Most Authentic Wildcraft Mask Review

Wildcraft is a known brand and anyone whose even a bit into sports would know about Wildcraft’s collection of outdoor equipment’s and apparels. It’s one of those popular brands that have been providing premium collection of products since more than two decades. So if all of their products are of genuine quality, it’s obvious that the Wildcraft mask would also stand equivalent. Anyways after Covid wearing masks is mandatory but Wildcraft is not new in dealing with masks. The Wildcraft’s Supermask W95 collection exists even before covid. These masks keep you safe from outside pollutants. They are a life savour for you and your family. Especially for kids dealing with respiratory problems, these masks are a blessing as they keep your child safe from contaminated particles juggling with breathing.  

Let’s discuss the quality and benefits of Wildcraft masks in detail.

Wildcraft mask review

Wildcraft mask is one of the most essential outdoor products required these days. It’s 6 layer triple filtration system is designed to provide comfortable breathability which makes is a great outdoor respirator that keeps the dust particles away. It’s carefully made to survive well in all weather conditions. It is ideal to survive in city pollutants as keeps your lungs smoke free.

A major feature that lifts the value of Wildcraft mask review to another level is that this supermask by Wildcraft is clinically tested in the Textile Ministry’s approved labs and therefore adheres to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) quality standards.

Quality of Wildcraft mask

The clinical test results say:

  1. Wildcraft mask online saves your mouth and nose from accidentally inhaling droplets/fluids of any kind.
  2. It’s BFE (Bacteria filtration efficiency) is 95%+ for bacteria sized 3 micrometer.
  3. It’s PFE (Particle filtration efficiency) is also 95%+ for bacteria sized 0.3 micrometer.
  4. It’s perfectly designed keeping comfort in mind. It’s ideal for all seasons hence keep the breathability intact.
  5. Wildcraft mask online are reusable for up to 30 hand washes. Always wash it everyday after use.  

Features of Wildcraft mask

  • The extra coverage feature increases protection.
  • It is simple to wear and can be handled easily.
  • It makes comfortable breathing possible.
  • It comes with smooth yet firm ear loops to additional comfort.
  • It’s innovatively designed for a universal fit and to avoid fogging over the eyes.
  • It won’t bother you with all the facial movements.
  • It can be easily a folded and stored and can be reused conveniently.
  • It’s absolutely worth every penny spent.

Wildcraft mask review by experienced moms:

“I use Wildcraft mask for my son who has mild asthma. Dust is always a problem for him even at home. So we use air purifier at home but when he goes out to play, I am always worried as he complains about irritation trigged by dust. After using Wildcraft mask, his complaints have reduced and I am also at peace when he is outdoors.” – Rakhi

“Very nice and comfortable to use and looks great on the face too. Colours are not to vibrant just the way I like. My daughter is fond of it.” – Prerna

“It fits well on face. It keeps the dust away and doesn’t affect breathing. Great in use.” – Sandhika

Wildcraft mask online

Here are some of the best Wildcraft mask online to pick. These are available in sizes small to extra large. You can pick the size that you think would fit right on your face.

Wildcraft mask online
Wildcraft mask online

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Wash instructions:

  • Wash gently
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Do no wring


All Wildcraft masks are reusable so they are a complete value for money but make sure to wash them properly after use and do not use the mask post 30 wash. Don’t take this statement lightly as any mask that indicates a no. of wash simply means that it will either stop protecting you from tiny bacteria which you can’t even see from naked eye or would start creating breathing problems. Whichever of the two it might be is a problem for the person using so be highly cautious about this.

Precautions for using Wildcraft mask online

  • Always wash your hands before using the mask.
  • Always wash your hands after removing the mask.
  • Always wash the mask after using.
  • Do not share the mask with others to avoid possible contamination.
  • Store the Wildcraft mask away from sunlight, possibly in a dry place.
  • Ditch the mask if it creates breathing problems.
  • Ditch the mask after 30 washes.

About Wildcraft

Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in 1998 to provide trek to travel products. Currently the company caters to 3.5 million customers per annum and has sales over $100 million. It provides backpacking equipped products like outdoor apparels, footwear perfect for all terrains, travels and travel cases. All of the Wildcraft products are light in weight and are multifunctional. A very less known fact about the company is that it has been serving the country’s police and paramilitary personnel’s through Defence canteens with various products required by them.


So now you have Wildcraft mask review above to help you get an idea about the quality of this product. Using good quality masks will save you and your family from Covid-19 as well as from various other harmful diseases that are triggered by air and water pollution. It’s very difficult to avoid these problems otherwise so be safe and keep everyone around you safe too.

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