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Chanting “nam myoho renge kyo? Include These 9 Items To Enhance Your Chanting Experience!

Meditation products

Have you too started chanting “nam myoho renge kyo”? Of course you have. You know I began some 7 years back and you cannot imagine the wonders this chant has been doing for me. I believe anyone who intends to chant or meditate can do it from anywhere. Be it a living room or a bedroom, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the meditation aura or the feeling that can be created using elements that are very much available these days.So to help you do this in the right way, I’ve prepared a list of meditation products that I have been using at home and that works in my favour:

Meditation Seat Cushion

A meditation seat cushion is one of the most comfortable meditation products that I’ve see ever. It is soothing and relaxing and helps me preparing for a chant mentally. For better support, meditation seat with back support India is also available that you can go for. Although various options of meditation seat cushion is available nowadays, here are 2 options that I have been using since long:

Option 1:

Meditation Seat Cushion

Option 2: Meditation seat with back support India

meditation seat with back support India

Essential oil diffuser

Next in line is an essential oil diffuser with essential oil that is available in various fragrances. If you go online, you can get a huge list of options of essential oil online India to pick from. Even essential oil diffuser India are available in different designs, colors and sizes. Now you have to pick the one that goes with the theme of your meditation room where you chant “nam myoho renge kyo”.

But here’s the one that I have been using so you can pick this if this one works for you.

Oil diffuser

One of my friends are using this below one too. See if you would like to explore:

Essential oil diffuser with essential oil

Led mood lighting

This is a perfect meditation there could ever be. Led mood lighting options are available nowadays, which are subtle and soothing for your eyes. Led mood lighting comes in different colors and sizes. As far as size is concerned, you’ll have to choose as per the socket size of your lamp or wall, wherever you are placing it. The best and most preferred color of led mood lighting is dim yellow and goes perfectly well with the meditation aura.

In my case, mood lighting Philips has been going on since long. Mood lighting Philips is soothing as the way it should be and works for a long time.

Here’s the Mood lighting Philips that I have been using:

mood lighting Philips

Meditation candles

Meditation candles are also a great way of adding to your entire meditation experience. If you are someone who would like to go with led mood lighting, then for your meditation candles are a perfect alternative. These candles also bring good fragrance to your room and if you pick these in your favourite flavour then you don’t need anything else. It would work two ways for you, to bring light as well as the fragrance. Getting this would be a great choice. Here are some good options of meditation candles to pick from:

Meditation candles
Meditation candle

Indoor Plants

Bring nature in your room because you need fresh oxygen and comfort for your eyes. Indoor plants don’t just enhance the air, they also adds up in beautification of the room. They work wonders in your chanting practices. Imagine chanting “nam myoho renge kyo” and the subtle smell of your plants that would fill in the room.

Indoor plans

Bluetooth speaker

Soothing sound adds another level to the meditation aura of your room. There’s a huge collection of music available in various music apps and even Youtube that can play “OM” or similar music in this category. A Bluetooth speaker is your best support in meditation.

However, some of my friends find it interfering in while chanting “nam myoho renge kyo” because according to them they are trying to find peace in their mind and heart so this one is an optional meditation product totally depending on a personal choice.

Bluetooth speaker

Home Décor Items

I won’t call it essential but it’s good feel good factor or have meditation décor items in your meditation room. Items like Buddha idol or Buddha music bowl would add another charm to your feeling maximising it to another level. Because playing this music or looking at the soothing sculpture always bring a smile on a person’s face.

Honestly even I have this music instrument in my room since the day I’ve come back from my trip to Dharamshal & Mc Leodganj.

So try this if you like.

Buddha idol
Buddha idol
Buddha singing bowl

Peace stickers

A huge range of peaceful stickers is available online these days. Some very famous type of these stickers have Buddha printed on them, some have sign of peace while some have peace written on them. You can pick from all the various options available. These stickers can be placed on the wall or door or glass structures, in case you have some in your room.

Peace sticker

Buddha wall painting

Another meditation product that falls into optional category for a person like me who likes to keep their walls white always. However, recently I’ve met some people in my chant sessions, who have shared their experiences with me. According to them, Buddha paintings helps them to align their thoughts and increases positivity during their chanting sessions. They also said that having these paintings in their house keeps them and their families happy. Before this discussion, I hadn’t heard this kind of benefit of Buddha paintings.

Therefore I’ll recommend you to have Buddha paintings in your meditation room especially if you face hard time getting your mind on track. Here are some options, I like that you can pick from:

Buddha wall painting

Now you know some of the meditation products that would increase the charm of your meditation room and would embrace your meditation aura. I assure that with this specially dedicated and well-decorated meditation room, your whole experience of chanting “nam myoho renge kyo” would exceed to many folds. So people, start using these elements and embrace your chanting experience.

Also, if my research helps you in any ways, please do drop a line to us so that we know we are following the right track.

Feedback is a road to improvement, do provide & help us get better.