This Is What Happens When Kids Are Left With Their Dads

Parenting comes with great responsibility and that is supposed to be shared between moms and dads. It’s okay with moms but if the kids are kids are left with their dads, every single moment contributes towards making the greatest dad joke of all time. Well, nothing is wrong as such only that when kids are left with their dads, they kid of have more fun that moms could ever think about, not because mom can’t be fun but dads are more fun especially when they are alone with their kids. Don’t believe us? You would have a perfect day full of laughs looking at these pictures below that can be regarded as the best dad joke ever.

#1: Well, mom only wanted the bath to happen!

greatest dad joke of all time


#2. Perfect solution to the rubber problem

greatest dad joke of all time


#3. Who wants a kiwi? 

greatest dad joke of all time


#4. Aren’t her hair looking great? 

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#5. Dad’s definition of controlling the child in real sense 


#6. Too young to be too old 


#7. Understandable, he needed to eat after all


#8. Those abs at that age, oh my my! 


#9: At least they are helping in the chores 


#10. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww


#11. Mom said kids need to be tucked in 


#12. Such decent appearances 


#13. Every problem in the world has a solution 


#14. Look of that cutie you could die for! 


#15. Cutest little biker ever

These are the greatest dad joke of all time proving how cool dads are. They love, care and still manage to have all the fun with their kids.

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Courtesy: BoredPanda

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