Let’s Get Your Kids Learn Skating – Pick From These 12 Best Skate Shoes (Quad & Inline) For Kids In India

Looking for Best Inline Skates in India? Just like thousands of parents, do you too wish to help your kids learn skating at home? If yes then read further below to check out the list of best skate shoes for kids that we have prepared. We understand the pain of looking for the right product with so many options available. Therefore our research team has come up with the list of Best Inline Skates in India that you can buy online.

But before jumping ahead, let’s first know what inline skates really are and how are they different from quad skates?

What are inline skates?

Inline skates are those variety of roller skates where wheels are aligned in a single line. Usually these are three to five wheels arranged in a single fashion. They have an inbuilt brake or a rubber to control and stop the skates.

What is a difference between quad skates & inline skates?

Quad skatesInline skates
Quad skates are roller skates that have two wheels in the front and two in the back.Inline skates are roller skates in which wheels are placed in a single line.
Vert stableLess stable
Example of quad skates:
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Example of inline skates:
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Now let’s look at the list of best skate shoes for kids that are available in India & you can pick from:

Best Quad Skates For Kids In India

Cosco skate

Cosco skates are the best skates shoes for kids when it comes to quad skates category. There is no sports brand that can compete in quality when it comes to Cosco. They are available in junior as well as senior size so you can pick accordingly. Cosco is among the most opted quad skates for kids in India.

Best quad skates in India

Quad Roller Skates by Jaspo

Jaspo quad skates don’t just come in a single shoes. It is a complete security kit that shields your child while they learn skating. This is among the finest brands available in India. It’s superior quality gives a good fit and comfort to anyone who wears. It comes for both kids as well as adults. Jaspo skate shoes price is on a higher side but that’s only because quality comes at a price.

Best quad skates in India

Iris Quad Skates

Another amazing options of skate shoes for kids is this one by the brand named Iris. These are also among the best quality options available in India. Design of this particular brand is sleek so much that despite of not being an inline skate, it looks similar to it. It gives a proper grip as it’s adjustable and comfortable to wear. Iris skate shoes price usually ranges between ₹ 1,499.00 – ₹ 2,499.00.

Best quad skates in India

Pro-Lite Roller Skates

Looking for some worthy quad skate shoes In India for Kids? Aurion offers a great collection in form of its pro lite skates which will help the child learn balance maintenance and coordination skills too. These fit into shoe size ranging from 5-11 easily.  They also have front braking stoppers which ensure complete safety of the child. Aurion’s skate shoes price is usually below ₹ 600.00.

Quad skates

Pro-Lite Roller Skates – SLYK

These are adjustable skates with two clips beneath the skates. These can be used for adjusting the size of these skates. The skates also have toe stop brakes that provide additional safety to your child. It also comes with laces in the front side that ensure a firm fit.

Roller skates for kids

Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids

These are colourful adjustable quad skates for kids which come with rolling bearing wheels which are made out of good quality material. These can be used both for boys and girls and come in attractive colours. Children up to age 10 can use these skates depending upon the size of the skates. These also have build-in toe brakes which ensure safety of the users too.

Quad skates for kids

Now you have the list of top options available in quad skates for kids. You can pick the perfect options from above. However, if you are looking for best inline skates in India, we also have the top options listed below. Check it out:

Best Inline Skates in India

Inline Skate Shoes – Jaspo

In addition to Quad skates, these are another of the skate shoes (Roller & Inline) In India for Kids by one of the most renowned brands Jaspo. These lace-up skate shoes are available in size 31-42 and are suitable for children from the age group of 10-14. No assembly is needed in these skate shoes and you can make kids wear these off and run away. The structure of these inline skate shoes is made of aluminium and is very sturdy. It grips your child perfectly and protects them from various possible injuries.

Inline skates

Best Inline Skate Shoes by Comeon

Very rarely available, these are the best inline skate in India currently. These are sturdy and comfortable just like many other inline skates you might see online but what differentiates this from others is the shoe attached above the four wheels. Anyways inline skates are simpler to learn for both boys and girls. However, this style makes it even more comfortable to easy to use. Skate shoes price by brand named Comeon is on a higher side. It’s price ranges somewhere between usually ₹19,218 – ₹22,218. Comeon Skate shoes price depends on the import factors. However, if you can manage, this is your best purchase as this will last longer with you.

Inline skates

Adjustable Inline skates for Kids

These skate shoes (Roller & Inline) In India for Kids available online are sort of a replica of the above mentioned Comon inline skate shoes. The look of both of them is very similar but we cannot guarantee the quality. However, this can be your best buy in low budget. These are adjustable and come with some unique features. These have an aluminium frame and come with a premium stopper which ensures that kids do not fall off when they stop suddenly. These skate shoes price range between ₹ 1,599.00 – ₹ 2,099.00.

USB Rechargable Inline Skate Shoes

These high top wheel sneakers are the best inline skates in India. They are LED light-up skate shoes and kids will find it easy to use these too. These can also be worn without the use of wheels which will make them regular shoes. The rollers can be hidden at the pressing of a button. The lit-up shoes definitely look great during evening hours and your children will feel special when they wear these shoes and go for the skating session.

Colours: Pink and white

Size: 1 – 3.5 UK

Stylish Inline Skates For Kids by Cockatoo

Skate shoes for kids by Cockatoo are also becoming very popular in India. These are comfortable and sturdy and provide a good grip on the foot. It’s unique feature is again the shoes above the wheel which is makes it comfortable. The boot style look enhances the appearance and make it very stylish. It’s perfect for kids of all age. Rated 4.6 out of 5, these are among the best inline skates in India.

Stylish Inline Skates

Premium quality inline skates by K2 Skate 

Another best option in skate shoes for kids and adults is this one by K2 Skate. Price of this one is also on a higher side but this is totally worth the purchase as it’s rated 5 out of 5 which is a completely rare case scenario. It’s comfortable, adjustable, stylish and are built with Stamped aluminium frame which gives flexibility and reliability both at the same time. It’s price range usually varies between ₹33,699 – ₹37,000.

Best inline skates for kids

Little tip for buying skates shoes

It’s always a dilemma as to which option to go for especially when it comes to price and with so many options available. Let’s help you with it.

In case of kids, you may be choose to pick a low priced product as their size may vary in some days. But if you are buying skates for your soon to be adult child who is extremely passionate about skating, you’ve got to choose wisely. We’ll suggest that you can also pick higher value product as once the skates form a grip in the foot, it builds a long term connect which in turn helps people better in your learning. With no thought of changing, these are going to be your best shot in skate learning.

So now you have the list of best options of skates shoes for kids and adults available in India. Pick the one that suits you.

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