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Best Glucometer in India for Home Use in 2022

Best Glucometer in India

What is a Glucometer? How does it work or how to use a Glucometer efficiently? Which is the best Glucometer in India in 2022? These are a few confusions and questions that arise in our minds when it comes to buying a Glucometer. Let’s get into the details of all these queries.

Diabetes is becoming a global epidemic all over the world. Keeping the sugar levels and having a note of the sugar levels are equally important. Taking a blood test can be a tiring job and with the global pandemic of corona around going out for taking a test or hiring someone to get it done can be a bit risky job. What other way can this test be done? With the comfort and safety of your house, this glucose test can be done with the help of Glucometer.

Table Of Content

  • What is a Glucometer?
  • List of Best Glucometer in India
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Conclusion

What is a Glucometer?

Glucometer is a small handheld device that is used to measure the levels of your blood sugar level in the comfort of your house. It has test strips meant for the purpose is the way to get a sample of getting a drop of blood into the tester device.

The small device in which you insert the tester is a battery-operated machine that gives you the approximate level of your sugar. It is a much easier way to do the test without the pain and hassle of extracting blood in the syringe. The patient can themselves check the sugar without anyone’s assistance. It is one of the best options for the geriatric age group.

Best Glucometer in India for Home use in 2022

1. Accu Chek instant glucometer

Best Glucometer In India

Product Features

This product comes from the leaders of Glucometer producers in the world. They make sugar checking a very easy and comfortable process. It just takes a few seconds to know your results and thus helps you keep your sugar levels under a watch.


  • Very easy to use and is battery operated thus one doesn’t have to worry of plugging it some where to use it.
  • Very light weight and travel friendly. Can be taken along every where that you travel.
  • Test strips are easily available and can be purchased from any chemist shop. This pack also provides you with ten free test strips.
  • Affordable cost and can be afforded by all strata of the society.


  • One has to get habituated with the whole process of checking the sugar levels. Once you get used to the process it’s very easy but you need read the user manual very carefully to get accurate results.

Use the link below to check for the features of the product:

2. Accusure simple Glucometer

Best Glucometer In India

Product Feature

This model is one of the best Glucometer in India. The simplest model that gives you the best results without much hassle. Comes with a carry pouch making it easy to store safely and carry along on trips. If you are a person who doesn’t like carrying huge luggage when you travel this product is a perfect fit for you as it’s a simple compact Glucometer with tester strips in the pack.


  • Quite compact and easy to use model with no complicated process to go through
  • The pack has 25 free test strips provided along with the glucometer.
  • The product gives you good results in a matter of just few minutes.
  • The product comes with a test pouch which can keep the equipment safe and away from any kind of damage.


  • Test strips must be handled with care. Damaged test strips can give you false results.
  • The test strips availability is a must or the machine wouldn’t work with test strip of other models.

Check out the product with the help of the link below-

3. One touch select plus simple glucometer

Best Glucometer In India

Product Feature

The product comes with a pack of 10 lancets, a lancet launching device, a tester strips pack, and a testing device. The product has a proven 5 years of accuracy. The lancet launching device makes it a very pain-free experience.


  • The model has come up with a special lancet launching device which makes the process of pricking very pain free and hassle free.
  • The equipment is quiet sleek in design and can be carried along during travels.
  • They also have given a certificate of 5 years accuracy of the sugar levels.
  • The model is very easy to use and the instructions are very simple that can be followed even by a person who is not very educated enough.


  • The test strips must be ordered from the same company itself. Its availability the shop might be a bit of problem. Other than this the product is one of the best glucometer in India.

Check out the cool features and the actual pictures of the product using the link below –

4. Beatocurv Glucometer kit

Best Glucometer In India

Product Features

This is nonbattery-operated equipment that can be synced with the mobile app and can keep a record of your glucose levels. It has a C port that can be connected to your phone for charging it. Incredibly small that makes it easy to carry along. The beatocurv app keeps a record of all your glucose level recordings.


  • Its non battery operated so no hassle of keeping battery ready.
  • Small size makes it easy to store and carry every where.
  • Completely made in India and the test strips and readily available.
  • Gives accurate results that you can rely on.
  • The app connects you directly to the physician for live consultations.


  • The user must be well aware of the product and its process.
  • The user must be well versed with smart phone usage and connecting it to the phone

Use the link below to know further details of the product and to place the order for one of the best glucometers in India

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is the Glucometer safe to be used at home?

Answer: Yes. A good quality Glucometer is absolutely safe. Using it, you can check your blood sugar conveniently at home. You don’t need to visit the health center every time for getting your sugar checked.

Question 2: Can a home Glucometer be trusted?

Answer: Yes, you can trust any of these above-listed options of Glucometers listed above.


So folks this was a shortlist of the best Glucometer in India. Do browse the products on amazon. If you are already using these products please do leave a review on our page so that our readers would know your experiences. Dealing with diabetes is a lifetime process, so we are here for you to make your travel through this easy. If you have queries or doubts about diabetes please leave us in the comments section.

A tip I usually give to all my patients is that if you have a doctor to reach out to, do ask for their advice before buying. There’s nothing better than getting first-hand guidance from a medical expert or health practitioner because they are already dealing with many bits of patience and are more experienced than anyone else.

Please note: If you’ll use the links mentioned in our articles, we’ll make some commission out of it.

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