List Of Top Quality Baby Monitors In India

At young age, continuous monitoring of your baby is important because of the fluctuating temperature in their body which needs to be contained. Extreme temperature in a child’s body have different kind of impacts which must be avoided. Baby monitors in India never existed up till few years ago and mom were using old techniques to keep a check. But new moms, single moms and moms with no experience can miss out on this essential thing so having baby monitor is the best thing they could do. Let us check some of the top baby monitors in India which make this task possible.

Audio Baby Monitor

This audio baby monitor from Timeflys is one of the top baby monitors in India. It has digital technology that has 36 channels and parents can talk to the babies with this audio baby monitor through pressing a button. The light in the room of the baby can also be controlled remotely through the use of this baby monitor.

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Nooie Baby Monitor

This baby monitor from Nooie is ranked among top baby monitors in India. The camera in this monitor has great rotation angles which will allow you to keep a good watch on the movements of the baby. Up to 10 m of night vision has also been provided in this baby monitor which makes it a unique product to the core.

You will also get real-time notifications on your phone which makes this device a truly desirable product.

top Baby Monitors in India

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Volwco Smart Digital Baby Monitor

This baby monitor comes with an LCD display that provides you some real-time images. The night vision camera provides crisp and clear images of the baby so that his or her movements can be monitored from your bed and you will not have to move around to check the baby. This baby monitor can be ranked among the top baby monitors in India as it has a temperature monitoring function that gives clear information on the temperature in the baby’s room.

top Baby Monitors in India

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Jimwey Baby Monitor

This baby monitor streams some crisp and clear photos and a video of the baby. This stream can be accessed through smartphone. This can be used to keep a watch on the baby, even if you are outdoors for some work.

Its panoramic range camera gives sharp image of all corners of the home. Thus, this baby monitor can also act as a watchdog for keeping a keen watch on your home.  The baby monitor also has a responsive microphone through which communication can be done with the baby.  This product is available on Amazon and can be ordered online.

top Baby Monitors in India

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Philips Baby Monitor

This is a quality product from Philips and the use of the same ensures that you will have no interference from any kind of electronic gadget which might be running in the vicinity. It comes with a smart ECO mode which ensures that the battery lasts long.

This would be extremely useful in cases when a watch on the baby has to be kept for long hours. The task can be done seamlessly without any worry on the usage duration. It has a range of 300 m and a watch can be kept on the baby, even if you step out from the home.

top Baby Monitors in India

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Why do you need Baby Monitors In India?

One of the most basic requirement of baby monitors in India is due to the extreme weather condition. Now you might not be taking your kid outside your house but there could a change in temperatures at home too. Your kid’s body is not adaptive of this fluctuation and therefore needs to be checked continuously. Using baby monitors will make you aware about the situation of your child’s temperature helping you to take necessary actions, if required.


Baby monitors in India re easily available in various physical and online shops as well. Pick the one that fits into your budget but don’t avoid getting one. You might realise it’s importance later because it is an essential product that can help in nurturing of your child.

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