Top Tenali Raman Stories In English To Help Your Kids Learn Some Wisdom

This pandemic stricken time has affected a lot of lives but one good thing its has done is it has brought all the family members together, as everything was at a standstill many people got time to spend it qualitatively with their kids, whats best than us getting a chance to share our childhood memories with our children, and one such memories was reading or listening to tenali raman stories. These comics would kindle the inner child in us and as funny tenali raman stories are they are quiet witty too. Your kids will love to hear few of these Tenali Raman stories in English:

tenali raman stories
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#1. The Brinjal curry

The king Krishnadeveraya was fond of gardening and he grew some delicious vegetables and fruits in his garden. He adored them everyday and his special gardener would take care of his plants and keep count of all the vegetables and fruits. One day the King invited his courtiers to a feast, A very special brinjal curry was served at the feast, these brinjals were grown at the kings garden and he was very proud of them. All the courtiers loved how fresh and delicious the brinjals tasted, Tenali Raman  and his wife too loved the curry. As they returned home both of them could still feel the taste of the curry on their tongue, so Tenali Raman’s wife suggests him go and pick some brinjals from the kings garden so that she could re create the curry again.

Earlier Tenali Raman hesitates but eventually he gives in and decides to steal some brinjals. He becomes successful in stealing the brinjals from the garden without anyone noticing him. Once home he hands the brinjals to his wife and she manages to make the same mesmerising and delicious curry. Both of them relish it but being a mother she feels guilty of not having given the curry to her son. So she forces Tenali Raman to find a way were even their son could enjoy the curry. The son by this time had already fallen asleep on the roof of their house after finishing his home work. Tenali Raman  finds a clever way, he carries a bucket of water to the roof and pours it on the son saying, son its raining outside lets go in have some dinner and sleep.

While come down he loudly tells his wife too that its raining heavily outside. They change the sons wet clothes have dinner and then put him to sleep. The next day the king finds out about the theft and starts enquiring about it. The ministers suggest that such work could be done only by Tenali Raman. On enquiring him he refuses of this offence so his son is called upon for questioning. Having asked the kid says that he had brinjal curry for dinner the other day, but Tenali Raman argues that he might have dreamt about it. So the king asks te kid exactly what had happened the other day, the kid narrates the whole story that he came from school, did his home work and fell asleep on the roof, then it started raining so he came in changed his clothes and then had dinner. At this everyone conclude that the boy had a dream because there was no rains the day before. So Tenali Raman stories end in a fun and witty way.

This one is among some most famous Tenali Raman stories in English.

Now lets move on to the next Funny Tenali Raman story:

#2. The Cursed Man

There was once a man in the kingdom of vijaya nagara who was rumoured to be unlucky and that who ever saw the man as the first thing in the morning would be cursed for the whole day. The king Krishna Devaraya wanted to test it so he sent out the guard to bring the man. The man was kept in the room next to the king’s and the king was supposed to see the man’s face first thing in the morning. The king wakes up the next day and sees the man, he then heads out for his usual routine, at breakfast he sees a fly on his food so he demands the food to be changed and cooked again. By the time the food gets ready the king loses his appetite and the will to eat, which makes him conclude that he indeed is cursed and that it has happened because of that man. He orders the guards to hang the unlucky man, but tenali raman finds its injustice and he whispers something in the mans ears. The man is asked about his alst wish before he is hanged to death, for which he says he wants to read out a note to the king, in which written are the words whispered by Tenali raman. The note reads as follow ,’if the man who sees my face is cursed then the man who sees the kings face in the morning is also cursed as he then is hanged to death’. The king understands his mistake and decides to put the rumor to rest and sets the man free.

Tenali Raman stories in English were introduced way later than they were narrated in Hindi.

I hope you are enjoying, moving on to the next Funny tenali raman story.

#3. The Horse Trainer

Another amazing one in Tenali Raman stories in english:

Tenali raman was once challenges by the courtiers about his wit and skills, that day An arbian trader brings in a load of horses and boosts about their performance and quality. Tenali raman refuses of it and says that the horses in vijaynagara are no match to any horses. The arbian ministers challenge Tenali Raman for a race after a few days time. The challenge is accepted. Tenali raman keeps his horse in stable and feeds in very bare minimum, just what is needed to survive. On the other hand the arbian horses are well fed and healthy. On the day of the race Tenali Raman becomes the jockey of his horse himself and everyone is astonished to see the lean and weak horse. Tenali Ties a stack of hay in front of his horse and the race begins, The hunger stricken horse which tenali Raman bred wins the race because he is too hungry and in need to feed. To evryones surprise Tenali Raman wins the challenge.

Folks I hope you enjoyed all the Tenali Raman stories today, do share it with your kids and make their childhood memorable as ours.

Happy Parenting !!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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