8 Stylish & Affordable Maternity Wear In India That You Can Buy In Less Than Rs. 600!

Looking for some affordable maternity wear in India? A huge variety is now available online with numerous choices in terms of design and price. To save you from the various hassles of looking for a perfect maternity wear in India, I’ve prepared this list that pregnant women or nursing moms can buy online.

Maternity wear is extremely important nowadays. Smart moms are always looking for fashionable outfits so they can look elegant even all through the entire 9 months period. So if you are one of them, you’ve landed to the perfect place. Lets check this list below:

Red Nursing Top

This nursing top from Mommy Fashion is available online and is listed among affordable maternity wear in India. It is made from conventional cotton and is extremely safe for the sensitive skin of the expecting mothers. This nursing top has a horizontal zipper which makes it easy for use during feeding sessions of the baby. This nursing top can be used both in the pre and post-pregnancy period.

You can also check the size prior to placing the order so that you get the appropriate dress, as desired.


Price range: ₹ 549.00 – ₹ 699.00

Rayon Maternity Dress

This is another popular maternity dress from Mommy Fashion which is available on Amazon and is considered affordable maternity wear in India. It comes in different size options and can be easily washed in a machine. The regular fit dress makes the mother look glamorous too.

It is made from soft Georgette fabric and has a flattening fit finish which makes it extremely comfortable to be worn during pre and post-pregnancy periods. It has concealed zips on both sides which makes it comfortable for the lady to wear and use.

It also offers ample room for the lady and thus this maternity dress can also be worn during the medical examination of the fetus.


Last checked price: ₹ 567.00

Anarkali Kurti Cum Dress

This feeding Kurti deserves some special attention and will look its best when washed in a regular washing machine. It is made from cotton fabric which is soft and breathable and thus offers comfort to the expecting mother. It is comfortable to use and can also be used in the post pregnancy baby care.

When worn with a matching legging or denim, this rayon feeding Kurti is likely to transform you into a fashion icon. You can also wear it to the office in pregnancy and post-pregnancy period.


Last checked price range: ₹ 552.00 – ₹ 594.00

Women’s Cotton Maternity Skirt

Maternity skirts are coming in fashion in India. Earlier women used to find kurti’s comfortable but the new moms no longer want to linger on with the old fashion tricks. They are picking up new fashion style so to fit into their preferences, this is one of the most stylish and trendiest affordable maternity wear in India. Pair this with a black or white blouse and we bet you will kill it girl.

Women's Cotton Maternity Skirt

Last checked price: ₹ 384.00

Floral Design Feeding Kurti

Feeding kurti’s are perfect for feeding moms who are working as well as taking care of their babies at home. In situations like traveling from day care to office or home to buy groceries, this kind of feeding kurtis are a blessing in disguise for nursing moms. This one comes in the affordable maternity wear in India because new moms are about both comfort, style and convenience.

Affordable Maternity wear in India

Last checked price: ₹ 399.00

Multi Printed Maternity Top

A decently styled kurti come maternity top looks amazing on a nursing mom. This can be paired with simple maternity legging which can be blue or black or any other colour you like. It’s ideal for casual outings and can be worn in office as well. Pregnant women would feel comfortable wearing this, for sure.

Wobbly Walk Multi Printed Maternity Top

Last checked price: ₹ 399.00

Now, I have listed down few of the most amazing collection of affordable maternity wear in India that come under the price range of Rs. 600 or below. You know, while preparing this list, I’ve bought one of the above listed feeding kurti and maternity skirt myself.

Honest confession by a pregnant woman:

After being pregnant, one thing I’ve realised is that as soon as pregnancy occurs, all you can think about is buying everything for your soon to be born child. I remember my friends telling me this before but I never believed them until this happened with me. Being an independent and a go to person myself, I never had second thoughts while buying anything for myself before. Although I don’t compromise now too but I understand why pregnant ladies look for affordable maternity wear.

I also found some more interesting options in maternity wear online. Just in case you are okay raising your budget a little bit more. Check them out here:

Maroon Maternity Kurti:

This one is a really classy and smart option under affordable maternity wear available currently.

maternity wear in India

Price: ₹ 998.00

Knee Length Dress

affordable maternity wear

Last checked price: ₹ 998.00

If your search doesn’t end here, then a huge more range if available online. Check out various more options under affordable maternity wear in India and get the most suitable one for yourself.

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