Top 8 High-Quality Baby Rocker Available Online India – Pick The One You Like!

Got a baby at home? We know because that’s why you are looking for a perfect baby rocker. Getting high-quality Baby Rocker Online India in 2021 is definitely important and somehow difficult at the same time. Understanding the pain of many parents, we’ve done our research to help you find the right product for your baby.

But before listing, let’s first discuss various other questions that you might be looking answers for.

What is a baby Rocker?

A baby rocker is used as a chair swing for baby. You can swing your baby while they sit on the chair. The base of this rocker is little slanted which makes it comfortable to sit.

The baby rocker enables you to swing your baby with the tip of your toe while you might be busy with other chores. Using a rocker for your baby eases your life because you don’t have to keep rocking your baby in your arms.

High Quality baby Rockers Online India in 2021


Product Name


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Fisher Price Rocker


LuvLap Rocker – Musical


 Mastela Rocker


Chicco Rocker


R for Rabbit Rocker


Baby Bucket Rocker




Mee Mee Rocker

1. Fisher Price Rocker

Fisher Price Rocker

Topping the list of best rockers is Fisher-Price rocker. It is portable and the chai has a reclining feature. Its come in different designs and colors to pick from. It provides a comfortable and convenient posture for your baby. There is a separate feeding space in this model of Fisher-Price rocker.

The best part of it is the inbuilt calming vibration that gives a soothing feeling to the baby. It has a washable seat pad which is machine wash friendly. Fisher-Price rocker is among the best baby swing chair available in India.

Fisher Price Rocker Price Range: ₹ 4,279.00 – ₹ 7,279.00

2. LuvLap Rocker – Musical

LuvLap Rocker

Luvlap Rocker is a 3 in 1 napper which comes with a unique feature of giving musical vibrations that triggers calming and soothing sleep for your baby. There are 3 simple play, feed and nap separate switches to operate. It comes with 10 melodies, volume of which can be easily adjusted.

Along with an active toy bar, there is 3 point safety harness feature in this baby swing chair that provides complete security to your baby. Luvlap Rocker enhances the napping experience for your baby.

Luvlap Rocker Price Range: ₹ 4,279.00 – ₹ 7,279.00

3. Mastela Rocker

Mastela Rocker

Mastela Rocker is among the best baby swing chair that are now available in India. It’s a deluxe portable baby swing ideal for your toddler. It has a comfortable 2 position reclining seat that provides extra comfort for your baby. Mastela Rocker has a 5 point safety harness feature for your baby’s security.

It comes with a 5 speed selection process where the swing timer can be adjusted for 15, 30 and 45 minutes. There is a locking mechanism for the seat as well. This baby swing chair comes with 7 different melodies and 3 nature related sounds for an entertaining experience.

Mastela Rocker Price Range: ₹ 5,279.00 – ₹ 7,579.00

4. Chicco Rocker

Chicco Rocker

If you are someone who is highly concerned about the quality of any product you buy for your baby, Chicco Rocker is for your. The brand has already captured a large part of audience for providing comfortable and unique baby products. Chicco swing for baby comes with a 5 point safety harness for providing additional security to your baby.

There are 4 motorised speed controlling system and a vibration unit. This swing for baby also comes with various musical tunes including natural musical sounds. Because of so many amazing features, Chicco Rocker comes in a luxury price range that if you can manage can bring a lifetime experience for your baby.

Chicco Rocker Price Range: ₹ 10,279.00 – ₹ 15,579.00

5. R for Rabbit Rocker

R for Rabbit Rocker

Another perfect swing for baby would be this R for Rabbit Rocker. This brand is also very famous for providing great range of baby products. Being certified by EN71 Safety compliance R for Rabbit Rocker ensures safe sleeping experience for your baby.

It has an inbuilt music rockers that helps your baby to experience the leisure of joyful music.

R for Rabbit Rocker Price Range: ₹ 2,299.00 – ₹ 3,900.00

6. Baby Bucket Rocker

Baby Bucket Rocker

Yet another amazing and comfortable rocker for baby is this one. It comes with removable toy and tray attachment which is multi usable. This baby bucket rocker is a portable and comes with 2 point reclining seat. It also has in built music vibration system for a soothing experience for your baby.

A major point of difference between other baby rockers and Baby Bucket Rocker is that it can be used beyond 6 months time as well. It is sturdy, made with high quality plastic which can easily hold a baby upto the weight of 20kgs.

Baby Bucket Rocker Price Range: ₹ 3,299.00 – ₹ 5,000.00

7. BAYBEE Rocker

BAYBEE rocker

Baybee rocker comes in a completely different shape. It is horse shaped just like old time baby rockers. It is easy and simple to ride and can be also be handled with the tip of your toe.

The 4 wheel design is quite unique and completely safe to hold your baby because it provides the required grip which helps your baby to gain confidence while riding.

BAYBEE Rocker Price Range: ₹ 1,299.00 – ₹ 2,500.00

8. Mee Mee Rocker

Mee Mee Rocker

Very stylishly designed and comfortable to lie down, this Mee Mee rocker is portable and easy to handle. It fulfils the purpose of a rocker as well as a portable cot. This one is very convenient to manage if you are traveling. It comes with a “Y” shaped belt that gives the required grip.

Mee Mee Rocker Price Range: ₹ 1,499.00 – ₹ 2,500.00

So here are the best baby rockers available in India. Now you can take the call as to which one from the above listed products is suitable for your requirement.

FAQ’s about Baby Rocker

Que 1: What is the ideal age for a baby to sit in a rocker?

Ans: Right after birth, babies can be made to sit in a rocker and you may continue till they are the age of 6 months. Some people use it later than that too.

Que 2: What is the price range for a good baby rocker?

Ans: A normal baby rocker price range starts from ₹ 400 and goes till ₹ 7,000. But a good one would come around a price range of ₹ 1,000 – ₹ 3,000. However, it depends on the range that is suitable for your pocket.

Que 3: What are best brands for baby rockers?

Ans: Here is the list of best brands for baby rockers:

  1. Fisher Price rocker
  2. Mastela
  3. LuvLap
  4. Chicco
  5. R for Rabbit
  6. Baby Bucket
  8. Mee Mee

We shall be discussing them all feature and price wise below to help you get an idea about the right product based on your requirement.

Que 4: How to evaluate the brand for baby rocker?

The best way to pick a good baby rocker is to evaluate the brand on the basis of these below mentioned attributes:

  1. Weight Recommendation must be at least 40 Pounds.
  2. Weight of the rocker should be around 3 kgs.
  3. It should be battery operated.
  4. Don’t forget to check the battery life which should be more than 1 hour at least.
  5. It should be portable.

Various brands are providing non portable baby rockers also but we’ll recommend you to pick portable rocker only because a portable rocker is easy to manage. It is equally comfortable for your child while gives you additional benefit of taking it along wherever you go.

Que 5: Which are the best baby rockers available in India?

Ans: All Best baby rockers which available in India have given at beginning of the article. You can check all description and price too.

Happy Shopping Now!

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