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Top 7 Designer Range Of Wooden Trays Online India 2022

Wooden Trays Online

Being a good host is a very difficult job. The food menu, the presentation, the looks of the house, dealing with every minute details are at times very tiresome. Even picking up the right crockery and dinner set might seems to be a very difficult task. Especially, if we think of serving the guests who have to be impressed at any cost. One of the major essentials in this whole list is a tray, yes you read that right a serving tray is also a very important item to impress your guests.

It shows them your taste and class. When the cups have been picked up from the tray it remains empty on the coffee table and guests would definitely take a close look at it. And you would definitely want an attractive rather unique piece of utensil to show and impress your guest. So, today we are discussing the range of trays available, especially wooden trays online.

Top 7 Designer Range Of Wooden Trays Online India 2022


Product Name


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Coloured Ethnic Wooden Try


Decorative Wooden Serving Trays


Shesham Wooden Tray Set


Trendy Wooden Tray Kart


 Antique Wooden Tray


Colourful Wooden Tray With Drawer


Designer Look Wooden Tray

1. Coloured Ethnic Wooden Try

Coloured wooden tray set

Top in our list is this brand new colourful design of wooden try with an ethnic and contemporary look. It doesn’t need additional care, just a use of little bit detergent and wash gently. It enhances the look of your dinning table with its unique and elegant style.


Key features:

  • It’s made with high quality fibre frame which has acrylic painted area inside.
  • It comes in 3 different sizes. The biggest one is L 14″ X W 14″ X H 1.5″. Other 2 sizes are smaller. You can pick the one that fits into your requirement.

Price range: ₹ 485.00 – ₹ 1385.00

2. Decorative Wooden Serving Trays

Wooden tray set

This is a decorative wooden try set with madhubani design. The design is elegantly places around the border area of the tray set while the middle area stays in its natural wooden shade. This styling of the tray enhances its appearance giving it a complete luxurious touch.

Brand: ExclusiveLane

Key Features:

  • It is made of Sheesham Wood.
  • It’s a set of 2 trays with dimensions:
    • Big Tray Size (L * W * H) = (13.9 * 9.8 * 1.5)
    • Small Tray Size (L * W * H) = (11.8 * 8.5 * 1.3) Inch

Price range: ₹ 485.00 – ₹ 2085.00

3. Shesham Wooden Tray Set

Wooden tray online

Wouldn’t we love to have trays that look posh and costly but are actually very much budget friendly. This set of wooden tray is the answer to your puzzle.

This beautiful tray fits right on your coffee table or dinner table. Its smooth and elegant finish would be definitely and eye catcher, it would but of course impress your guests. And to top it all this product has been reviewed very positively on amazon and it is one of the products that has earned five stars back to back. So what are you waiting for a pocket friendly beautiful wooden tray with excellent reviews, I think you definitely would want to check it out.

Brand: Creation India Craft

Key Features:

  • It’s made of Sheesham Wood.
  • It comes in its natural colour that is brown.
  • Size of this tray is 14 x 10 x 1.5 Inches

Price range: ₹ 485.00 – ₹ 885.00

4. Trendy Wooden Tray Kart

Wooden tray online

Are you a kind of person who always wants something funky and trendy which would stand out in the room, then my dear friend this tray should be your choice. This tray has such a brilliantly thought out design, it’s look resemble a tea stall. Just imagine a tiny tea stall serving tea on your coffee table? Wouldn’t the sight of it be cute. Plus, it’s made of perfectly steady and reliable material and costs very much in your budget, after any price is good enough if it makes us happy. This wooden tray set would replicate what an interesting kind of person you are and your guests would definitely want to know more about you.


Key Features:

  • It’s made with natural wood.
  • Size of this tray set is 22 cm x 15 cm x 12 cm.
  • The wheels of the tray are made of iron.

Price range: ₹ 385.00 – ₹ 585.00

5. Antique Wooden Tray

Antique Wooden Tray

This wooden tray has a royal look to it. It looks as if some one has carved it out personally for you. Its beautiful work and carved antique design in the middle is its remarkable feature. Who wouldn’t want a hint of royal touch in their living room, it adds a finesse to the room and makes it elegant.

Brand: Indune Handcrafted Wooden Tray

Key Features:

  • It’s made with wood with ceramic tiles in the centre.
  • The natural polished wood makes it look exclusive.
  • Size of the tray: Length: 8.5 inches (21 cm), Width: 11.5 inches (30 cm), Height: 3 inches (8 cm).

Price range: ₹ 885.00 – ₹ 1585.00

6. Colourful Wooden Tray With Drawer

Designer wooden tray

This wooden tray set comes with beautiful design with radiant colours. The colours look so stylish and eye catching that one cannot refrain from looking at it even if they want to. The hand work on the tray is worth mentioning, you wouldn’t find such a pretty intricate design any where else. If you are looking for a tray set with modern design with brilliant colour schema this would be your choice.

Brand: Enigmatic Woodworks Star

Key Features:

  • This tray comes with a drawer.
  • Size of the tray: 8.25 x 4 x 8.25 Inches
  • Colour: Brown

Price range: ₹ 485.00 – ₹ 999.00

7. Designer Look Wooden Tray

Designer wooden tray

This wooden tray online on Amazon.in and other platforms is an example of beauty with good price. For a wonderful design and finish like this tray you would be surprised to grab this at such a very affordable price. This tray is built with a glass finish and beautiful design and elegant edge work. So if you are looking for a beautiful tray with a designer look just go for this one.

Brande: Home Creation

Key Features:

  • It is made of Sheesham Wood & has MDF base which gives a a glass touch in the middle.
  • It is hand polished in brown colour.
  • Size of the tray: The big one comes in (L): 20.5 , 25.5, 30.5 cm.

Price range: ₹ 385.00 – ₹ 1699.00

So folks, I hope this list gives you a perspective on choosing the right wooden tray online that suits your taste and meets rightly with your home décor.

FAQ’s About Wooden Trays Online India

Que.1: Why should you go for a wooden tray?

Ans: Wooden tray increases the feeling of luxury in your crockery. It’s contemporary styling and colours enhances the look of your dinning table as well as your entire kitchen.

The ethnicity in wooden trays is remarkable of the Indian touch which has already impacted the westerners so, you’ll find Indian handicraft in every next home in USA or UK.

Que.2: Is the wooden tray set Affordable?

Ans: Yes they are, especially if you pick basic designs. A basic normal size wooden tray price begins from ₹200 and goes to a higher price range so you get a huge set of options to pick from.

Below we have prepared a list of some very elegant designer collections and a basic collection of trays and sets available online.

Que.3: How To Take Care Of Wooden Trays At Home?

Now, let’s see how can one take good care of wooden trays at home so that they last for longer and do not lose their looks.

  • Taking care of your wooden goods is very important if want them to look same even after months of usage. Cleaning the wooden tray gently is the que. You do not want to use harsh dish washer chemical to clean the tray it will cause the wood to lose its glow. Use a mild soap to clean the tray and clean it thoroughly.
  • Moisture or water is the enemy for wooden trays or goods. See to it that after every usage they are washed properly and also dried completely. Wet surface will give rise to molds and fungus. Wipe your wooden tray with clean and dry turkey towel. Use the same clean towel every time.
  • When the tray is not in use, you can apply food grade oil as a polish to your tray so they remain young looking for long.
  • Always see to it that the tray doesn’t develop and cracks or bends. These cracks would be breeding ground for the fungus. If it has started developing cracks you must carve the edges and the base out with wax. It would safely fill the cracks and wouldn’t even be visible.
  • Lastly, if the wooden tray has begun to give out foul odour apply a pinch of lemon juice on it and give it a nice rub. Then sun dry it thoroughly out in the open. And that would work the magic.

The beauty of these trays is just kind blowing just take a look and pick and choose more options from amazon.in.

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