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Use These 5 Toor Dal Benefits For Weight Loss!

Toor dal

Toor dal (in Marathi) also known as Arhar dal, spelt as “अरहर की दाल” in Hindi & pigeon pea in English. Toor dal is the one of most used dal from the southern region of India especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Toor dal is used to make Sambhar which is the most eaten South Indian dish that goes well with Dosa, Uttapam, Rice, Idli, Vada and so on. Toor dal benefits aren’t yet realised the way its taste is.


Sambhar is loved in South India but is one among favorite dishes in North India too. Along with Butter Chikhen and dal makhni, North Indians love various combinations of Sambhar, however, without knowing the health benefits of Toor dal.

Did you know you can add Toor Dal in weight loss diet without any guilt?

Here’s the calorie count chart defining carbohydrates and calories Toor dal:

Toor dal calorie count

Arhar dal or Toor dal benefits that you can use for weight loss:

  1. Toor dal is high on protein.
  2. It’s low on carbohydrates.
  3. It gives you less amount of calories.  
  4. It makes different variety of dishes.
  5. It’s easily digestible

For those who don’t know, your weight loss diet needs to have reduction in 2 major elements that is carbohydrates and calories and there has to be an increase in proteins.

Weight loss diet for person intending to have stable weight:

Calories: Upto 2000 calories/ day

Carbohydrates: Upto 40/day

Weight loss diet for person willing to reduce weight:

Calories: Upto 1500 calories/ day

Carbohydrates: Upto 30/day

Now if you have 2 or more cups of toor dal in a day, you are definitely going to have enough protein that your body needs giving you less carbs and absolutely low calories.

Toor dal for weight loss

Toor dal price (1Kg): ₹ 76.00 – ₹ 196.00 (Toor dal price varies from brand to brand)

Check current Toor dal price

So if you are willing to loose weight, do include toor dal in your weight loss plan and you’ll notice the difference within weeks.

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