Top Tips On Homeschooling In India – Pros & Cons Of Homeschooling

Culture of home schooling is an age old practice by many parents who never believed in conventional methods of schooling. However the trend of homeschooling in India is picking up now after realising certain shortcomings and mis-happenings that have occurred within the school premises in past. Various incidents have triggered issues at school leading to parents taking a step towards home schooling. Let’s now discuss how home schooling is better.

What Is Concept of Homeschooling In India?

Before we begin with the details of home schooling, let’s clear ourselves with what does exactly does home schooling mean? Concept of homeschooling is quite simple were the parents take the responsibility of their child’s education rather than transferring it to the outside entity. The parents, tutor or online coach take their classes. The educate their children at home or someplace else but not at schools.

Why Choose Home Schooling In India? 

Now, the question remains why to choose home schooling for our children? In the current pandemic stricken era where everywhere panic prevails, our kids health is the top priority for us. But along with health education too holds a key role in the overall development of a child. Thus, adjusting to the current trend homeschooling in India has begun. With schools trying their best to keep their students together through online classes, but parents have started withdrawing their admissions to save the money through this crisis. So let’s see the concept of homeschooling in India, read on.

Homeschooling in India

What Are The Things To Consider Before Choosing Homeschooling?

There are certain necessities that have to be fulfilled before you choose to give your child schooling at home, whether you can give adequate time to your child for educating them, what concept of education would you follow, if you have a special need child are you equipped enough with the tools to teach them by yourself. There are various concepts of homeschooling proposed like Moore method, unit method, classic home schooling, Waldorf method or classic Montessori Method. Choose the best option which suits your mind frame, your family’s mind frame and your child’s capabilities.

What Are Benefits Of The Concept Of Homeschooling In India ?

  • It improves the bonding between the child and the parent
  • There is no schedules time table so the child can learn at the comfort of their own set schedule
  • The have the choice of subjects to learn everyday
  • They have all the facilities available at home like, fresh food, rest time, play time etc.,.
  • We can keep our kids safe from the external infections and injuries

What are the dis advantages of the concept of homeschooling in India ?

  • Today’s era is filled with competitions, if our kid is constantly under our pamperment there is a possibility that they might lack the competitive streak
  • Scheduled learning and strict discipline might be a way to go for certain kids, the kids know our moods and may act accordingly to escape learning or might change our mind to spare their learning for a day. This might affect their process of learning.
  • They might feel out of the world when they actually enter the actual society for interaction. Thus while homeschooling them all the above aspects must be considered
  • We might tend to enforce our thought process into our kids.

What Are The Top Homeschooling Ideas ?

Here are some tips for better homeschooling that will help you take the right call.

With the lockdown being enforced everywhere in the world, India too is on the same track. Home schooling has been the only way out of all this. The concept of home schooling India was earlier frowned upon owing to the RIGHT TO EDUCATION ACT- all the children are entitled to schooling at least till standard 10th, thus it was very common for the educational institution to lure the parents toward their institutes. But they themselves are now encouraging the parents to teach them at home. Let’s take a look at the best home schooling ideas –

Fun, Play And Learn:

  • Playing and learning – try to include more and more fun games into your schedule, a game of scrabble can teach more words than just dictation. Naming games, number games, color games can be a few ideas for fun learning.
  • Use  Music as a tool – start your session with a prayer or some enthusiastic warm up music. It cheers the mind and wakes the dull mind up. Musical instruments improves cognition and artistic skills of your child. Teach them literature and prose using music it would stick with them for a long time
  • Best way to learn any art form is to get completely indulged in it. If your child loves drawing and painting let them get messy with the colors and the water. If they love craft don’t hold them back let them explore themselves out of the box
  • Use imitations , dialogue delivery, narration, speech delivery as a method to teach them skills required to gain command and self-confidence. If possible try using actual mike and tape set up. Play the video later and encourage them
  • Many skills of patience and discipline can be learnt by simply growing a plant, include them in gardening, teach them actual science with the nature. Let them observe how the caterpillar grows to a butterfly, or how the stars look in a constellation. Let them plant a seed and watch it grow into a plant.
  • Going on Field Trips was one of the favorite things as a student even when we were in school; it’s a good activity for family bonding and learning at the same time. Take your kid to places with different dialects and accents let them learn about the diversity of India in such a way
  • Incorporate Cooking – it’s also a skill which requires skill and imagination. Let their thoughts sore they will definitely bloom with wonderful colours. Cooking is one of the important life skill which will go along with them over a long way, will teach them self-dependence and the value of food as a resource not to be wasted
  • Use technology as an aid too. But remember too much of screen time can be harmful so use it just as an accessory tool

Remember these points while using Homeschooling Ideas:

  1. Do not turn your home into a school, they kids will be more suitable the way the things are.
  2. Do not try to become the teacher, be the parent and try to teach your kid your own style.
  3. If punishments and scolding are necessary do follow them in their limits.
  4. Let the kids have fun without the tension of marks and exams.

Dear folks I hope this throws some light on the current trending home schooling ideas, be a support to your kids in these tough times and let them bloom.

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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