Feeding Churidar Set Under ₹ 1000

Wearing everything comfortable during pregnancy or post pregnancy period is the basic need of new moms. Only when she is comfortable, she can take care of the newborn easily. But being in comfort doesn’t mean you have to be in nighties always. It’s an age old perception especially because pregnant women didn’t leave their homes majorly. However the new age moms are working or at least are socializing and they do have to step out of their house. So finding the right pregnancy clothes is very important for them. Even during their nursing period, getting comfortable feeding clothes is need of the hour. One of the majorly searched outfits in this category is feeding churidar in India. Because why not, it’s the basic Indian attire and every woman needs a few in their closet. So to help you feeding moms get what you need, we have come up with a list of feeding churidar online shopping within affordable budgets.

Now, our list below contains some of the best options available in India. These are mostly churidar pajamis paired with feeding kurtis to get the perfect look. We have also listed a few duppattas to match them along so you can get the perfect outfit, kind of exactly what you are looking at. Let’s take a look:

Best Feeding Churidar Online

#1. Blue white feeding churidar

If you are looking for feeding churidar online shopping, this particular blue and white feeding kurti is a perfect option. You can pair this with a white coloured legging or churidar pajami. This one will also look great with a red or pink legging. Pair this with a decent white or pink duppata. Click to buy white duppatta.

feeding churidar online shopping
feeding churidar online shopping

#2. Brown feeding churidar

Brown is an unusual colour. It can’t be paired with everything or anything. You need some specific colour options in top to make a fashion statement. So, if you have something to go along great. If not, then be really cautious about what you pair with this brown churidar. Our suggested colour and variety of options are listed below to help you take the right route to pregnancy fashion.

Brown feeding churidar

With the above brown feeding churidar online shopping this below orange short feeding kurti would match well in our opinion. Orange and brown belong to the same family of colours so pairing them both never goes wrong. It’s going to make a perfect outfit.

Short feeding kurti

But you want to play safe then go along with this brown feeding kurti and duppatta. Brown along with another family of brown will never go wrong. Even the model is wearing the same combination so you can too.

Feeding kurti with duppatta

#3. Blue feeding churidar

Black and blue are two colours that are mandatorily required in every wardrobe, because both these colours can be paired with various colour combinations. So, here’s one of the two best colour options that you can pick and pair easily. This feeding churidar online shopping is comfortable fit wise. The fabric is soft and stretchable. It is available in various sizes so you get to choose your size at ease.

Feeding churidar

Pair this above blue feeding churidar with any of these below mentioned feeding kurtis and tops:

Feeding churidar
Feeding kurti

#4. Feeding churidar with Double layered kurta

Another amazing feeding churidar with double layered kurta is this one. It’s a great wear as it goes perfectly well for casual as well as formal type of occasions. Its also perfect for shy working moms who don’t wish to flaunt their baby bump out loud.

White feeding churidar
Feeding churidar

#5. Black feeding churidar

Another perfect option is this black feeding churidar which is your perfect go to maternity outfit. It’s amazing in fit especially the womb area where a good grip is required. This feeding churidar can be paired with various feeding kurtis in maximum combinations. It can also be used with western wear like maternity tshirts and maternity shirts. We have listed some options that we found would go well with it.

Feeding kurti
Feeding kurti

#6. Grey feeding churidar

This feeding churidar online shopping is available at decent price. It’s soft and comfortable to wear. The fabric won’t make you sweat during hot summers. And of course the grip which is the prime important element of this maternity legging is exactly the way it should be. Pair this with any kurti or maternity tshirt of your choice.

Feeding churidar
Feeding kurti
Nursing top

Benefits of Feeding Churidars In India

  • Holds the baby in perfect position

One of the major benefits of feeding churidar is that it gives the required grip to the baby bump. This is why it is also regarded as maternity churidar however its use is not restricted to single period. It can be used before and after pregnancy period too.

  • Ease of nursing anywhere

This is the basic attribute of feeding churidars paired with feeding kurtis that they make nursing possible anywhere. All you need to do is to open the zip on either of the side and make you baby have food. You don’t need to pull your entire outfit for this and go through shaming. Just simply open the area that’s needed and it’s done.

  • Comfortable latch for the baby

While holding the baby in one hand and opening the zip enables comfortable latch to the baby. Your baby doesn’t need to run their mouth here and there. They can be in their comfortable posture while taking the feed.

  • Looks elegant even with post pregnancy weight

Since the post pregnancy weight doesn’t go away that easy, feeding churidars are designed to enhance your appearance even with the weight. So you don’t need to stress yourself as your look would remain elegant and smart. Most feeding clothes are designed that way to give the decent appearance that you need while enable a good latching experience for both mom and the baby.

We hope our suggested list of feeding churidar online shopping under1000 would have worked for you. If you were able to find these options good enough then do drop a line to let us know so we can know we are on the right track.

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