How to Bathe a Newborn -Steps For Your Baby’s First Bath

Of the many chores and tasks a parent needs to master after the birth of the new born giving them a nice cozy bath is one among them. It is not only a process to cleanse your baby but is a great way to create a bond with your child, it develops trust in your baby. But one might wonder is bathing really that tough of a job or is it really necessary to bathe a new born? What are the precautions to be followed to bathe a baby? What are the steps to bathe a baby safely ? There are a ton of questions going on in your heads let’s try and solve these puzzles for you as to how to do baby’s first bath at home? How should a new born baby’s first bath be? Why is baby’s first bath so important?

Why is baby’s first bath important?

Why is bathing a baby important ?

In tropical hot temperature countries like ours, India, it becomes very essential to bathe the new born everyday so as to develop good hygiene and avoids rashes and redness due to extreme temperatures. But one must also be careful what temperature of water do they choose to bathe the baby. It mustn’t be too hot nor too cold it should be just right. It is recommended to bathe the baby in the afternoon to avoid catching cold. And yes an oil massage before the bath is a preferred way to start with. One can use Dabur lal tel which is the most recommended among parents of infants for massage and good bone and muscle strength. If not we can also choose coconut oil or til oil too for the massage.

baby’s first bath

What are important steps to remember to bathe a new born?

How should a new born baby’s first bath be?

  • First and foremost keep all the necessary items within reach and ready. You must not fetch for items once you have readied the baby for the bath. Do remember once you strip the baby their body temperature will start dropping very fast so you must be quick in all of your tasks. That is why keeping everything ready is very important.
  • You would require lukewarm water in the tub, a no tears soap and shampoo, a drying towel preferably with hoodie, new pair of clean clothes, new pair of diapers, rash cream and also dusting powder. Keep everything handy.
  • It is very important to remember that new borns are very sensitive to the cold, so do not take much longer to bathe the baby. Use water to clean their private part and limbs for other areas use a wet towel to wipe like around the eye, to clean the back of the ear, neck area etc.
  • Always chose a soap that is meant for the babies. Soaps tend to have a huge amount of caustic soda content in them which can be harmful for the baby. Whereas baby soaps contain large amount of oil and fats which can be quite gentle on their skin.
  • Now, if you are using the Indian method of bathing the child then you might need a stool which is low almost touching the ground. As Indian method suggest you sit on the stool straighten your leg with no gaps between them and then place the baby on the leg facing upwards and head of the baby towards your foot. This position allows you to safely bathe the baby without the risk of getting water into their nose or ears. And you have both hands free to easily give them a bath. This position has been traditionally followed in many indian household.
  • Whereas if you are going to bathe them in a tub meant for babies then you need to add an extra layer of anti slip holding compartment for the baby. You would place the baby on that compartment of that tub and hold them with one hand and bathe the baby with the other hand.

How to do a Baby’s first bath at home ?

  • Once you are ready with all the supplies it’s now time to bathe the baby. Now it’s the first time that you two are going to experience this but the baby might not like their first bath so it’s okay if they get a bit cranky you just have to be prepared for that.
  • Wash the babies face first before you remove their clothes and place them for bathing it will allow them to adjust with the lowering Temperature and water before the actual bath.
  • If you aren’t very sure how to apply soap on the face it’s better if you avoid it. Just clean their eyelids with clean cotton balls or turkey towel that is soft. Do not forget their nose and ear too.
  • You can also rinse the head with no more tears shampoo while you pour water over their head be careful it shouldn’t fall on their face. Always place a hand on the baby when you are pouring water because the baby can make extreme movement when the things that they do not like a being done. Do not be very harsh on rubbing the soap just gently rub the soap in your hand and use the lather to wash your baby.
  • Once all the parts are washed thoroughly it’s time to take the baby out of the bathroom, use a clean cloth to bring them out of the water. Preferably use a cloth that covers the whole of the body.

New born baby’s first bath experience is very important for the baby to comfort themselves and for the parent to learn the steps of parenting. Baby’s first bath develops an unbreakable bond between the parent and the infant. When the baby’s first bath at home is done with all the comforts necessary they would definitely wait to have some more bath times. So enjoy this period with your baby and build some amazing memories.