Stress Management Techniques To Handle New Mom Anxiety

When a woman enters motherhood everything around her changes because she looks at life with a new perspective. The Tv remote that used to attract her before, was a very important mean of entertainment is now long beyond her reach because she feels it’s too dangerous for her kid to have tv exposure at such an young age, also she is afraid whether the baby might chew the remote and the button might get lodged in his throat, and also she feels the remote might be filthy because so many people touched it and can be harmful for the baby. Thus, a simple tv remote has become such a big deal now. It’s very easy for a new mom to becomes anxious and take things way too much to the other level that she becomes paranoid and may have anxiety attacks. It very important to manage the new mom anxiety and here are a few methods that I use when I get such episodes to nervousness.

Finding the source and taking time out

It’s very important to fight the new mom anxiety, and the best method to begin with is finding the source. Whether it is your relatives, or your partner giving you many instructions or advices that is causing your anxiety to aggravate, or your neighbours trying to talk and advice about baby stuff. It can lead to to over thinking in you and may cause new mom anxiety. It will raise questions about whether or not you are doing the right thing with your baby. First off, take care of the source, if it’s your family members talk to them, tell them how you feel about their advices and nudging behaviour, and if it’s someone you are less acquainted with try avoiding them till you are ready to face them.

Growing the inner power

After the pregnancy and the delivery the woman has evoked a new level of power in herself that makes her go through any situation and hardship, she went through the nine months in pregnancy band later delivered a beautiful baby undergoing all the pain. Now, the inner power just needs to be given a nudge, sometimes because of the influence of other we self doubt ourselves. Keep reminding yourself that you are doing a great job. Meditation is the best method to go ahead in this situation. Also, one can practice yoga which will release the positive energy. Never ever let anyone tell you less about yourself. Keep self boosting and complementing yourself. Remember Rome was not built in a day, so one cannot be perfect in a day, give it some time.

Venting out the inner stress

Generally an over flowing pot causes a disastrous spill, so before the mind gets too much clustered with thoughts find a way to vent it out. It can be done either by writing a diary, or talking to your friends band family, which ever gives you peace of mind. Once the extra energy is gone, you can now focus on doing something positive for yourself. The new mom anxiety can be easily removed when you pull the root cause out.

New Mom Anxiety
Stressed mother and her baby.

Start afresh

Now, that you have got the extra emotions out you can now start redirecting your mind to some new hobbies or brushing on the old ones. Singing, dancing, exercising it can be anything. I know with the new baby the time for yourself is very less and you might find yourself too tired. But don’t let this new schedule get in your way. Definitely you can spare at-least twenty minutes for yourself daily even the baby wouldn’t mind it. You would feel much more healthier physically and mentally too.

Instant solution

Sometimes it so happens that you get a new mom anxiety and there no much time to go through the procedure of venting it out. At such times the solution that I follow is I put my baby in the pram and we leave for a stroll. I speak to my baby, she smiles to me as if she acknowledges everything, it gives me instant relief from my new mom anxiety and I return home like a happy new puppy.

Anxiety is just a phase,

Be confident and remove it’s trace,

Remember your baby is the greatest gift,

She will always give you a pleasant mood shift.!!!!

Conquer the new mom anxiety monster together with your family, happy parenting!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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