Moringa During Breast Feeding: Benefits & Side-Effects

One of the most disturbing and panicky question that many mother have are whether she fulfils the needs of breastmilk of her baby? Whether her milk supply is adequate or not? While many mothers are forced to take the help of tablets for increasing their milk supply, there are many other ways to increase the breast milk supply naturally. Shatavari, moringa being a few options.

What is Moringa? How do we use it ?

Moringa or drumsticks have been used since ages for solving gynaecological problem in women. It has numerous benefits of the reproductive system of the woman like it helps with menstrual cycles, it also helps with the uterine health and it increasing breast milk production. Me being a South indian, drumsticks have always been a part of our recipes and diet. From its leaves to the actual drumsticks everything is being used in different recipes. Moringa in sambar is one of the famous options in South India.

Moringa during breast feeding, how does it work?

Moringa has properties of being  galactagogue, a substance that enhances milk supply. It comprises of nutrients like Vitamin E and K, calcium, iron. These nutrients are very essential for the milk production also it helps with healthy weight gain of the baby.

Moringa during breast feeding

Are there any side effects of moringa?

Anything  is one of the best quality lactation supplement available in India. is consumed out of proportion is always harmful for the body, may it be a superfood. So as per the recommendation of many mothers one tbl spoon of moringa powder is good to go for the whole day. Also, artificial powders may have some other preservatives or products added which may cause side effects of increased bowel movement for people with weak digestive systems, and it is better to avoid the root, bark and the sap of the tree of you are consuming it naturally. These parts have been seen to cause increased phosphorus levels in some cases though it’s not completely proven. Always try to consume natural moringa leaves or the vegetable naturally to avoid side effects.

Moringa user review!

Being from a cultural background of the south, Moringa was one of the vegetables included in my diet immediately after my delivery. I must say it gives you immense energy and it’s a power house of nutrition. Also, being a mother of premie I used to be scared of my milk supply as I had missed the three day window of breastfeeding after delivery. Moringa during breastfeeding really does help.

Moringa capsules are nowadays available online. Moringa for breastfeeding capsules by Ayurvedic Life are a good option to go.

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Important points to remember before consuming Moringa or any galactagogue substances :

  • Always consult your doctor first regarding your milk supply, ask for their suggestions. If you like to consume Moringa please take a note to mention it to your doctor and take his advice.
  • Many mothers feel they have scarcity of milk but the reason might be positioning or improper latch with the baby. So consult a lactation expert first.
  • New borns do feed very frequently, it’s not because you haven’t satisfied their hunger, so do not worry about it.
  • Lastly, all the mothers have natural flow of milk without the use of any medicine or herbs, try those methods first. Increase the duration of breast feeding, of not possible at-least pump the milk more often. It stimulates the mammary glands and helps the milk production.

Various factors play a role while dealing with breastfeeding difficulties so be cautious while taking any products.

Happy Breatfeeding ladies!

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