Considering Steel Again? Pick Any From These High Quality 100% Secure Steel Feeding Bottles For Your Baby

It’s always a tough decision to choose the right thing for our children when there are a ton of options available. We always end up confused, starting from diapers to feeding bottles there are a million options out there, especially steel feeding bottle. Feeding bottles anyways, are like our buddies always gives a helping hand to us when it comes to feeding our baby. When we are not available for our baby’s feed or when you are trying to wean your baby off breast milk the feeding bottle is there. So it’s of utmost importance that the baby feeding bottle should be the best that we choose. Now you might be wondering which of the million available options is the best feeding bottle? Is steel feeding bottle a good option? Are feeding bottles with spoons really worth it? Let’s the dust the doubts away-

Why are steel bottles better option than plastic ones?

Plastic bottles that are made for babies are usually free of BPA, it’s  an industrial chemical that is usually used in making food storage containers. But that doesn’t that they can be totally trusted or give them the clean chit. Plastic by nature can be very harmful to your health and your baby’s health too. Also, when it comes to a system as delicate as a baby’s, we can’t really trust plastic, of any kind, completely. Babies who are habituated to bottle feed always suckle and nibble on a feeding bottle continuously, increasing the risk of microplastic ingestion.

So here are a few options of stainless steel feeding bottles to choose from –

Pura Kiki Steel feeding bottle:

This range of steel feeding bottles is one of the best options available. These are 100% plastic free and therefore can be considered as pure and organic in nature. It comes with vacuum insulated technology that keeps the milk or all other types of liquids warm for minimum 6 hours. The best part is that with this technology, the liquid can stay cold as for upto 24 hours time, therefore making it comfortable and convenient to use.


  • This steel feeding bottle comes with different set of attachments that can convert the same bottle into a sipper or a small water bottle using a silicon lid.
  • The stainless steel used is medicated one and comes with many silicone accessories required for multiple usage.
best steel feeding bottle

Price of 260ml bottle: ₹ 1,609.00 

Buddsbuddy Steel Feeding Bottle

A most trusted company with baby products brings to you a natural and safe way of feeding formula to your baby. The Feeding bottle has soft nipples, and is easy to fill, hold, and clean, which makes it a very great choice for feeding your baby comfortably. Having the added benefit of being stainless steel body, the bottle makes it a versatile and practical tool for feeding. It is non breakable and making them extremely safe for your little one to use. Stainless steel thermal bottles are a great choice  as they keep the liquid contents hot or cold for a long period of time which is a necessity of every parent.

Steel Feeding Bottle
Price for 400ml bottle: ₹ 749.00 
Buy from Amazon.in
Price for 180ml bottle: ₹ 299.00 
Buy from Amazon.in
Price for 300ml bottle: ₹ 555.00 
Buy from Amazon.in

Mee Mee feeding bottle

Making the transition from feeding bottle to spout cup to straw sipping is an important one. Especially if your kid just is in love with the silicone rubber he would want to chew on the nipple rather than try anything new. So it makes it quite a tricky task. The 2 in 1 silicone training cup is designed to help your child gradually transit from feeding bottle to drinking thick liquids from spout cups to straw sippers and enjoy all kinds of liquids with more ease and comfort. What would be more comforting than to watch of baby feed independently and happily.

Mee mee feeding bottle
Price of 120ml bottle: ₹ 359.00Price of 240ml bottle: ₹ 455.00 

Milton baby feeding bottle in stainless steel

This isn’t a simply created a baby bottle that is safe. This bottle is a solution that genuinely created and that solved many parental complaints. For example, most bottles in the market contains venting system. This bottle has a unique feature a system that is built right into the bottle, hence there are no extra pieces to clean or potentially loose. This eliminates a large amount of mess that occurs during feeding. It also has the added benefits of mimicking  the way children feed during breast feeding, as it require them to apply pressure and nurse to receive fluid. These bottles are convertible too it’s one of the great things about our bottle that you can convert the baby bottles into sippy cups and then on the final stage- the straw bottle.

Sizes available: 230ml, 300ml, 390ml

Milton steel feeding bottle

Other less common range of steel feeding bottles that are becoming popular these days:

Beautiq steel baby steel feeding bottle

Beautiq steel feeding bottle

Price of 300ml bottle: ₹ 389.00

VParents Grade Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottle

Vparents steel feeding bottle

Price of 200ml bottle: ₹ 499.00

Ineffable 3 in 1 baby stainless feeding bottle

The best part of this steel feeding bottle is the design which is unique and beneficial for your kid. Unlike the regular steel look, these guys have given a colourful pattern and have made this attractive overall.

Ineffable 3 in 1 baby stainless feeding bottle

Price of 240ml bottle: ₹ 699.00

Maxima ayush stainless steel bottles

Stainless steel feeding bottle

Price of 150ml bottle: ₹ 275.00

Speedex grade 304 baby stainless steel feeding bottle

Speedex steel feeding bottle

Price of 240ml bottle: ₹ 501.00

We have listed the best, popular and some of non popular yet good options of steel feeding bottles available in India. But in my understanding, even this list might confuse you so below I am putting down a list of comparison on the basis of customer rating, size and price. I believe this will help you take the right call.

Comparison between top stainless steel feeding bottles:

To help you pick the right product, listed below is the list of best options available in ascending order of the customer rating:

NameSizeCustomer RatingPrice Buy from Amazon.in
Pura Kiki Steel feeding bottle260ml4.3 out of 5₹ 1,609.00Check now
Ineffable 3 in 1 Steel Feeding Bottle240 ml4 out of 5₹ 699.00Check now
Milton steel feeding bottle300ml4 out of 5₹ 562.00Check now
beautiq steel baby steel feeding bottle300ml3.9 out of 5₹ 384.00Check now
Buddsbuddy Stainless Steel feeding bottle220 ml3.6 out of 5₹ 379.00Check now
Mee Mee steel feeding bottle240 ml3.6 out of 5₹ 455.00Check now
Maxima Aayush Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottle150 ml3.6 out of 5₹ 275.00Check now

How to use stainless steel feeding bottle?

Tips to use the stainless steel feeding bottle –

  • Always sterilize the bottle before use. Use mild soap or dishwashing liquid to clean the bottle. We might wonder what extra needs to be done with the baby’s steel bottle, nothing much but we definitely need to sterilize it. Unlike our vessels that we clean with normal detergents baby’s vessels cannot be done so. Even if a slight amount of germ infestation begins it would lead to a severe tummy upset for the baby.
  • Unlike the BPA free microwavable plastic bottles these bottles cannot be heated in the microwave. So one must be very careful in the matter as we might forget and due to our habitual ways we might shove the bottle into the microwave.
  • Also, the plastic bottles absorb heat but the steels one radiate so before handing over the bottle to the little one we must be very careful about the temperature of the bottle.
  • Keep a watch on the nipple attachment of the bottle if the bottles rim has sharp edges it might cause tear of the nipple very often.

So folks I hope I could shine some light on the usage of stainless steel feeding bottles for baby. These steel bottles are environment friendly too, which is an added benefit. They also save a lot of money as you do not have to keep changing them in every three months. They wouldn’t melt in the pot where you sterilise all the baby vessels. So there are far more of pros than cons to using an environment friendly feeding bottle for your baby. Please do check out all the options before picking up one for your child and if you are benefited in making the right choice, do let us know about your experience on our Facebook page.

Happy parenting!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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