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9 Popular & Comfortable Cartoon Beds For Your Kid’s Room – Pick The Character They love!

Cartoon beds

Your child is your most loved asset and every parent want to give complete comfort to their children especially when it comes to comfortable sleeping. A cartoon bed of your child’s favourite cartoon character can be your best move in doing so. Even famous child therapist and psychologists have ensured that giving a cartoon character bed to your child would multiply their happiness quotient to many folds and would ensure their natural growth as well.

Before we, get into details of comfortable cartoon character bed for the kids, it is vital that we talk about benefits of the same briefly.

Why you must have a Cartoon Bed in your kids room?

Bed cartoon offers an unexplored and new horizon to your child. These could turn out to be the dream destination and a lot more for them. As per a child psychologists Mr. Ram Balakrishnan, a bed cartoon acts as a friend to a child which in turn helps them get a better sleep. Here’s more to this theory:

It acts like a dream house for your child

Cartoon bed is like the dream house for your kid. Since babies identify with cartoon characters and feel more connected to them, giving them a complete cartoon character bed definitely make them feel like their dream has come true. Your baby will be happy to sleep in the bed and will love to remain comfortable during short and long duration.

It builds a connection & ensure comfortable sleep for your child

Your child’s favourite Bed cartoons would build an emotional connection with him/her that gives them mental peace. Getting a comfortable sleep for them becomes easier for them as they feel as if they are lying in the arms of their most loved character.

It keeps your child’s essentials organised

Most of the beds are made out of sturdy wooden frame and have ample space to store essentials of your baby. This will help you keep all of your child’s stuff organised in one place.

Which are the best cartoon character beds that you can buy for kid’s room?

There are lots of options available in the market when it comes to buying the appropriate cartoon beds for the kids. Let us explore some of the best which are available online on Amazon.

Option 1: Doremon Cartoon Character Bed

This cartoon character bed is available online on Amazon.in which means you can order from anywhere and get it delivered anywhere in India. If you child is a doremon lover then this is your perfect choice as this bed will give your child a warm feeling and will offer comfort when they sleep. It is made of fibre material therefore it can be washed at home as well. This bed can be used for young and elder children as well.

Doremon cartoon bed

Brand: Shakti Fashion BNL.

Price range: Rs 3000 – Rs 5000

Option 2: Minion Cartoon Character Toy Bed

This is another perfect cartoon bed for minion lovers. The entire minion series has captured the minds of thousands of kids who would love to have a minion bed in their room. This cartoon character bed is available in different size options. The online package consists of one cartoon toy bed that is filled with fibre which is of good quality. Your child will definitely feel comfortable and cozy while resting on this bed.

Minion Cartoon Character Toy Bed

Brand: Shakti Fashion BNL.

Price range: Rs 3000 – Rs 5000

Cartoon Kitty Sofa cum Bed for Kids

You can get this kitty sofa cum toy bed online and it would be comfortably delivered at your location anywhere in India. It is made from soft plush material and can also be used as a sofa. It is easy to clean and is made out of velvet which makes it a comfortable product to be used by the baby.

Kitty cartoon bed

Brand: C.Decor

Price range: Rs 500 – Rs 1500

Frozen cartoon bed cum sofa for kids

This frozen cartoon bed is also available online on various platforms in India. It is made from high quality material and is lightweight. It has attractive and vibrant colours which makes it a favourite of the child. For all the Frozen loving kids, it’s the perfect choice. It is made out of skin friendly fabric and you can be sure of the fact that the child will remain healthy and safe when they use this bed.

Frozen cartoon bed

Brand: Sky Home Furnishing

Price range: Rs 1000 – Rs 1500

Monkey Cartoon Character Bed

This bed is available online and is a viable product that can be used for the children. This is a monkey cartoon character bed and will be loved by your children for its unique size and shape. Your child will remain warm when they sleep on this bed and will be comfortable during their sleep. The fibre of this monkey cartoon character bed is washable and offers ample rest to the baby.

Monkey cartoon bed

Brand: Shakti Fashion BNL.

Price range: Rs 3000 – Rs 5000

Doremon Sofa cum Bed for Kids

This is a durable product that comes with multi usable facility, especially when your children love taking a nap during the day time. It is available online on Amazon.in and is made from high quality material. It is extremely lightweight and you can carry it to different parts of your home easily.

Doremon sofa cum bed

Brand: C’ Decor

Price range: Rs 500 – Rs 1100

Rabbit cartoon character bed

This rabbit cartoon character bed is ideal for you only if your child loves rabbits. It’s soft, comfortable and cosy. It’s pink coloured which your child might love but you might hate as it’s surely is high maintenance. Any light coloured product is often a problem for moms as they have to take care of its cleaning part too. Leaving that part aside, it’s an amazing option to go for. This rabbit cartoon character bed weights between 1 Kg – 4 Kg approximately and is suitable for children from age group ranging from 1year to 5 year.

Rabbit cartoon character bed

Brand: Shakti Fashion BNL.

Price range: Rs 4000 – Rs 4500

Mickey Mouse cartoon bed

Order this unique sofa cum bed through Amazon for your child. It is suitable for children from age group of 1-3 years. It is light and portable and can be moved to other corners of the home easily.

Mickey mouse bed

Brand: Shanti Textiles

Price range: Rs 700 – Rs 1000

Giant minion cartoon bed

This giant sized minion cartoon bed is perfect for a die heart minion fan child. This is because of the perfect design of this bed as it looks exactly like the minions looked in every minion movie. This minion cartoon bed is made of high quality fibre which is cushiony and comfortable as well as is soft for your child’s skin. Your baby will get the best sleep ever in this amazing minion cartoon bed. We’ll recommend you to go for this one.

Minion cartoon bed

Brand: Shakti Fashion BNL.

Price range: Rs 700 – Rs 1000

We hope our above list of top cartoon character beds has helped you reach to the product that you were looking for. Since every child is a cartoon character fan, we believe, at least one bed option from this above list would be your child’s favourite as the list comprises of all the famous characters these days, including frozen and doremon.

So if you pick any of the above options, do drop us a message so we know that we are moving on the right direction.

Happy shopping parents!





















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