaginal, or urine infection.
  • Do not check your cervix during pregnancy when you water breaks.

Every woman is different, and so is the anatomy. Some woman have a longer vaginal canal. So if you aren’t getting the method to check your cervix right do not worry. It’s absolutely alright. Take the easy road and go be a mom.

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