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9 Akbar And Birbal Stories For Kids With Morals – Let’s Impart Good Learning!

Akbar birble stories

Akbar and Birbal stories were running in the roots of our country like no other stories. They recited to our parents and they are here till today. Some of them are full of great learning and keep our kids glued.

Why Akbar and Birbal stories are used from centuries as a tool to inculcate morals in our kids?

Stories are an aid to conserve culture and pass on its morals  from one era to another. Fables and tales have been narrated since even before man learnt the art of writing. They not only create imagination in the young minds but also gives them a mean to learn something new with every Akbar and Birbal story. Even when we were young our favourite thing during bedtime was a Akbar and Birbal story from our grandparents or our parents. It gives them a good night sleep, and an interesting thing to dream about. Akbar and Birbal stories have always been a favourite pick for any story teller. They are easy to narrate and understand and comes with a meaningful moral.

Which are some of best Akbar and Birbal stories in English?

Lets begin our ride to the amazing world of Akbar and Birbal stories in English:

1. A Question For A Question

This is among the most famous Birbal stories and here it begins:

One day a scholar visited emperor Akbar’s court to test Birbal’s wisdom which he had heard of at many occasions. He presented before the court a challenge, he asked them whether they would be interested in answering his hundred questions and sacrifice their court to him if they answer wrong or will they push Birbal forward to answer one single question. Birbal was but ofcourse pushed forward the man asked Birbal, ‘Tell me, which came into existence first an egg or the chicken.’ Birbal said the egg. The man happy about his victory continued with a grin and said how will you prove that. For which Birbal said the deal was for one question which you have exhausted. Thus proving Birbal’s victory.

MORAL: Do not judge anybody without getting to know about them first.

2. Who’s The Greatest ?

Another one from famous Akbar and birbal stories which goes like:

One day akbar came to his court with a surprising look on his. Once he sat down the throne he presented a his courtiers with a very puzzling question, he asks them ‘What punishment should a person who pulls the emperors moustache get?.’Amused by this question all the courtiers started discussing among themselves  about how severe the punishment should be for the one who dared to pull the emperors moustache,some suggested prison, while others wanted hanging to be the punishment.Only birbal remained silent and was gazing at the emperor with a smile. On being asked by Akbar about the reason for his smile Birbal replied that there can only be one person brave enough to pull the emperors moustache and he must be given the reward of sweets rather than any punishment. The courtiers didn’t agree so Birbal explained to them that only the emperors grandson would dare to pull his moustache and he must be rewarded with sweets, Akbar burst out laughing because that was exactly what had happened.

MORAL: Always know the situations before jumping into any conclusions.

Akbar and Birbal stories
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3. The Limping Horse

Another extremely famous from various Birbal stories goes like:

Once there was a nobleman who had a horse who was swift and full of energy but suddenly one day out of now where he started limping. The nobleman got worried and decided to appoint the best veterinarian to check the horse but everything was in vain. At last the issue reached Akbar’s court and Birbal was asked for a solution. After enquiry Birbal just asked one question to the nobleman whether the trainer of the horse was a very good one. For which the nobleman agreed. Then Birbal asked him another question whether the trainer had a limp too. For this the nobleman answered with a big Yes. Thus, birbal concluded that the horse is fine he is just trying to imitate his trainer.

MORAL: Influences play very important role in our life.

4. The Lazy Athlete

Once there was a very healthy and powerful athlete in the kingdom of king Akbar. He had won many medals and travelled many places. But once he lost in his sport and heartbroken he never stepped into the competition again. He became lethargic and weak and this started worrying his wife. She sought help from Birbal, Birbal then presented her with a magic dumbbell and asked her to give to her husband and ask him to swing it daily till his arm sweat and he must do this by standing at the very spot where he had won his first match. Everyday the man would swing the dumbbell and eventually he lost all his lazy weigh became energetic and the memory of his wins took over his sadness. He was ready for the next competition.

MORAL: Never let failures rule your life, take a step and conquer it.

5. The Real King

This one is the most famous of all the Akbar Birbal stories. Read here:

Once the king of Iran invited King Akbar and Birbal over for a feast to his kingdom. He had heard a lot about the wisdom of birbal and wanted to test it infront of king Akbar. The king knew the intentions of the iran emperor and agreed to the test. Next day before Akbar and Birbal actually met the Iran king, they found in front of them nine men dressed as the King and looked exactly alike. Now it was Birbal’s task to find the true king. In an instance Birbal approached the right king and bowed before him. On being asked how could he guess correctly Birbal replied that expect for the true king all the other once kept starring at the king.

MORAL: True leaders are always looked upon for inspirations.

6. The Blind Sadhu

Akbar birbal stories: Once in the kingdom of emperor Akbar lived a saint who had claimed that he could predict future without any problem and give solutions to the people. A couple visited him with their niece who’s parents were lost in-front of her eyes. Seeing the saint the girl burst into tears saying the saint was the culprit but the saint didn’t agree instead he demanded that the girl be taken away. The issue then reached the emperor’s court and Birbal was asked for a solution at once birbal pulled the sword and attacked the saint seeing thi the saint himself pulled another sword and blocked himself. Which proved that he wasn’t blind and was lying all along.

MORAL: One can never escape from their lies and mistakes.

7. Crows In The Kingdom

One more from the magic box of Akbar Birbal stories:

Once while travelling along with Birbal, Akbar asked him how many crows were there in his kingdom. At once Birbal replied ninety-five thousand four hundred and sixty-three crows in the Kingdom. Amused Akbar asked what if there were more crows for which Birbal said they might be visiting from the neighbouring kingdom or if less they might have left to visit the neighbouring kingdom

MORAL: You will always get a solution if you thing with ease.

8. The Rented Well

Once the Akbar’s court saw a quarrel between two neighbors about a well. One of them had sold the well to other and the other one wanted the man pay for the water that comes from the well. Akbar gave the case to Birbal for the solution. At once birbal asked the disputed man if he has already sold the well he needs to pay the man the rent for keeping his water.

MORAL: Intelligence can outwit any situation.

9. Question for Question

Once Akbar asked Birbal about the number of bangles that were in each hands of Birbal’s wife. Birbal couldn’t answer the emperor immediately and the emperor became happy about his victory over Birbal, but Birbal didn’t quit, he asked the king to follow him through the stairs. Once they reached the bottom of the floor Birbal asked Akbar about how many stairs where in his palace. Akbar realised that he was outwitted by Birbal again.

MORAL: A solution to a problem is always right before you.

Folks, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Share it with your kids and make memorable moments by narrating Akbar and Birbal stories in english

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