5 Best Mosquito Net for Baby Available In India

Protecting our little ones from all kinds of hazards, even when we are not around is the number one priority of every parent. We might use mosquito net for baby made into crib tents for various reasons, keep our pet animals out of the crib to protect a baby from insect bites or keep a baby from climbing out of a crib especially at night times.

Some folks might like the elegant look of the draped mosquito net for baby hung from the ceiling and falling over the crib for a dreamy canopy effect. Sharing my experience in this matter, my little one never likes to sleep with the blanket wrapped around her but she needs the room to have the fan on or the AC on. So I was always scared that my kid would catch a cold, my mom insisted on using a baby mosquito net and it gave good results, protection plus less cold inside the net.

Following are some top brand delivering high quality mosquito net for baby:

1. Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net

A very good peaceful night’s sleep with your baby napping beside you, this mosquito safety net is designed to cover your entire double bed and is made out of the finest meshwork to keep even the tiniest insects far away. This mosquito net for baby has been made to last for a really long time, but in case it gets damaged somehow, you can use the included patches to cover them easily. The best part is these patches come in different shapes like stars and moon that can also keep your kids entertained. The product has added benefit of being foldable which means you can fold it very easily with a few simple steps in the morning and store it inside a small bag that comes with the pack. You must know that this baby mosquito net is ideal for queen size beds.


Buy baby mosquito net on discounted price of: ₹ 1,053.00

2. Classic Foldable Mosquito Net – King Size

With this mosquito net for baby, the height wouldn’t be a problem as it has ample headroom for you to sit in your bed when this net it placed comfortably. There are also two openings that have been provided on either side of the bed for added comfort and you can easily fit it on any double bed ranging from queen to super king. You can easily fold it to keep inside a circular bag that comes included in the package. It gets ready to be placed almost instantly and you can fold it within seconds. The added nets on the sides let you fold it below the mattress to create a perfect seal.


Current discounted price: ₹ 1,049.00


3. Heavy Quality Baby Mosquito Net

If you are willing to go for a traditional mosquito safety net that needs to be hooked from its four corners on the top, then this product has a perfect solution for your need. The company has made this net out of high-quality material which is also washable and won’t get damaged quite easily. There is also a heavy bottom cloth that has been included to keep the net in place. This product is available in different sizes and you can choose one of these based on your bed’s dimensions as the fit needs to be perfect for keeping the mosquitoes out. It is available for both single and double beds. With that, just like any other cloth, you can fold it and store it easily.

Buy Baby Mosquito Net on discounted price of: ₹ 849.00


4. ROYALE HI DESIGN Mosquito Net Foldable With Saviours – King Size

This is a product with an inbuilt structure comes with a sturdy frame, the Royal mosquito net for baby will be able to hold its position without any support and give you comfort throughout the night. It has a sleek  design and completely fits on your mattress to keep you safe. There are two openings included on either side to let each of you get out easily. Made out of high-quality material, the net is designed to last for a really long time and you can even wash it without many effort. In few cases, if holes start to appear in the net, then the included patches will help you fix them within seconds. This is a foldable net allowing you to carry it around without any problems.


Buy baby mosquito net on discounted price of: ₹ 909.00

5. Foldable Baby Mosquito Net – King Size With Free Saviours

It comes in a package for a king size bed, you will find this mosquito net for baby great for your double bed. Also, you can even choose between blue and pink colour, based on your room’s setting. Towards the bottom end of the net, there is a large opening with a 2- zipper which will help you get out without removing the net. It can be easily tucked under the mattress for a perfect fit and not letting it move during the night. You can easily open it within a second and folding it back to its small size is quite easy.


Current discounted price: ₹ 1,000.00

Some more top options available online:

What sort of problems could arise while using mosquito net for baby?

Problems that might arise while using mosquito net for baby:

One of the major risks of using a mosquito net for a baby is strangulation. A baby may be able to undo the netting from one side and potentially become wrapped up in it. Netting that falls down or is pulled down by a toddler can also wrap around the neck of the baby.  According to the CPSC, mesh openings should not exceed 1/4 inch or they may become caught on a child’s clothing. A child may get his head or neck caught in openings that are too large.


Mosquito nets often attach to the bed with clips or ties that hold it in place. A kid might be able to work the clips or ties loose, then may put them in his mouth and choke on them. This is more likely to occur if you add your own attachments to the netting to keep it in place, whether it’s because the tent doesn’t seem secure enough or because the original clips have broken. So think about it loud and clear before you buy baby mosquito net.

So be very careful and use the nets wisely.

Happy parenting folks!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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