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Types of Birthmark Shape and Their Meanings – Myths, Beliefs & Facts!

Birthmark shape meanings

Today we are going to dig deep into the various birthmark shape meanings according to their location in the body that have been circulating around us for ages. Those who believe it often say that these Birthmark Shape Meanings have a direct relation to things that happen in your life and bring various effects both negative and positive. It might be difficult to believe though. However, the scientific meaning to this is completely different but we’ll come back to it later. Let’s first discuss the birthmark shape meanings and various connotations around it.

Birthmarks are an interesting read. According to our traditional birthmarks belief system, having a birthmark at various parts of your body has a lot of many meanings it. Their meanings depend on the shape, size, color, and location of the birthmark.

Table Of Content

  • What mole birthmark shape meaning?
  • What are different birthmark shape meanings as per their position in body?
  • Things you should keep in mind while judging your birthmarks!
  • What is the actual reason for birthmarks in body?
  • Conclusion

What mole birthmark shape meanings?

There is a very thin line between superstition and belief. One might come to think that the whole purpose of his life and his being is due to the presence of some omen in your life. Similar belief or superstition goes around with moles too. The shape of them has a few meanings. This is based on a few texts and articles that I came across on the internet. Do not rely completely on the interpretation, they may or may not stand true for all the people. However, few people have believed and found it true too. Here are some of these examples:

  • Round mole – It indicates that the person is of good nature and is a good being.
  • A straight or oblong mole – It means that the person will acquire quite some amount of wealth in their life.
  • An angulated mole – It means that the person would have some traits in his personality and might face dual personalities at the same time.
  • Heart shaped mole – Its one of the famous doubts that goes around all the folks. It looks cute too to have a heart shaped mole. This mole means that the person would have a life filled with all the love throughout his life time.
mole birthmark shape meaning
Image courtesy: https://scarysymptoms.com/

What are different birthmark shape meanings as per their position in body?

Almost all of us have some sort of birthmark on our bodies. It might be a mole or a patch of skin with different color or a simple spot on the skin. It is believed that every position of the birthmark in your body has a different meaning to it. Let’s see a few interesting meanings of these birthmarks –

1. Meaning of birthmarks on foot

  • Birthmarks on right foot meaning: It is believed that if the birthmark is present on the foot that too on the right foot the person is very adventurous and is born to pursue many adventure in the lifetime. It is also said that these people are born to travel. They’ll always been on the move and you’ll find them planning another trip while coming back from one.
  • Birthmarks on left foot meaning: If the birth mark is present on the left foot the person pays more attention and importance to actions rather than words. This person would be highly cautious about every action he/she takes.
  • Birthmarks on foot heal meaning: If the mole is present on the heel of the foot the person has a pretty hard time with his friends and family and seem to have troubles with them regularly. It’s mostly that the person is not able to maintain happy relations with people around them.

2. Birthmarks on the arm

  • Birthmarks on the arm of a man: For some reason the birthmark or the mole on the arm of a man is believed to be reason for his personality to make him a stay at home man. He would love taking care of his children and his house by staying at home.
  • Birthmarks on the arm of a woman: While simultaneously the birthmark on the arm of the women might mean that she more focused on her career and achieves her goals with all the strength and might.

3. Birthmark on the thigh

Birthmarks shape meanings on thigh tell that the person is born with amazing luck factor and that life always brings them victory. These people have success and achievements throughout their lives and are considered to be a lucky charm for them. It’s not like these people should sit back and wait for the charm to work. To me, it means that if you’ll work hard, you are sure going to be rewarded because nature will also work towards rewarding you.

4. Birthmarks on the breast

  • Birthmarks on left breast: If the left breast has a birth mark under it, it can be a sign of luck for you. It would mean that you would have all the success you ever anticipated and that would come from a lot of hard work and labour. But you would love your life a lot.
  • Birthmarks on right breast: Birthmark on under your right breast would mean that you are a very lucky person and adventure is in your blood. This nature of yours would lead you to conquer and lot of things in life.

5. Birthmarks on the eye

Birthmarks on the eyelid would mean that the person is very inquisitive in nature. This nature of the person might lead them to have some bad circles in life and have influence with not-so-good people. So one must be very careful about this scenario and lead a very cautious life.

Cassandra Naud birthmark
Image courtesy: Cassandra Naud birthmark

6. Birthmarks on the forehead

It is believed that birthmark shape meanings about the forehead is very positive and brings all goods in the life of people. If the person has a birthmark on the right side of the forehead, it is indicative that the person is very knowledgeable and intelligent.

They come with nature to gain lots of knowledge from life and this knowledge would then be put to use for the well being of the people and the society. Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President of the Soviet Union is one such example.

Birthmarks on the forehead
Image courtesy: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/

Things you should keep in mind while judging your birthmarks

So folks, we have got an understanding about what are the varied meaning that each kind of birthmarks hold. Now to get some facts straight before we jump to conclusions about the birthmarks on our bodies:

  • It is exactly unclear or non proven what might be the underlying cause of a said birthmark.
  • There is no research or article that proves that birthmarks are resultant about what a mother did or ate during a pregnancy.
  • Birthmarks can be raised or flat and that is very much normal.
  • Out of three kids born at least two of them have birth marks and that is actually a fact.
  • The birth marks that babies tend to have during their birth called as salmons patches which can be seen on the head, around the neck, on the forehead are pretty harmless and the disappear by themselves. The patches between the eyes of the babies are called as angels kisses.
  • Birthmarks are generally harmless since birth but if you have any suspicion about any such mark being a bruise or something else get it checked by your physician.

What is the actual reason for birthmarks in body?

Whatever might be going around in the belief system, these birthmark shape meanings loose their base when it comes to logic. According to science, these birthmarks are nothing but just pigmentation on the skin which might be due to underlying malformations of blood vessels or skin cells.

The colour and type or shape are dependent on the type of happening that caused the birthmark to form in the first place. They do not harm you nor do they do any favors. Learning about this pigmentation should not lead to any worries. Science says something that you are born with should not create problems for you in an ideal scenario. However, if you feel worried about anything, feel free to discuss it with a dermatologist and get their opinions to keep your head clear.


So, folks, this was an interesting insight on birthmark shape meanings, this article was based on inspiration from several articles based on birthmark theories and are not proposed by me. So consider this as an interesting way to get to know the stuff on your body and thank nature for an amazing thing that is your body. But it worries you, check with a doctor and get clarifications so you don’t need to worry about your body.

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