Best Soap In India For Babies & Adults in 2021

Best Soap In India

A good hand wash can keep us a bay from Covid 19. So today let’s peek into some best soaps in India 2021 for women, men, and children. What’s the first thing that gets us fresh and standing in the morning, apart from a hot cup of coffee or tea. It’s a face wash, and … Read more

9 Akbar And Birbal Stories For Kids With Morals – Let’s Impart Good Learning!

Akbar birble stories

Akbar and Birbal stories were running in the roots of our country like no other stories. They recited to our parents and they are here till today. Some of them are full of great learning and keep our kids glued. Why Akbar and Birbal stories are used from centuries as a tool to inculcate morals … Read more

All You Need To Know About Paternity Leave In India

Paternity Leave In India

A child’s bond with its mother starts the very moment that it takes life in her, he can hear his mother’s voice, her heartbeat, her lullaby everything. But, when the baby comes to the world that’s when he sees his father and their bond begins. Fathers must have spoken to their babies while they were … Read more