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Thirsty Crow Story In English – The Most Popular Moral Story Of All Time!

thirsty crow story

Books are a man’s best friend. They teach us everything, we gain a lot of knowledge from them. From a tiny picture book to one of the most huge Shakespeare novels, every book has its own tale and history of origin. Some stories are so indulging that we cannot wait to know what happens at the end.

Today, in the era of smartphones and smart TV everything seems digitalized and it’s a good thing too, our kids are exposed to a huge pool of knowledge as compared to us. But, even today most of the fond memories of our childhood would be when our parents would narrate stories which would be so life-like that we would imagine ourselves to be in these stories like kings and queens or our favorite characters. So why keep our kids aloof from such a wonderful experience.

Let them dive into the pool of imagination and mystery where they would enjoy themselves but at the same time learn lessons that are important for life. Here is a beautiful Aesop’s fable which is popular among kids even today, that also comes with an intriguing moral, yes, I am talking about The thirsty crow story!

In this article, I am going to write down the real thirsty crow story in english with morals. I strongly believe that moms and dads of today are surely aware of the story and this complete thirsty crow story in English below is a subtle reminder to you about your childhood memories too. So let’s dig into the pool, enjoy the memories, and narrate some of them to our kids.

The Thirsty Crow Story In English With Moral

This is a story of a thirsty crow, it is about his determination and will which kept him going. This thirsty crow story will teach you a very valuable lesson for life.

Thirsty Crow Story In English

The Story

One day in the month of May, with the scorching heat of the summer ray, a poor little crow flew back and fro in search of water. To the west, it saw and also saw to the east but there was no water to be seen in its eyes reach. Tired by the search it sat on a branch thinking of the days in spring, the cool breeze of the winds, and the chill of the river whole water would always replenish the crow’s thirst. Oh, gone are the days of spring the crow sighed with sadness, when will I get a sip of water was the thought he pondered.

But he did not give up the search, as he knew success would always find a way to the person who never gives up to try, thus thinking it the crow jumped up to fly. Again to the north and also to the south he flew with all of the might that he drew from being so motivated and also so strong, alas the crow found a pitcher of water lying all along the dusty road.

Thirsty Crow Story

He immediately felt so happy and felt so at peace, now finally his thirst was going seize. But oh the water was so deep inside the pitcher and he couldn’t quench his thirst. The poor little thirsty crow was once again sad. But even in these difficult times, the crow doesn’t give up. He is determined to find a solution and to definitely fulfill his thirst. So he thought and he thought, at last, he found an answer. He pushed and pushed till the pitcher spilled water. But only a few drops came out and that too was absorbed by the soil. Oh so pity! What shall I do was the crying thought of the poor thirsty crow.

And again he rose to the might and found another answer this time he said I will succeed with all the glory indeed. So off he went will full gush and bought back a tiny rock and dropped it in the pitcher to see the water spark. Up came the water with each rock he dropped and so rose his happiness seeing his successful task. Success was very near he could feel it in his guts, so he never left his effort to be in the shuts. After a trip of over twenty times to and fro, he bought back rock with each glorious fly. The water rose to a level now that the thirsty crow could reach. And with a happy heart, the thirsty crow drank the water and flew away. I am so tiny and so meek but my power is so mighty, I fulfilled my goal of drinking water oh with a pleasant plight !!! Said the happy crow with so much joy and took a flight to the abundant sky.

Thirsty Crow Story

Moral Of The Story

So this was the thirsty crow story in english. It has a very beautiful moral.

  • It teaches the kids the importance of not giving up very easy and trying till we succeed.
  • The thirsty crow story teaches the kids the importance of having presence of mind. Many a times in life we get stuck with our problems and tend not to think that its unresolvable but sometimes we need to think out of the box and find the solutions. Everyone gets definitely rewarded for their hard work.
  • As the thirsty crow story clearly illustrated the importance of hard work too.

Young minds are like malleable mud the more we mold them into a structure the will so rise into a beautiful sculpture.

In today’s times, kids are attached to their digital world so much so that they do not even want to step out of their digital world to set out have a look at the beautiful environment. Such stories will inculcate a thirst to explore the external world in them. They would want to get into their naughty shoes, play, work hard and conquer the world.

Thirsty crow story is one of the treasured Aesop’s fables passed down from generation I think we must benefit the next generation with this story too. Read out the above story to your little ones and let their minds be ignited with the beautiful story. Word does not define the moral so one can narrate the thirsty crow story in English or whichever language that suits you.

Now, if you wish to read the story in detail, here’s a book that will take you through the traditional journey:

thirsty crow story

Unlike the traditional ways of storytelling, new ways of making your kids learn the moral are now in the market. One of these ways if board game. I recently found out this new interesting Thirsty Crow Story Game Online. This is a completely new and amazing way of making your child learn the moral in a fun way. Here’s it is:

Thirsty Crow Wooden Board Game

Thirsty Crow Wooden Board Game

Just keep the tradition going and conquer the inquisitive mind of your little one, because ‘ Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world ‘ – Robert Mckee.

I hope this is the same story you have been looking for. If yes, then do drop me a line and update me so I can keep coming back with more stories like these.

Happy parenting folks !!!

Image courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uah3JvhppRI

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan
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