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Kareena Kapoor’s Pregnancy Breaks Taboos & Give New Age Maternity Goals To Moms Of Today!

Kareena Kapoor Pregnancy

Maternity Fashion & A Lot More Is There To Learn From Kareena Kapoor’s Pregnancy

Kareen Kapoor pregnancy is a buzz of the town these days. The entire period of per first pregnancy with Taimur she had become an internet sensation for moms. This time again she captured all eyeballs towards herself with her pregnancy belly or maternity fashion. Even her newly decorated home is becoming popular day by day. Everyone would agree that the lady is charming and stylish and continues to impress everyone even during her 9 months of pregnancy period.

Her appearance and style is something that moms already notice but there are few more elements of Kareena Kapoor pregnancy that moms of today need to learn. Even if you are pseudo feminist, there are certain things you need to start focusing on:

Don’t need to hide your baby bump

In India, flaunting your baby bump has always been considered wrong. You would see women shying off with their baby bump and often try to cover it using a stole or a duppatta (depending on the attire). Some women would do this even while wearing a nightgown. I mean why? Why do you even need to hide your bump? What’s there to be ashamed off? With her bold and confident styling, Kareena Kapoor positions herself as a smart mom who doesn’t shy off her pregnancy. Here are some Kareena Kapoor pregnancy photos that show her amazing maternity looks:

The above one from a huge collection of Kareena Kapoor maternity dresses is costs around ₹ 1,00,368.72. If you are looking for a similar look, here’s an alternative available that’ll give you a perfect look with a similar fall that she’s wearing. Here’s it below:

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Here’s one more option that you can pick:

Black maternity dress

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Kareena took to Instagram to show off her pregnancy belly in a bolder way too:

Wear comfort clothing and you’ll still look stylish

Fashion never means discomfort and it’s proved all the while during Kareena Kapoor pregnancy. Weather it was the first month or 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, Kareena has never been seen in any awkward kind of clothing. No wonder she knows how to carry herself and therefore, while wearing comfortable clothes yet in style she gives amazing maternity fashion goals for new age moms. Look at some of these Kareena Kapoor pregnancy photos that’ll explain more to what’s mentioned above:

Image courtesy: Times of India

Some comfortable and trendy maternity dresses under ₹ 889.00:

Denim maternity dress

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Your maternity clothes can be better than just nighties

For some women, maternity means staying in their night wear or to be more correct, just staying in nighties day and night. This mindset needs to change. Various brands have launched amazing collections of maternity fashion clothing nowadays that offers a huge variety to pick from. And the best part is, even maternity clothes can be purchased at a price of a nighty. So, there’s no need to pick nighty instead go for some comfort wear like Kareena. Here are some Kareena Kapoor pregnancy photos to give you ideas to do so:

Here are some alternative options that you can pick:

You definitely don’t need to stop working right after being pregnant

Post delivery break definitely makes some sense but there are women who think that even during pregnancy they should stop working. I doubt if anyone has seen Kareena Kapoor denying her work visits during her pregnancy period. This is the best learning from Kareena Kapoor pregnancy as she was still on set and was shooting during her 9 months period. And imagine she is an actor so she might get some luxury but she still needs to be involved in a lot of physical activities.

Taking a vacation during pregnancy is okay

During per pregnancy period, Kareena flew to Dharamshala to be with her husband Saif Ali Khan and Taimur and spent time with them. This is breaking another taboo going on in India where women would confine themselves in houses only because they are pregnant. Yes precaution is necessary and so is travel. It’s always good to be out with family sometime while taking care of yourself and your diet during pregnancy. Don’t avoid taking a trip if you feel like.

Spending time with your girl friends is also necessary

Among a lot of things that are important, spending time with your girl friends is one of them. You’ve always got to spare some time for yourself and for your most loved girl friends because there’s not any kind of fun like what you have with them. You can chat and talk whatever you want and even be yourself at ease. Even Kareena did this.

Kareena Kapoor pregnancy goals have broken many social taboos that have been going on in India from long. Doing physical activities and eating right is recommended during pregnancy and Kareen is doing both right. She has set an example of being a perfect mom as she maintains a perfect work life balance during her pregnancy.

Moms of today are looking up to her as she has proved her point gracefully. So if you are a soon to be mom, you’ve got to see what’s this gracefully lady has been doing and is also achieving great in life.

Here are our handpicked list of some maternity clothes available online that you can also pick and look stylish during your pregnancy period:

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