Ensuring Personal Hygiene At Home Now Gets Easy

Personal hygiene is very vital for all of us. If hygiene is not maintained it can give rise to many diseases, some of which can be life-threatening too. And this Corona epidemic has proved this to another level. As we all know how the world is fighting against this deadly diseases, maintaining personal hygiene is its basic precaution that needs to be taken care. Thankfully, various kind of personal hygiene products are available online and can be ordered from home only (however, the deliveries are on hold for sometime). Let us check out some of these products.

Stayfree Secure Cotton Sanitary napkins

This sanitary napkin absorbs more and prevents any kind of leakage. These sanitary napkins provide all-day protection and come with wings that prevent any kind of movement, thus restricting any leakage.

Current discounted Price: Rs 200/-

Check availability on Amazon

Dettol Original Soap (Pack of  4)

Personal hygiene products also include soaps. You can order soaps online from Amazon and this package of 4 contains Dettol soap which comes with germ protection formula which is likely to keep you healthy and safe.

Current discounted Price: Rs 143/-

Check availability on Amazon

Nuskhe Wash

This is another personal hygiene product for men and women which can be used for cleaning intimate areas. It has a low PH level which is able to prevent any kind of infection and odor. It is mild in nature and can be used to clean all intimate areas of the body.

Current discounted Price: Rs 349/-

Check availability on Amazon

Colgate max Fresh Blue Gel Toothpaste (Pack of  4)

This toothpaste from Colgate is available in a pack of 4 and offers fresh brushing experience to the user. The toothpaste helps in fighting with any kind of cavities in the teeth. A100% vegetarian product, its regular use ensures that the teeth remain white and shining always.

Current discounted Price: Rs 368/-

Check availability on Amazon

Colgate Mouthwash (Pack of 3)

This is another personal hygiene product that is available on Amazon in a pack of 3. This is an alcohol-free product and is known to remove 99% of the germs which are known to cause bad breath.

It comes in a fresh mint flavour which controls bad breath and is a worthy hygiene product to try.

Current discounted Price: Rs 360/-

Check availability on Amazon

Gillette Vector Plus Shaving Razor Blades

These razor blades from Gillette are known to offer close shaving experience to the user. These have been designed with care and will give you a comfortable shaving experience in which you will be able to prevent any kind of cuts to the skin. It also has a comfort strip that is enriched with aloe and Vitamin E which are likely to offer you a pleasing shaving experience.


Current discounted Price: Rs 150/-


Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush

This pack of two toothbrushes with two in addition for free. The toothbrush has slimmer tip bristles that clean gently between the teeth. The charcoal infused soft bristles provide deep cleaning action.

Current discounted Price: Rs 150/-

Check availability on Amazon

All these products are certified to be safe and will be home delivered within a week of placing the order, depending upon the area from where the order has been placed. Order online and get all these personal hygiene products from Amazon at your home.

Sunaina Mishra

A mom blogger trying to come back to the industry and make a mark once again. After my pregnancy, I decided to share every bit from my experience so it could help new moms take the right road. I also publish authentic reviews of most of the products I used during pregnancy and some of the ones I am using for my child as well. I hope to share the best views here.

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